Christmas Lists

Now this was a surprise, I was starting to think that Communitychannel (Natalie Tran) had retired from YouTube, I am glad that she finally made a video again.


Vision? What Do You Know About My Vision?


What is it?

Today’s quote is from episode 7 (A Huey Freeman Christmas) the animated TV show The Boondocks (Season 1).

hues vision


What do you know about my vision?

My vision would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you.

Now ask yourself: are you really ready to see that vision?

– Huey Freeman

Source: Wikiquote


Praise Santa | A Huey Freeman Christmas | The Boondocks

Praise Santa… [Ho Ho Ho] ^_^

What is it?

A Jazmine DuBois dream scene from episode 7 (A Huey Freeman Christmas) of the animated TV show The Boondocks (Season 1).

praise Santa

This is how PsyDoXeN describes this video:

Jazmine DuBois knows the true meaning of Christmas and preaches it in style…

Gospel choirs, they’re so much more fun than all the other depressing, ‘you’re all going to hell unless’, alternatives!!! ^_^
The Boondocks : A Huey Freeman Christmas


Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 – Hilariocity Review

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 - Hilariocity Review
Source: YouTube

What is it?

The 2019 YouTube video Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 – Hilariocity Review by the YouTube channel Chris Stuckmann.


Robbery For Christmas 🎁

I got in bed late again and I only made one quick text note about one of my dreams.

The dream took place during the day outside, I was possibly not in the dream, but I can not remember.

There were some people (probably all men, and probably all with light-color skin) riding on horses along or down maybe a street in maybe a neighborhood (I thought that it was somewhat strange for them to be riding horses, but not too weird because some people ride horses through our neighborhood in real life sometimes (yeah I live in a somewhat backwater part of the world 🤠 )).

In the distance was a group of women (probably all with light-color skin maybe wearing dresses and / or dressed like they were at least middle class) walking and talking along maybe the sidewalk.

The men stopped for a moment still sitting on their horses to look at and talk about the group of women, the men wanted to rob the women for Christmas, and I assumed that the men on horseback would give what they steal from the women as Christmas gifts 🎁 to their own family / friends / et cetera.

Robbing people for Christmas seemed to be a tradition for these men on horseback, I assumed that was their main source of Christmas gifts each year, instead of buying their own Christmas gifts.

Right before the men were starting to follow the women by horseback to rob them, one of the men realized that Christmas had already passed, and so the men ended their plan to rob the women.

They probably laughed and joked about this among themselves.

The women had seen the men, but the women had no idea that they almost just got robbed.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr