CO-VIDs: The Gandhi Trap

CO-VIDs: the gandhi trap

More people should see this video, and think about what was said; well done Innuendo Studios.


Advisers And Tasting Vegetables

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed very late last night and I woke up early this afternoon, and so I can only barely remember part of one dream that seemed to be partly inspired by the latest episode of the television show Game Of Thrones.

Part of the dream involved leaders and rulers and their advisers talking, I am not sure if I was in these parts of the dream or not, and the advisers were trying to warn the leaders and rulers about proper leadership and understanding the people and citizens; and to not underestimate the people and citizens in survival situations like food shortages, and they warned about properly managing the food supply during difficult times.

I think that the advisers recommended focusing on vegetables especially but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream, later in the dream I was inside a house-like building in a room by a window maybe thinking about these conversations between the leaders and rulers and advisers, and maybe I was following the news and making my own predictions and recommendations in my mind.

I walked into a windowless room where there was a somewhat older woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair standing behind a counter selling food, she had some cooked vegetables that were mixed together, and so I ordered that even though it did not look very good to me.

I remember talking to the woman and the vegetables tasted better than I thought they would, I told the woman this, and I remember leaving back to the other room at some point still following the news and situation; and there were many people starting to get unhappy, and some people were protesting and maybe close to rioting.

The situation was unstable but there was a chance to stabilize it depending on how the leaders and rulers handle the situation, I agreed with the advisers, but some of the leaders and rulers did not agree with them; and so they were possibly going to do something stupid that would cause riots, and they would probably be killed and many people would die.

There was hope to stabilize the situation but I decided to hope for the best but prepare for the worst, focusing on the food supply and staying safe during the chaos seemed to be the main things to focus on, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Protecting My Family | Western Countries Firebombing The Islamic State (IS)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had some longer detailed dreams last night but I forgot all of them except for part of the end of two dreams, all that I remember of the first dream is that it took place inside a multi-story house that was somewhat like E Manor, and I was there with my family (except for my brother CC).

I think that we were on the first floor watching a film together in a large living room with its own mini-cinema, on the upper floor or floors were some armed men who possibly were part of a gang led by a man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and maybe a mustache, and the leader sent his men to attack us so I got an expandable baton and a blackish colored metal pistol.

I opened the door to the stairs, which were like the stairs in E Manor, and I walked up the stairs to stop his men before they could reach the first floor, and they probably had illegal drugs and strippers and prostitutes in some of the rooms; and I tried to peacefully handle the situation, but they attacked me.

I used hand-to-hand combat to start defeating them until some of them pulled out mêlée weapons so I started using my expandable baton to fight them as well, and when some of them pulled out their guns I started shooting them with my pistol; but one of the men ran to the first floor to attack my family, and so I ran after them.

The man was tall and thin with light-medium brownish colored skin wearing a baseball hat/cap we started fighting before he could attack my family, but he did not seem to feel pain and maybe he could not die because I was beating him easily in hand-to-hand and mêlée combat but he kept getting up; and I even shot him several times, and so I probably tied him up eventually but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream involved mostly some Western countries (probably led by the USA) bombing The Islāmic State (IS) or a group similar to them in a Middle Eastern country in a city that they took over, they were so desperate to defeat The IS or The IS-like group that they were going to firebomb the city and use other types of bombs that would cause a lot of damage and kill innocent people, and there were arguments about this among the Western countries but they decided to do it anyway.

The Western countries had one or more local citizens in the country/city who they gave hidden surveillance and communications and GPS/tracking equipment so that they could walk around showing them the damage/situation while being able to communicate with them while being able to track them to  hopefully avoid them being bombed, and they were supposed to spy/report the situation from the ground for the Western countries.

The Western countries started firebombing and bombing part of the city where most of The IS members were, they had soldiers flying fighter aircraft doing the bombing and firebombing it seems, and the bombs caused a lot of damage; and at some point they told the local citizen or local citizen spies to walk to the area to report the situation, and they told the soldiers to watch out for them on their maps/radar to avoid bombing them.

One of the local citizens was a man with medium brownish colored skin wearing traditional whitish/tannish colored clothing for this area and he had a head covering probably, he walked around showing the damage and reporting the situation, and there was fire/smoke and lots of destroyed buildings in this part of the city; and it looked terrible and depressing and I wondered how many innocent people died, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Fictional Small Country And Two Brothers Trying To Humiliate Me As I Urinate



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Once again I do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will not waste much time typing part of the only dream that I can partly remember from last night, I had another dream after this one, but I can not remember it at this time because of the way I woke up and got straight out of bed and I got distracted by other things.

The dream started during the day in a small fictional country that possibly somewhat seemed like Israel at first in some areas and then like Italy in another area and then like Japan in another area, I have no idea how I got there or why I was there, but I do know that I was not the only tourist or person visiting who did not live in this small fictional country because there were other tourists there from other countries as well.


The United States Roundups Its Citizens Shortly After Trying To Lockdown / Control Computer Programs / The Internet?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a series of dreams or a dream that started normal but suddenly became serious, and the dream ended dramatically/scarily.

I was in D and in the USA (The United States Of America) during each part of the dream or dreams which all took place during the day, I forgot a lot of the dream or dreams and the minor details, but the first thing that I can remember is going to a bathroom near a fictional version of the Dollar General store on Eastside in D; and as I was leaving the bathroom an old woman with dark brownish colored skin who knew my family from a church from years ago, needed help getting into the bathroom, and so I helped her inside the bathroom & I waited near the door until she finished using the bathroom in the stall in case she needed my help getting out of the bathroom.

As I waited the woman talked and talked about the past, my family, me, and various other things; and I listened trying to see if I could learn something from an old person who had experienced much more than me, but I can remember most of the details of what she talked about.

After she finished using the bathroom I helped her out of the bathroom, I said goodbye, and I left; but I can not remember what happened next exactly.

The next thing that I remember is going to a fictional version of C Elementary School on Eastside, my dad was working there for the day, and I went there to sign up to be able to receive services & medicine from a fictional nurse/pharmacy that was connected to the library; and my dad had probably told me about it earlier in the dream and he had probably recommended that I sign up to receive low-priced and/or free medical care/medicine.

I felt a bit weird walking through the school while school was still going on with kids walking around but I went anyway, and after walking into the library I saw the nurse sitting behind a desk next to a small pharmacy; and she was a nice obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with medium-short black colored hair wearing scrubs, and I saw my dad in the library looking at something or taking a break.

The nurse gave me paperwork to fill out and then I gave it back to her, she said that they would look over it and will decide if they will accept my application or not, I thanked her & said goodbye; and then I went to talk with my dad.

After talking to my dad I noticed a TV showing breaking news that the US Federal Government/Government had just surprised the country/world by quickly/suddenly passing a strange law that might have involved the government trying to control/lock-down/regulate computer programs/code and the internet and computers, I remember something about requiring all code/programs to be checked by the government before it could be released to the public or something strange like that, among other things that might have involved monitoring/filtering/regulating/controlling the internet and maybe computers and the government also wanted/gave themselves the power to try to shut them (code/programs/the internet/computers) down if they wanted to.

This shocked the press and people, and there was a lot of confusion as everyone tried to figure out what this all meant and how & why did it suddenly become a law, and how it would be enforced; and I immediately wanted to try to figure out how to defend/survive against this while the government was busy trying to figure out how to enforce this new law, but I was not home at my computer yet to research this.

I remember walking off to leave the school but I came across my cousin DE somewhere and I took him back to the school to show him the nurse/pharmacy, and I recommended that he consider signing up as well; and then we walked away talking about the new law, which we still did not know much about yet, but we did not like what we had heard about it so far.

I felt that it would slow down things dramatically if the government had to filter/regulate/monitor/examine everything, especially computer code/programs, and I felt that the government was lying about their reasons for this law and that they had something big planned; and that this was somewhat of a huge distraction or something big that was about to happen.

I remember driving to my parent’s house and then I was driving away from my parent’s house later, but I started to hear police sirens around Eastside; and I started to see police blocking off roads like they were doing a drug bust or something, but something did not feel right about it.

I kept driving hoping to avoid getting trapped on Eastside and then I noticed something that made it clear to me that something big was happening, and it probably was not good; I noticed some men wearing all black who I immediately recognized to be US Special Forces (probably Navy Seals and/or Delta Force) and they were loading up equipment into an unmarked automobile and gearing up, they were clearly mobilizing, and so I knew that something big was happening.

I wanted to get out of Eastside before it was completely blocked off by the police, I noticed police rounding-up people from their homes/automobiles/yards and from the streets, and it was clear to me that they were rounding up almost everyone on Eastside; and so I felt that this was probably happening around the USA, where the Special Forces & maybe FBI were helping to lead local police forces in rounding-up almost everyone, and soon the rest of the US Military would probably be mobilized and ready to help with this.

I tried to drive out of Eastside but the last road was blocked off by the police and everyone driving on the road, who ever was with me, and I got rounded-up as well; and all of us who were rounded-up on Eastside were sent to a school that looked like a slightly fictional version of the D Junior High School maybe combined with the C Elementary School since it had enough space for us all in the playground and/or field near the bus stop area.

The police and the few Special Forces soldiers helping/leading them would not tell us what was going on or why they were rounding us all up, they were being serious and treating us like prisoners or criminals, and they made us all line up in the field of the school.

