China Testing Mind Reading Technology?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved China having / testing / experimenting with a new technology / ability that allowed them to see / guess a few thoughts that a person have in their mind / brain; basically very limited mind reading.

This technology / ability allowed them to see / guess about the first three thoughts that a person had / would have.


A Message From A Tiny Empire?

I probably should have voice recorded this dream because autocorrect ruined the short text that I made of this dream on my mobile phone in Google Docs, and so now this dream is super unclear because this is all that my messed up text of this dream says:

Mom gives me a possible Chinese give mind message, I stand outside building of country where message possibly sent from, they are having a meeting, GC and I possibly at apartment or somewhere outside during the day.


Aaron Chiz + Subtitled Interviews + DH Gets A Library Job

I had more dreams, but I did not record them, and so now I can only remember part of my last dream.

At some point in the dream it was day, and I was out somewhere needing to get home; and Aaron Chiz gave me a ride home.


Kung Fu Hustle

Kung fu (2004)
Titles: Kung Fu Hustle
Languages: English
Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2004 action comedy movie Kung Fu Hustle.


Visiting China Or North Korea?

Unfortunately I did not record my remembered dreams, which is a shame because I know that I had several dreams that I remembered, and so I have forgotten all of them except for barely part of my last dream.

The end of this dream possibly took place in China or North Korea, for some reason I thought China, but when thinking about it sounds more like North Korea to me but I have no idea.

I remember being inside a windowless ballroom-like room that was possibly large, this was possibly an embassy or something for whatever country I was with, and there is a possibility that I was there as an ambassador or something but I am not sure.

I just know that I was in this room with one or more people, maybe at least one woman, and we were standing up waiting.

I just know that a somewhat older thin male maybe Chinese or North Korean soldier (maybe an officer) wearing a military dress uniform walked to the entrance of our room, and behind him was a hallway with doors on both sides.

He was the stern and mean type, he did not seem to like me at all or want me around, but his orders were to be my guide or something it seemed.

I walked into the hallway with him to begin my tour or whatever, I remember him telling me the rules et cetera, and while he was doing this I noticed an partly cracked door so I asked what was in there.

The soldier did not want to show or tell me but he did, and I got to look into the room to see some children (toddlers and maybe some babies) who were probably being raised by their government.

The soldier did not let me look inside the room very long and he did not want to answer many questions, he kept giving me a hard time, and he seemed to think that I was possibly a spy and / or their to cause trouble in his country.

I possibly tried to tell him that was not the case, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr