Nathan Fisher Finds His Biological Father And A Man Who Is About To Learn That He Was Born From A Rape And That His Real Biological Father Was The Rapist?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day inside a slightly fictional version of my parent’s house in maybe my brother GC’s room, and I think that I was watching a fictional YouTube video on a computer of Nathan (Nate) Fisher from YouTube showing and talking about his biological father; and this dream seemed to be inspired by one of his videos that I saw last year (it is strange that I would suddenly have a dream inspired by it now).

In the dream I guess that Nate found out that it was true that his dad who raised him was not his biological father, he finally found the identity of his biological father, and so in this fictional YouTube video he was talking about him; and he showed a video clip of his biological father from a distance so you could not see him very well and you could only see him from the side as he sat down in the distance, and he was very short with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair with a receding hairline and bald spot down the middle of his head and he was over-fat and from a distance he looked a bit like the actor Danny DeVito.

Nate seemed to be handling the news well, but then my watching the video got interrupted by two unknown men with whitish colored skin entering the bedroom that I was in; and one of the men was older than the other, the older man was trying to tell the younger man something important/serious, and I assumed that he was trying to slowly and cautiously tell the young man that the man who he thought was his biological father was not his real biological father and that his mom/mother had been raped by his real biological father and that is how he was born/conceived.

The older man told the younger man that he knew a man years ago who I think used to work as a circus performer and/or something like that, who had mental health problems and/or other problems (maybe drug problems, et cetera) and some bad character/personality/behavioral flaws, and who one day went crazy/lost control/whatever; and he said that the man had raped several women during this time, and that he disappeared for many years until now.

He pointed at a new single-wide mobile home that I had never seen before in the land that is for sale across the street from the field by my parent’s house, it looked like someone had put it there during the night (which annoyed me a bit, more people, more problems), and there was a small house-like shed/storage building near it; and some tree branches were going through several windows  on the mobile home and through the mobile home like the people moving the mobile home did not see the trees there during the night when they probably moved it there.

The older man said that the man had just magically appeared again after all of these years and that he was now living in that mobile home, I assumed that he was trying to prepare the younger man for the truth that the man in that mobile home was his real biological father, and that the man had raped his mom/mother years ago (it seemed that no one had told the young man of his mother’s possible rape or about the man or that his dad was possibly not his biological father).

The younger man seemed like the type of person who was easily confused and who would not want to believe something like this and who would not take the news well, so the older man slowly kept giving him hints while trying to explain things and slowly prepare him for the truth it seemed, but I woke up before I could find out if my assumptions/guesses/predictions were correct or not.

The end,

-John Jr


Escaping An Attack

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one of my dreams from last night but the beginning of the dream is unclear, I just remember going to a gathering/meeting during the day in a field in the country by a highway not far from a city, and a variety of people were there.

I am not sure why we were having a gathering / meeting but survival was probably one of the main topics, because a group of survivalists with guns & other survival equipment were there, but I am not sure if something had happened or was going to happen that would cause us to need to come together to prepare to survive.

It was a peaceful meeting as far as I can remember and Tyrion Lannister from the TV show Game Of Thrones might have been at the gathering/meeting but I am not sure, but I will explain why I think that he was later.

At the meeting were people of many ages and many people who did not know much about survival, so the survivalists were going to help train us in surviving and help us survive when the time came I guess if it had not already come, but then our gathering/meeting got attacked by a masked paramilitary-like group and/or gunmen.

The paramilitary-like group and/or gunmen had assault rifles / body armor / helmets / masks and they looked dangerous, and they started shooting at us killing people for some unknown reason; and so the survivalists handed out some guns to some of us, and we started shooting back & running for cover & trying to save people & escape the attack.

It was a scary situation since we were in a mostly open field, so bullets were flying near me, and there was nowhere to hide; and so I kept ducking/crawling/zigzagging/running/shooting back.

The field was surround by a fence and on one side of the fence was a forest, and so people were running that way to escape; but most did not make it since the fence was tall & there was barbed wire at the top, and people were being shot.

Some people probably ran further across the field and some people probably ran to the highway, but I decided to run to the forest after fighting long enough for some of us to escape; but the battle was obviously lost since we were out-numbered/out-gunned/out-armored/and attacked by surprise by trained gunmen.

I remember a group of young women trying to escape over the fence at the same time that I was and some senior citizens & some kids, but the senior citizens & kids did not make it & most of the young women did not make it.

There were about four tall barbed wired fences that we had to climb to reach the forest, so it was not easy, and so I remember encouraging & giving advice to the few surviving young women as they also climbed the fences; and my advice & encouragement helped save a few of them.

I climbed the four tall barbed wired fences pretty quickly since I was afraid for my life and I have had practice climbing fences in dreams before, so my fence climbing skills in dreams are very good.

I remember two or three young women making it to the forest with me and we ran for our lives, the paramilitary and/or gunmen were still busy killing people & they would not be able to climb the fences fast enough to catch us in the forest.

Eventually we reached the city at a baseball field for a school and we walked through a field house or school building where some of the male & female athletes were exercising, and we passed an office where a woman was working; and after we walked past the school there was only two young women with me.

One young woman was thinner/weaker/frailer/nice and the other young woman was thicker/stronger/rougher/mean, the weaker young woman talked more & the stronger young woman did not talk much, and we walked on a sidewalk through a city that reminded me of the 1980s or 1990s & 1970s (only slightly).

It was nice but we had no idea if we were still being hunted or not and it was a long walk, and at some point the weaker young woman needed me to carry her as we walked & so I did; and I remember the stronger young woman making negative comments about the weaker young woman, since she was so weak that she needed to be carried like a baby.

It was a nice sunny day and the lighting reminded me of those tire periods that I mentioned earlier & the look of the city, and it was nice walking in a quieter part of the city on a sidewalk.

At some point I asked the weaker young woman if she would be more comfortable riding on my back, she said yes, and so she rode on my back until she led us to a part of the city that she knew well.

She led us to a part of the city that had these silver metal subway train-like carts that were connected into a large single story structure where people could sit & hang out in the old carts, there were no wheels, it was a nice idea; and we went inside to hide/rest/think about what to do next & where to go.

This part of the dream had a nice feeling to it that seemed a bit familiar, like a memory from my past or something, and this area reminded me of those time periods that I mentioned earlier & I remember thinking of that in my dream; the weaker young woman must have grew up in the city and maybe I somehow had been to this area in the past before or something, but I am not sure.

Each cart, though connected, provided some privacy where people could talk & hang out; and the windows allowed a bit of light in to each cart & the windows were a bit foggy because I think that an air conditioner/cooling system was on.

It was nice watching people, especially teenagers, have somewhere to hangout instead of doing bad stuff because they have no where else to go really.

We walked to the center area of the cart structure and we came across Tyrion Lannister who recognized us and we recognized him, and so I think that he probably was at the gathering/meeting earlier; and had probably escaped too, but I am not sure.

He was working with a circus-like group that would perform around the world, he was actually doing a comedy routine or something in the cart structure when we came across him, and so we stopped to ask him for advice on what to do.

He told us that the circus-like group and him would be leaving soon to another city or country, and that he had connections around the world that would be willing move us from country to country if necessary.

As he was helping us come up with our escape plan and offering his connections to help us escape, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