Dido In The City

Last night I remember part of one of my dreams, it took place either in a fictional version of LC or Australia or some unknown city.

I am not sure if I was vacationing or if I was moving to this city for college, but I think I was just moving there for college or something.


A City | Radio Host | The Attic Fan

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I do not remember much of my three dreams due to the fact that I woke up several times, and I did not take time to try to remember them because I felt like going back to sleep.

A City

The first dream is the most unclear, and it took place in a fictional version of LC I think.

I think I drove and walked around the city, and I probably talked to a few people.

I can not remember anything else really except that it was day time, and I went to different parts of the city in the dream.

Radio Host

In my second dream I was a radio host, and I was giving out free vacation prizes to the first two callers.

I remember going out into the country to give the tickets to the winners, and I felt uncomfortable & unsafe because I was going to both houses by surprise.

I feared that someone would shoot me or something and/or they would just not like the way I looked & then shoot me.

Anyway, to my surprise both of the winners were nice, and they seemed to not have a problem with me.

At both houses I was invited inside, met the families, talked, and I even had dinner.

That is all I can remember of this dream.

The Attic Fan

My third and last dream, took place at a small fictional version of my former job.

My coworkers Mr. LS, Mr.DD, and a few other people were working there & the building had no windows.

I remember walking to a room that was a trash room, and a man & his son came to pick up the trash. (I guess they had a trash collecting business)

Mr. LS came into the room to turn on the huge attic fan that was on the ceiling, in the middle of the room.

We then went back into the main room and I noticed that the attic fan was huge, and that it was so strong that I felt my body almost be lifted into the air.

I saw that the attic fan did not have a safety cover to prevent big objects from getting pulled into the fan blades, and so I asked Mr. LS if that was safe or not.

I told him that the attic fan almost pulled me up toward the ceiling, and I said that did not seem safe to me.

He said that I was right and we went to turn the attic fan on a lower setting, and as he was doing that, I noticed that the fan blades were blue now instead of silver for some reason.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