My Former Classmate MT + An Outdoor Cinema And A Drive-Through Fast Food Restaurant Front Organization + Former Spies = ?

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream unfortunately, so most of the dream is forgotten, and so it will not make much sense; but the dream took place during the day with my former male classmate MT, an unknown man, and I driving back from another city to a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

We were in my former classmate MT’s automobile and he was driving and for some strange reason instead of driving me home once we reached the city of D, my former classmate MT dropped me off at a field off the right side of the highway probably before you get to GA down a somewhat quiet road, and he was going to come back and pick me up later I think.

In this field was a fictional popular outdoor cinema next to a small fictional popular drive-through fast food restaurant next to a small whitish-colored one-story house that probably belonged to the owner of these two businesses, and there were lots of people at both businesses.

My memory is unclear but somehow I ended up being in a blackish-colored SUV (sport utility vehicle) that was next to another blackish-colored SUV which were both in a parking area by the small house where it was between the drive-through and the outdoor cinema, and so you could go to either of these three places or just watch the film from the automobiles.

I must have somewhat known one of the people in one of the automobiles or that person also knew a man who I knew named Jack who was either the character Jack Bauer from the television series 24 or a man who was somewhat like him, and several of the people in both automobiles were former spies now working for a man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and a somewhat thin dark-colored mustache who was probably the owner of both businesses and the small house.

The oldest former spy was an old woman who spoke English with a British accent who reminded me of the actress Helen Mirren as her character Agent Victoria Winters from the film Red (2010 Film), the next to oldest former spy was a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish-colored hair wearing a grayish-colored suit and pants with a whitish-colored buttoned dress shirt who was the newest former spy working for the owner and she knew the man named Jack/Jack Bauer who I knew as well, and the youngest was possibly not a former spy at all but she had been taught by the oldest former spy and she was a woman with pale whitish colored skin with maybe reddish/brownish-colored hair who slightly reminded me of the character Alice Morgan from the BBC television show Luther.

I remember talking with them and watching some of the film that was playing at the outdoor cinema, I mostly talked with the former spy who also knew Jack/Jack Bauer, and she seemed like an honest/hard-working/trustworthy/and more person who tries to follow her moral code and do the right thing; and Jack had told her about the owner who he once worked with, and so she got the job thanks to his suggestions about the owner which were positive.

The drive-through fast food restaurant had a sale on fried chicken nuggets so I asked the others about it, they had some negative things to say but it was not about the fried chicken nuggets, but about the misleading and confusing sale; and they explained that the fried chicken nuggets were free, but only if you bought one or more particular/certain items on the menu.

They got a call from the owner, who was in the small house, and he gave them a mission and so I got out of the automobile to give them some privacy and so that they could leave if necessary and to go to the drive-through fast food restaurant to look at their menu and ask them about how the sale worked so that I could decide if I wanted to get any food/drinks or not.

I was able to see what was going on with them even though I was no longer with them, the newest and next to oldest former spy started asking questions to the oldest former spy about the mission because something did not seem right to her, and she was starting to suspect that the owner’s businesses were just part of an illegal front organization involved in many illegal activities; and the oldest spy asked everyone else to leave the automobile so that the two of them could talk alone.

The newest former spy asked all the right questions and she was able to put the pieces/clues together realizing that she was correct so she wanted no part in this and she quit and she was going to report them for their crimes, the oldest spy offered her some food/drink while talking to her about this trying to convince her to not do that, but it was not working so at some point the newest former spy who just quit started choking and bumps appeared on her face or under her skin.

It seemed that the oldest former spy had poisoned her, she said that something was wrong and that she needed help, and the oldest former spy told her to lay down in the back seat so that she could go get help and that it probably nothing serious; but once she laid down the oldest former spy pulled out a grayish/silverish-colored revolver and shot her in her forehead killing her instantly, and blood splattered a bit and you could see the gunshot wound/hole in her forehead.

