Cabaret Blanc | Threats In The Dark | A Dog Attack | Thinking Clearly In A Dream | Madison Montgomery Being Mean To Her Neighbors

Billy Porter and Emma Roberts in American Horror Story (2011)
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Dream 1

I am not sure if this song was in one of my dreams or not, but I know that when I woke up I had the song Cabaret Blanc by Olivia Ruiz on my mind / playing in my mind.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place inside a building, I was exploring inside the building, and at some point I found a dark bedroom-like room and a little girl with light-color skin entered the room at the same time as me.

There was one or more threats moving around in the darkness, so I went to put the girl on the top bunk of a bunk bed, and I was going to give her a rake that was in the room to protect herself while I face the threats; and I was going to tell her to yell if she is in danger.

The girl was too afraid to be left alone on the top bunk while I faced the threats, she wanted to stay with me but that was dangerous, and so I compromised by letting her ride on my back while I face the threats; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day, I was inside my parents house in the bedroom of my brothers TDC and KDC, and I heard what sounded like a dog attacking a little boy who could barely talk who was repeatedly yelling: “This dog bit me!”.

I looked out the window and a large dog who looked like a St. Bernard mix was biting a little boy with medium-color skin who seemed to probably have ancestors from India (Indian), and then a man with medium-color skin who also seemed to have ancestors from India wearing glasses who seemed to be his father ran into the yard.

The man stopped the dog from biting the boy, the dog seemed to belong to them, and then the three of them walked out of the yard.

I was glad that the man had dealt with the situation without me getting involved, before he had run into the yard I had paused trying to decide what to do because of various possible legal consequences if I got involved, even then I would have helped the boy regardless but I did pause for a moment.

Dream 4

The end of this dream took place in an interesting multi-story multi-purpose building, I was walking around this building when I met my former male classmate DH, and he had an apartment inside this building.

We talked and he showed me his apartment, which was connected to a Chucky E. Cheese’s-like family entertainment center-like business, and during this my mind was unusually clear for a dream.

My mind was so clear that I possibly was semi-lucid or lucid during at least part of this dream (so this dream was possibly partly a lucid dream) because I remember noticing unusual things in the dream, and I would point them out and ask DH about them.

I noticed that DH did not seem to have a bedroom or bed, I noticed that there was a glass door connected to the family entertainment center-like place that kids were using to enter into his apartment, and DH said that he did not know that was even there.

I was able to think clearly and notice things that I do not usually notice in dreams, I remember DH walking along a strange stairway area that crossed overhead and into a stairway, and in the stairway DH had some belongings stored and maybe this is where he slept on maybe a mat or mattress.

I pointed out the strangeness of this and I asked him why would he store personal stuff in a public area like that, and why would he sleep there instead of inside his own apartment (which oddly lacked a bedroom); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

This dream took place outside during maybe a gray day, I was outside my aunt JE’s yard, and there was a fictional neighborhood across the street.

The character Madison Montgomery from the television show American Horror Story or a woman like her lived in this neighborhood, she lived in one of the nice multi-story houses, and this neighborhood had upper class and middle class and lower class people living in the same neighborhood.

Madison looked down on the lower class, and she would only invite the upper class and maybe some of the middle class neighbors to her parties et cetera.

Some lower class neighbors and middle class neighbors were complaining about how Madison and some of the others treated them, one complained about how Madison had called her two-story house ugly, and then a man gave a speech from a high area.

After the speech he jumped down hurting himself, but he walked inside a house.

I then drove The BV outside my parents yard, and then my dad went to drive it but it spint/spinned and ripped sideways flipping over; and so I had to help push it back on its wheels.

The BV would not start so my former male classmate TC walked over to help us, I noticed that the positive battery cable was torn and disconnected from the accident, and so they went to AutoZone to get this fixed; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Buying A House Cheap & Trying To Turn It Into A Dream House? | Breaking Up A Fight In A Shopping Center

I had several dreams last night and I slept deeply/well but as usual now, I forgot most of my dreams because of people being annoying/turning on lights/opening doors/et cetera, but I somewhat remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember part of took place during the day in a fictional neighborhood/city, and I had recently bought an old one-story house that was in somewhat rough condition that was sold to me for a very good price of somewhere between $3 – $3,000.


Going Outside And Around A College Campus With A Race Against My Former Classmate K(C)W At The End

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I remember part of one dream from last night, that had at least four parts, each taking place during a nice day; and I remember driving around a fictional neighborhood that was familiar near a fictional college campus that was a combination of S College & M College & a fictional college that is sometimes in my dreams.

My brother GC went to this college so he might have been in the automobile with me but I am not sure, we drove through a mostly abandoned neighborhood that was familiar to me but it was even more abandoned than before, and so I looked around at the lost potential of the area; and I probably walked on the outside of an abandoned store/home/building checking it out and I might have went inside it, and I thought that it would be nice if someone let me live in one of these abandoned buildings/houses/stores.

In the second part of the dream I then drove to the college and my brother GC probably went to class & I walked around the college campus, I came across my brother CC probably who was there thinking about signing up for the next semester & so we probably briefly talked, and later I came across my former classmate AK who I have not seen in many years; and he was also going to the college or had signed up for the next semester.

We talked about what we had done all these years and about what our future plans were, AK wanted to get another college degree but I forgot which degree, we finished talking & went our separate ways; and then I felt inspired to possible try signing up or at least thinking about signing up for college there.

In the third part of the dream I was in a dorm/apartment on campus, maybe I signed up to live there but I am not sure, and the inside was the usual windowless building with brown colored carpet; and I felt that I was underground maybe and I remember walking through halls where there were hang-out areas & places to have fun/eat/drink/dance/play games/et cetera.

A lot of newer college students were hanging out in various areas as I walked by exploring, I saw my former classmate LM and mostly female college students in a room with a Chuck E. Cheese’s place mostly for kids, there were kids there too; and they were playing games, talking, eating, drinking, et cetera & I probably briefly talked with LM.

I remember feeling/thinking that I was probably the oldest person at the dorms/apartments as I walked around.

The fourth & last part of the dream took place at a fictional version of the shopping center parking lot near M College where Kmart & other stores are, I was driving my automobile, and I saw my former classmate K(C)W arguing with a woman holding a Chihuahua; and some thing happened where the dog accidentally got launched across the parking lot & it landed near a parked eighteen wheeler like it had died or was dying, and so K(C)W ran as the woman ran to see if her pet dog was okay or not.

I drove up as KW was running and I told him to get in & he did, I started trying to drive out of the parking lot but we got stuck in this strange hill-like area in the parking lot and we saw that the road was busy, and that half of each lane/road lane was 75% than the other side like construction was being done on the roads; and so you would be trapped in one lane; it was clear that it would take too long to move my automobile & get across traffic, and so we decided to run across the street on foot to the college campus.

We reached the field of the college campus and KW said that he had to get to a class & he probably thanked me, he challenged me to a race to the door of the building where his class was, and I accepted his challenge since it has been years since I raced anyone; I predicted that KW would be faster than me since he is was lighter & less muscular than me, and I did not know my way to the door of the building & so my plan was to run slower following KW so that I could see how to reach the door & hope to boost my speed at the end.

The race started and KW started running before I did & so he was winning, I caught up to him almost, but he was still a bit faster than me as expected & since I was not running at full speed; and we ran closer to the building where students were walking around, and a man said something to me as he watched us race & I said something to him.

KW reached the steps of the building and I had no idea where to go, so I stopped, I saw that he was headed up the stairs & so the door was up there but I would not be fast enough to get there first; but then I saw a brick ledge/mini-wall for the steps, I climbed it, and I reached the door first.

I touched the door and then I met KW at the top of the steps as he approached them, he was shocked and said: “How did you…..?” ; and I smiled/laughed, and I told him what had happened & we smiled/laughed and said goodbye as he went inside the building for class.

I walked down the steps and the man who was watching us race asked who won, since he could not see over the ledge, and I told him that I won & how; and he smiled/laughed, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr