The Rescue Missions

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I feel like I got drugged & kidnapped by the CIA (usually when I use CIA/FBI/Et Cetera I do not know who or what they are, I just use them as an example/guess/stereotype/whatever) again or something, oje, last night I had a headache & I had the urge to go to sleep & so I went to bed early; and this morning I was in & out of it as I dreamed.

I woke up a few times once or twice thinking someone had called my name in the real world, and I woke up a few other times thinking that I heard a strange sound (I can not quite describe it due to forgetfulness, but it was in several of my dreams, the sound might have been a marker/separator of the dreams and/or the sound would make me feel sleepy & too out of it to get out of bed or wake up.

I felt too out of it to get out of bed & so I went to sleep again several times, it felt like something was trying to keep me asleep even though I had slept long enough & my dreams felt neatly contained, like each dream was organized into separate containers that I could easily separate & remember or something strange like that. (If that made any sense 😀 )

The night before last I barely remember the end of one dream where I and maybe someone else were walking up stairs to some ancient ruins, I think that things were a bit like an The Elder Scrolls game or something, because I had magic/powers & a mêlée weapon; and we had cleared the area except for one last being.

Inside of the ruins a floating thing, like a spirit in the form of a bee or group of bees, attacked us; and we expected an easy victory.

I think that I hit it with some magic and someone might have hit it with a torch, but it did not die to our surprise, and so we ran around fighting it while trying to dodge its attacks.

It would not die and all of our attacks seemed useless and so we used our torches to try to keep it back, but it managed to get too close to us, and I remember accidentally hitting myself with my hands several times trying to get it off of me; like when bees are trying to sting you.

I was so shocked that I accidentally woke up from the dream thinking that something was on me, oddly the back of my head/neck itched & hurt a bit, and I had a swollen bump (like an insect bite) on the back of my head/neck about in the area where the characters on the film The Matrix would use to enter the Matrix.

I put something on it to help with the itching & swelling, and I went back to sleep.

Last night I had several dreams that had at least three parts, with me going back into some of these parts a few times, and I think that the first part took place in a slightly fictional version of D that is sometimes in my dreams near W Park.

Where the PL grocery store used to be there was another grocery store that is sometimes in my dreams, which is a bigger, and I went shopping in there or I went inside there for some reason; and I remember seeing a female worker greeting people who entered the store, but that is all that I can remember.

When I was outside walking away from the store near W Park, something happened that I can not remember, I just remember a husband, wife, and their young son who was in serious condition.

I remember trying to help the husband and wife with their son, who might have died or was just seriously injured or something, and the wife was very emotional & she yelled at me a few times.

I might have known the kid and/or them from a facility or something, maybe a military/CIA/whatever secret facility where we were test subjects or something, but I can not remember; I just remember telling them that I would go somewhere, probably one of the facilities or to call 911, and I left trying to get help for the son and/or to help the son.

The second part took place during the day again, but in an unknown area that seemed to be a secret facility hidden within a school complex or the school complex was a secret facility where they were experimenting on the students and/or teachers without most of them knowing it; I think that I had once been a test subject at this facility, and so I knew the area a bit.

This entire part is very unclear, I remember being with several other people who might have also once been test subjects at the facility, and they were helping me; and we sneaked into the courtyard, trying to avoid some female workers who seemed like cafeteria workers & some other types of workers.

Most or all the workers of the secret facility (not the school) who we seen, were women who wore white uniforms/clothing for some reason, and they all seemed to be looking for any suspicious activity all the time like they were also guards disguised as various workers at the school or something.

This sounds crazy but I think that the other people and I somehow became/turned into/were roaches at some point, and we tried to sneak across the courtyard to avoid the female workers who seemed to almost sense that we were there; even as roaches we had to be cautious for obvious reasons, but also because the women still were somehow able to sense us.

At some point one or more of the women saw some of us and we scattered trying to confuse them, and a few of the others and I escaped to the playground where a lot of the students were; and I guess that we went back into human form at this point.

While the women were busy trying to find the others, we were hiding among the students continuing our mission, which was blurry; at this point I remember that our/my mission was to find my former classmate AK who was now a kid again for some odd reason.

I guess that we/I wanted to rescue him from the facility, we sneaked into the area where the school buildings were, blending in with teachers, students, and office workers; and eventually we found a housing area where there were small housing buildings with various people who seemed to live there almost like prisoners; some seemed to be prisoners, some seemed to be drugged or had drug problems, some seemed to have mental health issues, some just seemed poor/homeless, et cetera.

One of the people with me had a brother who was in one of the housing areas, and so we were going to try to rescue him too, oddly the security was not high; it was like they must have used drug, mental, emotional, and other kinds of techniques to help keep the people from trying to escape or something.

Each building had less than ten people who seemed to be watched by a female worker wearing white, the female workers in white seemed to all be disguised workers of the facility, and each building had a desk at the entrance with a woman wearing white; none of the women seemed to have weapons, but they could have had hidden weapons.

I think that the main facility was really underground, under the school, were the real secret stuff was going on & where most of the surveillance took place; the housing buildings must have been a very minor project that they did not need to do underground, since they were using people who were easily taken advantage of.

Somehow we found out which building his brother was in and somehow we got passed the woman wearing white, we either tricked her & she let us pass and/or we distracted her somehow, and we found his brother; I think that most of the people in the building seemed drugged and/or controlled somehow.

We managed to get his brother out, and I am not sure if this happened or not, but I think that we found a control button which opened up some areas where some of the test subjects were being held; and this caused some chaos which gave us a distraction to try to escape.

I am not sure if we found AK, we might have, but I am not sure (if we did, I think that he did not want to go, and so I just said goodbye & the rest of us continued our escape); I just remember escaping toward the courtyard, but the women in white were after us and the others.

We had to decide to run with the others or go another way, we paused as the others ran away, and I was not sure what to do & I had a hard time trying to decide where to run or hide; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

I Want You

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

Unfortunately I forgot most of my dream fragments, due to various circumstances, but I remember part of two dream fragments; with the first dream fragment taking place during the day in a fictional city, and I was with my family.

Something that I can not remember, happened in a parking lot with my family, it seemed that we were on vacation; and something serious happened in a store parking lot, something that would soon involve law enforcement.

For some reason even though we were not at fault, we felt that we had to try to clean up evidence that we were at the crime scene the best that we could, and then flee the area; I guess whatever happened involved some people who either had connection with law enforcement and/or one or more intelligence agencies & they could blame us for their crime and/or they were part of a serious criminal organization who had many connections or something.

I think that they had connections with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, I think that a group of rogue/bad intelligence agents had carried out an attack in the parking lot & maybe we killed one or more of them in self-defense, and then we found out their connections & we panicked or something; I can not remember, I just remember us trying to clean up the crime scene a bit as the police, FBI, CIA, and who ever else were on their way to the crime scene.

We did not have enough time to clean up the crime scene good enough, and we had to drive away because we heard sirens nearby; but that is all that I remember of that dream fragment.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment is very blurry and I have no idea where I was, maybe this was a semi-dream that was part dream & part daydream, I am not sure; several things happened that I can not remember, but then I remember hearing a woman’s voice singing the beginning lyrics of the Moloko song I Want You.

The voice sounded like Róisín Murphy‘s voice, there was probably no music, and then I saw Ms. Murphy walking toward me; and she was the one singing.

She walked up to me looking me straight in the eyes in an almost hypnotizing seductive way, she then probably touched me softly on my arms in a way that I could feel along my nerves and she whispered something to me seductively with almost the power of The Bene Gesserit Voice as she continued to stare into my eyes, and somehow we were on a bed at this point.

Then there was a longer than usual scene of touching, kissing, massaging, whispering, talking, laughing, smiling, partly undressing, relaxing, et cetera; which was very nice. 😉

We were taking it very slow and enjoying the moment, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I remember part of another dream where I was in LC and I went to the Dollar Tree store, and I saw my former male coworker S, who was an employee there like in real life.

I accidentally called him C, the name of his boyfriend, as I was leaving the store; and I remember realizing that I had mistakenly called him C as I was leaving the store.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

A Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian Inspired Dream: On The Run

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I remember most of my last dream, except the beginning.

Also I must mention that before I went to sleep, I watched some of the movie The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian, so the dream had a plot like that; but it was in modern times & it was more realistic.

If I remember correctly, it started at some large room with a lot of people in it, and it seemed like a big room at a college used for gatherings like: speeches, dances, dinners, meetings, etc.

The room had a wooden dance floor, some tables, chairs, and probably some food & drinks.

People were standing around talking, and there may/might have been some music.

I was talking with my brother CC, my friend DH, and several unknown people.

Now here is my guess on how the dream started: I think one of the people we were talking to was a prince and some of his friends came and told him that his uncle’s wife had just had a baby boy, and so now his uncle was sending the police & FBI to arrest & kill him for a false crime/a crime that he did not commit.

They said that he had to leave now so CC, DH, and I joined them & we ran to an automobile outside of the building, and we drove off.

As we were leaving, the police arrived and they started to surround the building, and they did not see us leaving; and so we escaped.

If the FBI had arrived there with them, then we probably would not have escaped, but fortunately the FBI arrived late.

Once the FBI did get there and when they did not find the prince, they told the police to not let anyone leave the city, and they told them to patrol all the roads.

We knew that we could not drive longer without getting caught, and so we parked the automobile somewhere; and we decided to sneak through the alleyways of various buildings.

It appeared that we were in a fictional version of LC, somewhere near the downtown area.

We tried to avoid being seen unless there were a lot of people walking, then we could hide among them while walking, and we doubted that the police would expect us to be walking.

There were police driving around the city watching the roads, we saw a few pass by us, but they did not notice us since they were too busy looking for our automobile.

As we were walking down the sidewalk we noticed a little building with windows with metal bars with no glass, and a metal door with bars instead of being solid.

It seemed almost like a covered outdoor café area or something, except that there was a group of woman who appeared to be students at a private college, and they were having a class or a meeting there.

So we stopped to talk to them, so that the police would be less likely to notice us.

The group of woman all wore uniforms like at a private Catholic college or something and they were all tall, thin, had medium length hair, and they looked like volleyball players or models.

The inside of this outdoor/indoor building was strange, and it was like a dorm room/outdoor café dinning area/classroom.

There was a few café dining tables that could be used for eating or as desks and there were a chalk board, beds, and storage closets.

But the windows and doors were just bars, so anyone could see inside, and the wind could blow right through; but it had a roof to keep out the rain.

Anyway we all talked and we told them about our situation, and so they decided to help us and let us stay there for the night.

I felt safe and I had the feeling that the police would not stop here during the night, they really would not expect us to be staying at an outdoor/indoor building connected to the sidewalk right next to the road, and especially a building with windows & a door that you could see and hear everything through.

The women only had enough beds for themselves, so the rest of us slept on the floor.

The next day we woke up and we thanked the women for helping us, but we felt that we had to keep moving because the police may come looking for us; and so we left and we continued to walk on the sidewalk.

Right up the road there was a bar/restaurant/apartment building, and so we stopped there to hide.

The building had different floors and each floor seem to be separated by class; the bottom floor seemed to be for lower class people, the middle floor for middle class, and the upper floor and apartments seemed to be for upper class people.

We stopped at the bottom floor to eat and drink something, but before we ordered, some of the women that had helped us came into the building; and so we stopped to talk to them.

I was more worried about what we should do next, so I started to talk to someone in our group about what we should do next, but as I was talking, a girl who looked to be about 14 years old said something to me; but I am not sure what she said, but I do know that she wanted me to follow her.

She said that she heard me talking, and that she might be able to help us; and as I followed her, she told me a few things, but I can not remember what she said.

I do know that she acted like she was older than me and she seemed completely calm and in control like she was a CIA agent or something.

We were walking up the stairs as she explained things to me, she said that her dad was a business person from Japan, and she said that he owned an apartment in this building.

We walked up to the upper class area where people were dining and drinking wearing suits and dresses, and we stopped at a table with two women that appeared to be about my age or older.

I think they were her sisters, they said hello to me but they did not seem interested in talking to me and they seemed bored, and so they continued to talk with each other.

There was a small shot glass with some orange looking drink in it on the table where I was sitting, and the girl told me that was a special alcoholic drink that is drunk on holidays; and she said that it tasted like broccoli.

She told me to try it so I did and it tasted like fruit juice with no alcohol, and after I finished drinking it a waiter took the shot glass; and he gave me a red drink, and that one tasted like broccoli.

After finishing the second drink, the girl said that the drinks were pretty expensive (maybe $40 a shot) but her sisters would pay, and I asked her if she would at least let me pay for some of it; and so I put in $20.

Her sisters did not have any cash, and so I think they used checks or their debt cards.

The girl then told me that if my friends and I needed a place to hide, that we could stay at her dad’s apartment on the 4th floor, and so I told her thanks and that I would talk to my friends about it.

I walked back to the 1st floor to tell my friends about what the girl had said, and as I was walking to their table I noticed a woman walking into the building; it was a messed up looking Pauline Croze.

At this point I think the dream went lucid or the dream had already went lucid once I started talking to that girl, but I am not sure.

Instead of trying to control the dream, I just controlled my own actions and I acted normal.

Ms. Croze sat a table looking sad, like she had cried and her hair was messed up & it looked dry, and she looked mad.

I walked up to her table and I asked her if she was Pauline Croze, and she said yes; and said that she did not know me & she asked me who I was.

I told her my name and she said that she still did not know me, and she looked away & she tried to ignore me.

I sat down at her table and I said that she looked sad & I asked her what was wrong, and to my surprise she responded.

She said that her boyfriend and her had argued or something, maybe he cheated on her, but I am not sure.

I told her that maybe she should write a song about it to help her put her thoughts & feelings on paper, and then she could slowly start dealing with them.

Also I told her that she could play music, and sing the new songs to help her as well.

During this time I knew that the dream was now lucid and that it would probably fade, but I did not try to control the dream other than just being myself and acting normal.

I felt the ability to control the dream and I felt that it could fade away, but I ignored that and I continued to be myself ,so the ability either stayed the rest of the dream or it faded; but I am not sure, and that all I know is that I did not try to control the dream world itself.

Anyway, Ms. Croze told me that she thought that my idea were pointless and that they would not help, but I told her that I believed that they would help her and that it should be easy for her in my opinion.

She then told me that she rather be left alone now, and so I told her to think about my idea; and then I left to talk to my friends about how to escape the police & FBI.

My friends and I discussed our opinions of what the new plan should or should not be.

They wanted to stay with the college women again, but I told them that was not a good idea, because I felt that the police would search that area tonight.

I then told them what the girl had said, but they felt that she could not be trusted & I agreed that it was risky, even though I did trust her.  (But we all felt that something was odd about her, and the prince & his friends felt that she may/might work for his uncle somehow)

I then offered a third plan, that we continue to sneak through the alleyways and we would try to get to the lake to swim or find a boat, to get us out of the city/to get out of the city.

I told them that the streets were full of police and that they were trying to trap us in the city, and so our best option would be to leave the city by water or air; but we were closer to the water, which was very close to the downtown area, so that would be easier.

They all agreed, so we left that night but some of us had to use the bathroom, and so we stopped at a public bathroom across the street; but while we were in the bathroom, we heard police sirens, so we hid.

Two police officers opened the door of the bathroom and they looked in, but they did not hear or see us; and so they left.

We then opened the door and we looked out after they left, and the police were searching the building where the college women lived; and they were going to search the bar/restaurant/apartment building next, and so we went into the alleyway.

The police seemed to be blocking the area off to search it, fortunately we did not stay at the girl’s dad’s apartment or with the college women again, and so I guess that we had made the right choice.

I got the feeling that the girl was working with the prince’s uncle, because how else did the police know to go directly to the building that the college women stayed at & the other building and why did the police put so much effort into blocking off that area? (They must have heard that we were in the area)

I think that the girl tried to set us up, so that the FBI could quietly come to her dad’s apartment to kill us without any witnesses, and her family & her would get rewarded by the prince’s uncle.

I had the feeling that the prince’s uncle alerted his friends and many other upper class people to be on the lookout for the prince, and to try to trap him until the FBI could get there; and he probably offered a huge reward.

If this was true, she probably saw the prince and the others talking to the college women, and she guessed that we probably had stayed with them the night before; and when we did not ask to stay at her dad’s apartment that night, she probably called the police & told them that we were probably at the college women’s building. (Fortunately we were not there)

Anyway, we now knew we could not wait until tomorrow to get to the water, and so we decided to try to sneak around the police through the alleyways; and we were going to try to reach the water to escape that night.

As we ran through the alleyways looking for a good escape route, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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