The gunshot was not very loud surprisingly/oddly and no one on the outside of the automobile seemed to notice, the youngest woman got back into the automobile and she noticed the dead body, and she asked the oldest former spy what she had done because the owner wanted her alive and on their side; and the oldest former spy explained what had happened, but the youngest woman explained that the owner would be very angry and that he had big plans for that woman and that she was important to the mission that he had given them.

The youngest woman left the automobile and she walked into the small house to tell the owner what had happened and to ask him what they were going to do about the mission now, the house was a rectangular shape with a small wide entrance room with entrance several doors and several glass doors with thin see-through whitish colored curtains blowing in the wind from the partly opened doors that separated the living room/dining room/kitchen, and the owner was in the living room talking with someone on his mobile phone.

The youngest woman and the owner seemed to be in a physical/romantic relationship so that was part of the reason she went to talk with him about the situation to hopefully reduce his anger about the situation, after his mobile phone conversation he greeted the woman, and he angrily grabbed her by the neck and he pulled her into the living room so that no one outside could see them.

He said that he had just gotten a call about the death of the woman, he assumed that she had killed her, and so he pulled out a pistol and he put it on her head angrily yelling at her about how he said that he wanted her alive and that he wanted her on their side and how she was important to the mission; and he was possibly about to shoot her, she was not worried at all, and she calmly told him that she did not kill her.

He was surprised and he asked who killed her then, she told him that it was the oldest former spy and she explained what had happened, and then he started to calm down a bit but he was still angry; and he wanted to talk to the oldest former spy about this later, but for now they needed to try to figure out what to do about the mission.

The owner and her talked about the many illegal activities that he/they were involved in, their legal businesses were just a front to hide their illegal activities/businesses, and before they continued their conversation the woman called the oldest former spy telling her to get rid of the dead body; and the oldest former spy left to take care of that.

I left the drive-through fast food restaurant after deciding to not get anything probably or maybe I did get something but I can not remember, I saw the blackish colored SUVs leaving, and so I stood outside waiting for my former classmate MT to come back to pick me up; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Family Members Arguing | Social Problems | Zombies

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was once again a dream that was inspired by the video game Far Cry 3, which I once again played before going to sleep, and I was once again playing the game and / or inside the game during the dream; and I remember thinking about Duolingo’s new strength bar lessons experiment and how I like it better than the hearts system, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being in a quiet fictional neighborhood where family members from my mom’s side of the family were gathering outside of a one-story house, and I was there with some of my family probably.

I am not sure who the house was for or why we were there but some of my family members like my male cousin ME wanted to go inside the house immediately, but some of my family members like my uncle CE wanted everyone to wait outside; and so an argument started, the argument became intense/serious, and my uncle CE threatened to physically stop anyone from entering the house.

My cousin ME did not give up and so the two of them continued arguing with my cousin ME walking toward the door threatening to go inside the house as my uncle CE threatened to stop him, my uncle CE kept warning that someone should talk him out of it or he would deal with him (my other male cousin ME and a few other people tried to calm my cousin ME down, but he pushed them out-of-the-way), and the him and my uncle CE were about to fight; but someone and/or I was able to calm them down eventually.

They eventually agreed that everyone would wait outside for now/for a certain amount of time, some of my family and some of my cousins (mostly female cousins) left in an automobile with my mom to relax until that time, and my mom dropped them off at W Park (so I guess that this was a fictional version of the city of D) while her and I went to drive through maybe Burger King to get something to eat.

My mom did not plan on buying something for everyone like she usually does because we had so many people with us and for several other reasons probably, she was going to only buy something for her and my brothers and I, but I suggested that she consider buying something for everyone this time like she usually does.

There was a sale on some large / long french fries for $1 and maybe a sale for some french fries and chicken nuggets for $1, we thought about the situation as we got closer to the drive through, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The third/last dream was actually several connected dreams that I had each time after waking up and going back to sleep, they were longer and detailed dreams that dealt with/focused on social problems/situations/issues with zombies in the background as a threat, but I can not remember most of them so I barely remember part of three of them.

