A Mobile Game & JB & Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) | Working A Job With My Dad

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was playing a mobile game on my mobile phone where you started on a map in the state of Louisiana in The United States.

My female coworker JB was also playing this mobile game on her mobile phone, she had previous experience with this video game, and she showed me that you could eventually explore the map beyond Louisiana to around the entire United States & maybe even the entire world.

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Taylor Swift's Dad | A Photograph Of My Aunt ME

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly started in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during the day, and I was somewhere outside along what looked similar to T Street when I possibly met several people.

Someone in the dream and in false memories in the dream had mentioned Taylor Swift’s dad, her fictional dad (I have no idea who her real dad is), and in the dream I had heard rumors that her dad seemed to have a creepy habit involving underage males that seemed to hint at him possibly being a pedophile though that was not said.

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Worms & My Former Classmate KW Works At A Chemical Plant

Unfortunately I can only barely remember part of the end of this dream, but I know that there was more to this dream before this.

The end of this dream took place during the day, I probably spent most of the time inside and outside not far away from a large multi-purpose building, and a variety of things happened and I met a variety of people like maybe my former male classmates JC and DH.

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I had several dreams last night but I did not voice record any of them, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of one dream.

I was working at a building that was like a combination of a chemical plant, school, apartment, office, the employee area of a library, et cetera.

There was more that happened before this part of the dream but I can not remember those parts of the dream, and I remember working in a room with some fictional and real coworkers of mine from The BP Library like Mrs. D.

I also worked with was a fictional short out-of-shape female coworker with white skin with long brown hair who seemed to be a higher level employee than me and she seemed to be my teacher and/or former teacher at the school parts of this building and she was familiar to me even though she was probably not a person I know in real life, and I also worked with an out-of-shape maybe somewhat balding man with white skin with black hair with maybe a mustache who somewhat reminded me of the Nintendo video game character Mario combined with my former coworker Mr. LS combined with the animated character Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

We were sorting and organizing library materials, mostly DVDs at the time, and I remember finding a strange DVD case that was shaped like a cowboy boot gun and I did not know how to open it.

I eventually found a trigger or button that opened the DVD case, I showed it to the others, and at some point I remember walking outside and I think that it was dark outside and the chemical plant-like areas surrounded us so you could only see the chemical plant-like buildings and smoke and some of the sky.

I walked to a concrete area where I assume some people take their breaks, I talked with my fictional female coworker and teacher or former teacher, and there was possibly another area that led to a small dock and water that I went to earlier in the dream but I can not remember.

There were possibly some teachers taking breaks in this area as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Sherlock Holmes Versus Sherlock Holmes

I had several detailed dreams last night but I forgot most of them and my memory of the few that I remember is fading fast, and so I will try to type what I remember.

Dream 1

One dream involved me going on vacation and/or trying to find a job/a place to live/et cetera, my family might have went separately with me as well but I am not sure, and the dream took place in several fictional cities with one of the cities being like L & one city being like LC but I can not remember the other cities.

In the dream I went around various cities job searching by asking people/looking around/et cetera & probably applying for jobs, I probably stayed at several hotels/motels, I probably ate/drank at several restaurants, and I probably tried to have some fun around each city, and maybe I spent some time with my family; but I can not remember most of the dream, but I know that it was long & detailed.

During one part of the dream I went to a small fictional city/town that was in a past dream where I stood in line outside of a chemical-like plant with other people who were looking for a job there, in this dream I got to see a few other areas in the city, and I stopped at a store to ask people about job openings in the area; and I came across a thin man with whitish colored skin with a blue & white colored baseball cap/hat who had been in that past dream looking for a job as well, and he said that he remembered seeing me outside the chemical-like plant because he was there looking for a job as well.

He said that there were no job openings at the chemical-like plant, we talked about jobs and some of our past experiences, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream that I can remember involved me seeing a fictional TV show called Sherlock Versus Sherlock, it was a TV show about Sherlock Holmes from the BBC TV show Sherlock played by the actor Benedict Cumberbatch competing with & being joined by another Sherlock Holmes from a fictional American copy of the BBC Sherlock TV show called Sherlock US, and I think that the first episode might have taken place in D at some point.

As I watched this new fictional TV show I still liked the BBC Sherlock Holmes played by Mr. Cumberbatch better than the fictional US Sherlock Holmes, as expected, and they both had different personalities/accents/styles/strengths as expected; and the BBC Sherlock Holmes was like he is on the BBC TV show Sherlock, and so nothing changed there.

There was a lot of back & forth arguing/joking/sarcasm/insults/competition/et cetera between the two Sherlock Holmes, and so this helped make the TV show more interesting & funny wondering what clever things they would say to each other next; and the BBC Sherlock Holmes was better being clever/saying clever things than the US Sherlock Holmes.

As they both tried to solve cases they would use their various strengths as the camera & sound effects would adjust showing their various abilities, and they would compete to see who could find the most clues/et cetera; and during one of these cases they were outside my grandfather’s yard next to the street arguing/competing/investigating/et cetera a crime scene or case, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 3

I had another dream that took place during the day in D, my aunt DE came over to my parent’s house, and I remember my family & my aunt DE & I leaving in two separate automobiles; and my aunt DE rode in my parent’s automobile, I remember saying a few things to my aunt DE before we left by the peach tree, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

I think that I had another dream that involved a school, I remember talking to a woman & a man who both had whitish colored skin in a classroom near a window & the dream took place during the day, and I think that the woman angrily said something negative about dreams to/toward me like:

“You and your dreams, you need to forget them because they do not matter, reality is what matters; and so you are just wasting your time!”.

The man tried to get her to calm down and the woman & I had a debate / conversation about dreams, but it did not go well because she got very angry like she hated dreams for some reason; but that is all that I can remember, and I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr