People On Our Porch | Getting Lost Along The Interstate

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had a lot of short dreams that I woke up remembering but went back to sleep without recording, I forgot to wear my tongue retention device, and so now I barely remember only part of two of those many short dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day at my parents house, my brothers TDC and KDC were there, and they walked past me in the dinning room to walk outside with a BB gun rifle and so I followed them and I stopped on the front porch.

I told them that was not a good idea to go outside with that, they did not listen, they then walked in the street with the BB gun so I told them again that was not a good idea and that they should not shoot toward or close to houses, but they continued anyway.

I saw some automobiles driving up the street, some drove next to our yard and maybe by The Blue House, and the others drove inside our yard on the side of the yard where the dogs are.

I then saw a female mail carrier with light-color skin with yellow medium-to-long length hair driving up the street backward as my brothers crossed back to our yard, and she almost hit them without noticing.

I waved at the mail carrier as the other people from the automobiles started walking in and through our yard to the porch where I was, I had no idea who these people were, but slowly more people arrived including maybe my former male classmate MJ and some other people with dark-color skin who seemed to be from Eastside.

I wondered if some of these people were here mistakenly, and I wondered if a family reunion or some kind of other gathering was about to take place at my parents house.

I probably greeted my former classmate MJ, he nodded back, but he was having a serious conversation with a large man with dark-color skin with short black hair who seemed to be maybe a drug dealer / drug supplier and / or something and they seemed to be talking about some illegal business stuff indirectly and partly coded.

It sounded like MJ had bought or was loaned some illegal drugs and / or something from the man, the man seemed to be threatening him and warning him about what would happen if certain things happened involving their assumed illegal business deal, but I woke up as I listened and wondered who were most of these people and why were they on our porch.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a fictional LC-like city that was familiar to me and that I have probably dreamed of before, and I was driving around the city.

I am not sure what all happened in the dream, I just remember trying to drive somewhere at some point, I was driving through some familiar areas when I accidentally missed my turn and continued driving hoping to reach a road that would allow me to turn around.

Unfortunately I was taken on what looked like an interstate or highway, I drove up it past some slightly familiar areas until I got lost, and then I took an exit to a park-like rest stop-like area along it that was swamp-like.

I parked on the grass and I got out to walk around looking at the plants / flower / water et cetera, and I hoped to find something or someone who could help me find my way back to the city.

There were people walking around including the mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell, and I saw a man with light-color skin with black hair who claimed to be a doctor who was acting and talking like he was mentally unstable and he was telling people that he was a doctor and offering to help or something and he just kept repeating himself so I just greeted him and walked around him and did not stop to talk.

Park of this area was possibly under a bridge or something so I walked there because there was more grass / plants and a pond and maybe some sitting areas and some shade, and in this area I saw a woman with light-medium color skin wearing a pea coat who was a mixed martial artist who reminded me of the female assassin / hitwoman Bracka from the television show The Purge and she had her male coach with her.

The woman was also acting unstable and she walked up to me trying to get me to fight her, I did not say or do anything because I felt that it would lead to a fight, and then her coach stopped her and took something from one of her hands that she had behind her back.

It seemed that the woman had a small stabbing-type melee weapon in that hand, and she probably would have stabbed me if I had responded to her challenge so I was glad that I did not respond.

Her coach apologized and walked her away from me while lecturing her, I wondered what was going on because I had just seen two mentally unstable people back-to-back, and so I decided to leave and take my chances trying to get back to the city.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr