Learning A New Way To Fly In Two Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILDs)?

I woke up from a dream (which I assume is the dream that I will type after this, but I could be wrong) and I started to fall back to sleep without getting out of bed to voice record it, I felt my body falling asleep, and so I decided to try to have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) and I think that it worked but I could be wrong.

I had several dreams and possibly two lucid dreams but I did not voice record them each time that I woke up because I kept going back to sleep trying to have a WILD, and so I only remember part of what is possibly a dream and then two possible lucid dreams.


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October 16, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that we got new neighbors (a husband, obese wife, and teenaged children (male and female) with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair) in the no-longer abandoned house next to the alleyway by my parents’ yard, and they had a tan/light brownish colored chihuahua; but one day we stopped seeing their dog.

One day or evening I was walking through the alleyway toward the field when I noticed something next to the bushes, and to my surprise it was the neighbors’ dog inside an old fictional wooden dog house that my family had made out of maybe wooden pallets and other pieces of wood and maybe some metal for the roof; but the new neighbors had not asked for our permission to use it as far as I knew.

I stopped to pet the dog and to see if it was okay, it was okay, and then I noticed that the new neighbors’ yard had been extended into our alleyway without permission past their property line closer to our yard and taking up some of our alleyway space; and this was a bit annoying, and so I probably went to tell my family.


Helping A Police Officer & Dog & Waiting With President Barack Obama & A 20 July Plot-Like Assassination Plan?

I got awakened last night because of people making too much noise and from getting too cold, and I only remember part of my last dream.

My last dream started during the day in a fictional place at what seemed to be a small one-story cabin/hotel-like building near a forest in the countryside, I was there with my family on vacation it seemed, and some other people were at the cabin/hotel-like building as well; and each family/person had their own cabin/hotel room with its own door and all of our rooms were on one hallway on both sides of the hallway, and everyone shared an outdoor deck/patio/porch that was around most of the building.


Going Outside And Around A College Campus With A Race Against My Former Classmate K(C)W At The End

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one dream from last night, that had at least four parts, each taking place during a nice day; and I remember driving around a fictional neighborhood that was familiar near a fictional college campus that was a combination of S College & M College & a fictional college that is sometimes in my dreams.

My brother GC went to this college so he might have been in the automobile with me but I am not sure, we drove through a mostly abandoned neighborhood that was familiar to me but it was even more abandoned than before, and so I looked around at the lost potential of the area; and I probably walked on the outside of an abandoned store/home/building checking it out and I might have went inside it, and I thought that it would be nice if someone let me live in one of these abandoned buildings/houses/stores.

In the second part of the dream I then drove to the college and my brother GC probably went to class & I walked around the college campus, I came across my brother CC probably who was there thinking about signing up for the next semester & so we probably briefly talked, and later I came across my former classmate AK who I have not seen in many years; and he was also going to the college or had signed up for the next semester.

We talked about what we had done all these years and about what our future plans were, AK wanted to get another college degree but I forgot which degree, we finished talking & went our separate ways; and then I felt inspired to possible try signing up or at least thinking about signing up for college there.

In the third part of the dream I was in a dorm/apartment on campus, maybe I signed up to live there but I am not sure, and the inside was the usual windowless building with brown colored carpet; and I felt that I was underground maybe and I remember walking through halls where there were hang-out areas & places to have fun/eat/drink/dance/play games/et cetera.

A lot of newer college students were hanging out in various areas as I walked by exploring, I saw my former classmate LM and mostly female college students in a room with a Chuck E. Cheese’s place mostly for kids, there were kids there too; and they were playing games, talking, eating, drinking, et cetera & I probably briefly talked with LM.

I remember feeling/thinking that I was probably the oldest person at the dorms/apartments as I walked around.

The fourth & last part of the dream took place at a fictional version of the shopping center parking lot near M College where Kmart & other stores are, I was driving my automobile, and I saw my former classmate K(C)W arguing with a woman holding a Chihuahua; and some thing happened where the dog accidentally got launched across the parking lot & it landed near a parked eighteen wheeler like it had died or was dying, and so K(C)W ran as the woman ran to see if her pet dog was okay or not.

I drove up as KW was running and I told him to get in & he did, I started trying to drive out of the parking lot but we got stuck in this strange hill-like area in the parking lot and we saw that the road was busy, and that half of each lane/road lane was 75% than the other side like construction was being done on the roads; and so you would be trapped in one lane; it was clear that it would take too long to move my automobile & get across traffic, and so we decided to run across the street on foot to the college campus.

We reached the field of the college campus and KW said that he had to get to a class & he probably thanked me, he challenged me to a race to the door of the building where his class was, and I accepted his challenge since it has been years since I raced anyone; I predicted that KW would be faster than me since he is was lighter & less muscular than me, and I did not know my way to the door of the building & so my plan was to run slower following KW so that I could see how to reach the door & hope to boost my speed at the end.

The race started and KW started running before I did & so he was winning, I caught up to him almost, but he was still a bit faster than me as expected & since I was not running at full speed; and we ran closer to the building where students were walking around, and a man said something to me as he watched us race & I said something to him.

KW reached the steps of the building and I had no idea where to go, so I stopped, I saw that he was headed up the stairs & so the door was up there but I would not be fast enough to get there first; but then I saw a brick ledge/mini-wall for the steps, I climbed it, and I reached the door first.

I touched the door and then I met KW at the top of the steps as he approached them, he was shocked and said: “How did you…..?” ; and I smiled/laughed, and I told him what had happened & we smiled/laughed and said goodbye as he went inside the building for class.

I walked down the steps and the man who was watching us race asked who won, since he could not see over the ledge, and I told him that I won & how; and he smiled/laughed, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr