3-14-2014 | Denzel Washington Teaching A Class And Going Inside A French Children’s Book | Going Inside A French Area Of My Mind With My Class?

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I had several dreams last night and I remembered part of three dreams but I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I only barely remember part of two of the three dreams; and both dreams seemed to possibly show that maybe my mind/brain is probably trying to create a little section in my mind/brain for the French language and things associated with French because I have been barely studying a bit of French almost every day on for several months:

Dream 1

The first dream started in a classroom where I was a student (it was also my birthday and I brought a cake, and I put it in the classroom refrigerator) and some of my former classmates like my former female classmate CC was there along with some fictional classmates, the actor Denzel Washington was our teacher and I think that our class was an English class, and I remember Mr. Washington being a somewhat serious/traditional-type teacher who would become more relaxed if you follow his rules/do your work/et cetera.

Mr. Washington did roll call, he went over the lesson plan for the day, he did a lecture, he had us do some assignments, and then he relaxed and let us do our own activities as long as it involved Language(s); and my activity was reading a French children’s book, and when I would open the book I would step inside the book into another dimension/dream world and when I would close the book I would still be sitting in the classroom.

I opened and closed the book several times amazed by this and then I went inside the world of the book to explore it, and it was a small magical area that was a dark purplish/maybe dark blueish color like it was evening or night; and there was a strong but gentle wind blowing that seemed to be blowing for dramatic effect/affect, and the area was a shopping area with a street with two sidewalks on both sides with businesses that you could window shop.