A Woman Drives Through Our Fence

Dream 1

I had one or more dreams that were inspired by the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1) but I did not record them, and so all that I can remember is that part of at least one dream possibly involved a fictional concept from The Church Of Night that basically says that bad is good from a dream the previous night.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in my parents yard, I was outside, and my dad and my brother GC were outside in the yard as well.

At some point I saw one or more people near The Action Packed House, and then I saw two automobiles starting to leave after I no longer saw them.

The automobiles left quickly and one turned so fast and hard that it possibly turned partly off the road or completely off the road, and maybe it almost flipped or did flip before continuing on quickly.

I possibly went to say something about this to my dad and my brother GC, and then some more automobiles showed up near there and some construction worker-like men got out and they started moving supplies and stuff like they were about to build a bigger storage building or warehouse for Mr. P’s yard.

Some of the construction workers possibly knew how to speak Spanish and were possibly from Mexico (Mexican), but then I noticed maybe a SUV driving quickly from the street that The E House is on straight toward our yard.

Maybe a woman with medium-color skin was driving it, and she drove through our fence from where the dogs are and through our yard and through the other side of the fence / gate and across our street and across the abandoned yard and back through a fictional version of the forest that had a clearing that led to a fictional back road and forest area.

I was confused how was she able to drive through the fence / gate like that and why, it was a hit and run, and I wanted to go after her so I ran over to my dad and my brother GC to talk to them about this and to see what damage she had done because from a distance I saw no damage oddly.

The construction workers started walking over to see as well, and some of them said a few things to us about it as we talked.

My dad did not think that we needed to go after the woman, I still wanted to go after her, but she was probably too far away now.

Surprisingly the fence / gate was not knocked down, some of the fence had disconnected somewhat but it was still standing and looked normal from a distance, but I woke up as we talked about this.

The end,

-John Jr


A Corrupt Coven Owned Business?

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

In this dream I was a Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina-like character whose parent or parents had been very high-level (probably the highest level) in a magic / witch-like group that was probably a coven, but my parents had died in maybe an alleged accident or something; and so basically I was a Sabrina Spellman-like character except I was myself mostly, and so I was still a man.

The coven ran one or more businesses I think, I remember being at an apartment / hotel / whatever-like business that was ran by them, maybe I lived there but I am not sure.


College Orientation | A Heroic Military Veteran | Sabrina Spellman?

Several of my dreams were inspired by me watching two episodes of the web television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1):

Dream 1

This dream took place at a shopping mall-like college, and it seemed that college orientation was taking place and I was one of the new students.

I remember having a schedule and attending a brief meeting before we all left our separate ways to met our advisors, visit our professors, find our classes, get our on-campus jobs, find our dorm rooms, et cetera.

At some point I went to a hall-like area with small mostly clear cubicle-like rooms that seemed to be dorm rooms, I remember going inside one of the rooms and looking at my schedule planning what to do next, and next I went to find my advisor who was a woman with dark-color skin with short black hair who was named maybe Ada.

Ada probably assigned me an on-campus job and maybe sent me on my next task, I remember seeing a group of new students who needed help and so I started helping them, and we met some people who seemed like some characters from the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a building, probably very similar to the one from the previous dream, maybe the same building.

I was on my way to help some students and there was an attack or something going on, and an action hero Tom Cruise-like military veteran (former soldier) ran to help stop the attack by joining up with some other people (maybe some soldiers) who were trying to stop the attackers.

The military veteran and his group had assault rifles et cetera and were about to deal with the attackers, but a group of armored and assault rifle carrying special forces-looking soldiers arrived led by the actual Tom Cruise.

The military veteran and his group feared that the special forces soldiers would attack them by mistake so the military veteran tried to hide quickly as they approached searching the area, and him or someone on his team got spotted by the special forces.

The special forces soldiers attacked the good group mistaking them for the attackers, a shootout began, and the good group tried to let the special forces soldiers know that they were friendlies.

One of the special forces soldiers got hit by friendly fire from his own team and was downed immediately, and the explosion sent him flying and maybe the military veteran when flying from the explosion as well.

The special forces soldier who got hit was a man with light-color skin who was basically a super manly action hero-type with maybe a mustache, he was barely alive and he was missing some body parts, but he got up and he kept moving using pure manliness I assume like a scene in a movie; actually most of this dream seemed like a movie.

The military veteran either started waking up and got up or his status was unknown before I woke up, I am not sure which, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly involved a magic school, a fictional version of The BP Library, and maybe something else; and I was with a Sabrina Spellman-like woman or it was her from the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1).

The very end of the dream involved us being at a fictional version of The BP Library where I work, I remember us finding a chart with heights and weights with stickers with initials and names of our coworkers who had put their stickers where they line up properly with their height and weight on the chart, and I saw a sticker with initials like mine and I saw a paper that said John but I was not sure if it was mine or my coworker Mr. JM’s.

I was also not sure if I had put my sticker in the correct location, so once I felt confident enough that the sticker and paper were mine I moved them to hopefully the correct spot, and I remember talking with the Sabrina-like woman during this.

At some point we left to maybe the magic school or to get something for a school assignment from the magic school, it was day, and I remember us walking across the field behind where The HD Head Start school should be.

We were going to a certain location to maybe collect something, and maybe there was a small structure out there.

I remember us walking and talking and the Sabrina-like woman explaining things, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr