A Reoccurring Lucid Dream | A Wrong Turn & British Interview

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can only remember part of the end of this lucid dream, which felt more like a semi-lucid dream, and in the lucid dream I was describing what I assume were my false memories of a reoccurring dream to some of the dream characters like my former male classmates JB and MT and several other people.

We were inside a small building in a field to the right of a street during the evening, I described the various versions of this reoccurring dream, the similarities, and how there were minor differences between them.

Temporarily Being Roommates With Amarna Miller

My MORNING ROUTINE 🌞 This is how I wake up | VLOG

This dream was a lot longer, more detailed, stranger, and interesting; but unfortunately I forgot most of it, but at least I managed to remember barely part of the end of it.

This dream probably mostly took place inside and outside one or more multi-purpose buildings that were so multi-purpose that they possibly contained: a college, mall, hotel, hostel, dorm, restaurants, various stores, maybe a hospital, and various other types of businesses et cetera.

A High School Event | Helping Mr. B

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during a very gray day, maybe morning, and I had arrived by automobile to the main student parking lot of The D High School to attend what seemed to be a high school event that was taking place outside in the main teacher’s parking lot.

There were many chairs that the high school students were sitting in and I joined them, even though I knew that I looked older than everyone, somehow I thought that I was a high school student and that these were my classmates and schoolmates.

Playing Baseball | The City Removes The G House

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside during the day in the back yard of The E House, family members from my mom’s side of the family seemed to be slowly arriving for a family gathering inside the house, and my aunt RE drove into the back yard with her car.

RE got out of her car and she went to walk inside the house as my mom walked out of it, they walked past each other without looking at each other or saying anything to each other, and they both had neutral-negative facial expressions as they did this like they had a problem with each other or something like that.

A Serial Rapist / Serial Killer & Fraternity & Sorority Hazing?

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that maybe the forgotten parts of the dream possibly involved one or more serial rapists / serial killers (assumed to be one) going around possibly raping and killing people, the assumption was that it was a man, but no one knew for sure so people were trying to figure out who it was so that they could be stopped because there kept being new victims throughout the dream.

The end of the dream was inside a building in a room that had a stage with curtains and the main area where the seats should be, but I think that it was mostly open with a nice clear coated wooden floor like a basketball court but nicer.

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