V/H/S – Movie Review By Chris Stuckmann

V/H/S – Movie Review By Chris Stuckmann

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Chris Stuckmann reviews V/H/S, starring Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes and Adam Wingard. Directed by David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, Joe Swanberg, Ti West and Adam Wingard.

[REC] – Halloween Special

The YouTube Video [REC] – Halloween Special By The YouTube Channel Chris Stuckmann

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Chris Stuckmann discusses REC in the 9th Annual Halloween Special!

Lions & Chris Stuckmann & Secret Research & A Virus

This was an interesting, weird, and detailed dream that I can only remember part of unfortunatly.

This dream took place in another country, it seemed like a combination of somewhere in Africa combined with Australia, and at some point I went to a one-story house / cabin with more of a greenhouse-like style in the countryside / wilderness, there was a woman & man with light-color skin who were either already there or they showed up after me, but a male & a female lion showed up trying to get inside the house.

We quickly tried to close the many doors / windows of the house to keep the lions out, at some point the woman escaped while we had the lions distracted at the door / window, we did not have time to lock all the doors / windows & most of them were glass, so there was a chance of the lions getting inside, but fortunately a man & a boy with dark-color skin showed up & they got the lions like they were their pets or something to our surprise.

Chris Stuckmann Interview | Double Toasted


What Is It?

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CHRIS STUCKMANN INTERVIEW | Double Toasted – Today we are joined by Chris Stuckmann as we discuss his YouTube channel, what his passions in filmmaking are, how he has approached reviews, his love for anime, his dislike for Dragonball Evolution, and we even get a little personal! You may have enjoyed his hilariocity series, or him talking about Star Wars, Spider Man, Wonder Woman or ranking his best movies of the year, but enjoy this interview as we learn more about the man himself, Chris Stuckmann!

Tokyo Godfathers – Movie Review

I saw this movie several years ago, it was not what I had expected with a name like Tokyo Godfathers, I was expecting a mafia movie or something, but instead it was a unique movie.

I am glad that Chris Stuckmann made a video about it because I have not made a post about it yet.

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