I noticed that they had not properly secured the school yet and that they did not have enough people to stop us yet, if we rebelled, and so I was hoping that we would escape before the military (non-special forces) & reinforcements could arrive; and I felt that the government had partly passed that law so that they could try to shutdown most communications before they started rounding-up people.

I was surprised that the government had done such a good job catching us by surprise while most people were distracted by other things, and they started the roundup so fast that most of their forces were not even fully mobilized yet which was an advantage and disadvantage; because if we rebelled early, many of us could escape, but they hoped to be able to hold us long enough until their forces fully mobilized.

I remember that buses arrived and a few Special Forces soldiers along with the police had set up an area where they would check each one of us one-at-a-time, and then they would load you on a bus; and once the bus was full, they would drive the bus somewhere else, I am not sure where they were taking people, my wild guess was concentration camps or death camps or something.

The Special Forces soldiers had special equipment and could communicate with their headquarters/the government/The President/whoever, they searched us for weapons, they took everything that you had except maybe your clothes, they recorded information about you/your license/your social security number/address/phone number/name/age/et cetera, they probably took our fingerprints/DNA samples/iris scans/et cetera, and maybe a few other things before they would load you on a bus.

I remember being in line with who ever had been in my automobile with me earlier (maybe my brother GC and my cousin DE), and my former classmate WG was with us; I think that he was on his way to church on Eastside, when they/he got rounded-up by the police.

We stood in line talking while waiting for our turn to be checked/processed/recorded/whatever and then put on a bus, but we were at the back of the line.

I remember seeing people of all ages, crying kids & babies/teenagers/young adults/adults/middle-aged people/old people/et cetera, and many people were confused & scared; but I was pretty calm but cautious/alert trying to learn as much as I could about what was going on and trying to look for ways to escape since I usually do not trust the police/military/government in dreams like this.

No one seemed to know what was going on and no one was telling us anything, so I did not learn much really, and then something dramatic/stupid/scary happened.

Suddenly the police started to bring buses of many prisoners from jails/prisons to the field and they were having them line up in a separate line next to us, like they were going to be checked/processed/recorded/whatever and then put on buses as well; but they had way too many prisoners than they could control and I felt that if the prisoners rebelled, that the police would not be able to stop them from raping/killing people & escaping, since there were only a few police officers who came with the prisoners.

The prisoners had their prison/jail uniforms on and they were following the rules at first but as their numbers grew, as they noticed the lack of security, and as they noticed the many woman/girls/kids/old people/defenseless men/easy targets they started to act up; I started to notice the prisoners eying people, cat calling people, getting rowdy, et cetera.

I got very uncomfortable and felt that the situation was about to get bad, and to my horror it did; and my only hope was to survive and hope to escape.

The sea/group of many prisoners who were lined up behind our line, we were at the back of our line, rebelled; they attacked the few police guarding them and they ran at our line of regular people to rape, beat, kill, rob, us and some ran to escape.

It was scary, pure terror/panic, and we were blocked by the large group of people in line in front of us who were screaming/running/falling/et cetera as the sea of prisoners ran at us wildly, there was so much noise and you could feel the fear/panic/terror and it was pretty realistic & I cold probably feel the air/temperature, and even I finally got scared since I knew that I could not defeat so many prisoners or save anyone really; so we ran trying to escape.

I remember GW, maybe my brother GC, and I trying to run through crowds of people as the charging prisoners came closer to catching us; and some of them probably grabbed some women/girls/boys/men and were probably raping/killing/robbing them, but we could not stop or the same would happen to us, it was terrible, very terrible, I am surprised that I did not accidentally wake up at that point.

We fell a few times over people and at some point I had to fight off a few prisoners trying to give GW & GC a chance to escape when they got close to us, but that slowed me down and a group of prisoner caught up with me; and it seemed that I probably would not make it.

I pushed a few of them off me, I was not about to get raped or killed, at least not without a fight, and I tried to run again; but a big prisoner grabbed me or something and said where do you think you are going or something like that, and then I was about to have to fight a group of prisoners too large to defeat.

I pushed him back and I called them punks/cowards for trying to jump me, especially since they were all bigger than me, and I tried to tell them that we should be working together to help people escape the government/police/military roundup of people instead of them raping/killing/robbing people; but they did not care about that, and so I started fighting them, feeling that I had no chance of winning.

I looked back to see if GC and GW were still running and they were, but they were being chased along with everyone else, and then I stood feeling defeated/feeling that I would die and/or be raped no matter how hard I fought.

I tried to get myself into life or death mode where I would at least fight as hard as I could, and I tried to keep moving around to avoid getting taken down by the group of prisoners as we fought; and I tried to look for a chance to run, and I might have gotten a chance to run but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