The first one involved the character Maggie Greene from the television show The Walking Dead, her fictional female friend who had whitish colored skin who followed her everywhere, maybe several other women who possibly were not in the dream until later, and I; and it took place during the day in a fictional location, but I can not remember most of the dream.

All that I can remember is that things were normal until we got attacked by zombies, at some point something happened between Maggie and I that led to me pushing her (maybe I was trying to save her by pushing her out of the way of danger or maybe I pushed her in anger during an argument involving our life and death situation, but I can not remember), and she became very angry with me and an argument started.

We had no time for an argument and I was not worried about arguing, I was worried about saving her/their life/lives, and so eventually I apologized to get her to stop trying to argue with me so that we could run to a safer location before the zombies kill us and I was sorry about pushing her regardless of why I did it; and so we finally ran away to a house or building somewhere.

Maggie was still angry at me and she let me know it by mostly angrily ignoring me and using other distancing/punishing/et cetera techniques like we were a couple (maybe we were, but I am not sure), the other women followed her lead and so she become the leader of the group, and everyone treated me like a villain; and they did not want to listen to my suggestions of not staying in one place for too long especially if we have not fortified the building first (which we did not), and that we should try to stay in areas up high where the zombies could not reach us hopefully (we were in a one-story building/house now).

I continued to try to reason with them and to fix my relationship with Maggie while trying to do what I could to make sure that everyone was safe, but that is all that I can remember of this one.

The second one started during the night and it involved some college students with the main character being a man with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair who somewhat looked like Egoraptor (Arin Hanson) from YouTube, he had several male friends over who all had whitish colored skin with short medium-colored hair who acted like stereotypical members of a college fraternity who like to party and have sex, and several women over with one of them being his girlfriend who had whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair.

They partied and then everyone went to separate rooms to sleep and have sex and to relax, somehow I was inside the house now as well sitting in maybe a family room alone, and the man/main character and his girlfriend were trying to have sex in his room but they got interrupted by maybe the doorbell; and so he went to see who it was or it was someone who was already in the house, either way the interruption involved his young male cousin who probably had a mental handicap, and he had to babysit him.

He was not happy about this or about the interruption and he brought his young cousin into the family room where I was, he was clearly frustrated and annoyed, but he slowly started to relax as he probably started to feel sorry for his cousin; and I remember him talking to his cousin asking him what was wrong, and checking on him but we got attacked by zombies.

We and everyone in the house ended up escaping outside and eventually we escaped to a countryside with fields and a few houses, we possibly hid in an abandoned building or house until the next morning, and the next morning we walked around the yard of the building/house that we had hidden in.

Most of the fields had custom-built fences made of barbed wire but the yard that we were in had no fence, we were trying to decide if we should stay or hide in one of the fenced in fields or keep moving, and across the street we saw a man with whitish colored skin sitting on his front porch; and we walked slower to the road, and he came to talk to us.

We talked about the neighborhood and zombies, at some point we climbed a fence into one of the fenced in fields because it was safer as we continued trying to decide what to do next, but that is all that I can remember of this one.

The third/last one involved maybe the same countryside neighborhood or one like it but I am not sure if zombies were a problem or not, I just know that my family and I and many family members from my mom’s side of the family were there, and we seemed to be having a celebration/gathering at a house/building like maybe it was connected with the recent wedding of my aunt SE.

I remember this dream feeling realistic where my social anxiety/et cetera was there bothering me as I was around my family members but I still did pretty well considering, eventually I started talking to my uncle EE about my social anxiety/et cetera after he started questioning me about my strange behavior, and some other family members joined the conversation like my aunt SE who was drunk.

I was very uncomfortable being questioned and trying to explain my thoughts, feelings, problems, et cetera to them clearly but it also felt good to finally get to talk to them about this; but I woke up probably before the zombies could attack.

The end,

-John Jr