Homeland (Season 7)

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What is it?

The 2018 American drama television show Homeland (Season 7).

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this television show:

At the end of last season, following an assassination attempt on her life, President Keane (Marvel) broke her promise to Carrie (Danes) by arresting 200 members of the intelligence community without bringing charges against them, including Saul Berenson (Patinkin).

As season seven begins, Carrie has left her job in the White House and moved back to D.C. and is living with her sister Maggie (Amy Hargreaves) to take on the Keane administration and secure the release of the 200.

What do I like about it and what would other people like about it?

My favorite parts of Homeland are usually the more suspenseful and critical moments, and I think that other people will like those moments as well.

Final Thoughts

I think that Elizabeth Marvel’s performance as President Elizabeth Keane was often too stoic (?) like someone trying too hard to be presidential, tough, and trying to appear to be almost emotionless and / or immune to letting things impact her emotions.

I also think that the final episode was less suspenseful than it should have been, but this season still did just enough to keep me watching.

The end,

-John Jr

Carrie Mathison Working At A Video / Video Game Rental Store

I once again woke up feeling like my memory/mind had been erased so I could not remember any of my dreams even though I know that I had some dreams and I had just awakened from a dream, I went to the bathroom and I went back to sleep, and now I barely remember part of one dream that I had after going back to sleep; but the dream is very unclear and so it will not make much sense.

The beginning of the dream is the most unclear and confusing (it was clear enough in the dream but now I can not remember most of the details and so I will probably make some huge mistakes trying to explain it) but I think that part of it took place outside during the day and maybe a small battle took place between some people from an intelligence agency (probably the CIA) and/or the military and/or I against one or more people who might have been part of a group who had some unique abilities/powers/skills/whatever, I either helped and/or worked for an intelligence agency it seemed, and the battle might have been over some intelligence/some objects but I am not sure.

11-13-2012 | Dream Fragments | Dreaming/Thinking About Homeland Again

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Once again I only remember dreaming and thinking about the TV show Homeland again.

I finished catching up with the rest of season two last night before I went to bed, and so it took me about four days to watch all the series that was made so far.

Once again I can not remember the specifics of what I dreamed and thought about, but I know it was related to what has gone on in the series, mostly things that happened so far in season two again.

Born Again?

My last dream last night was an interesting and odd dream with several short dream scenes that jumped from one scene to another.

I think the dream started with SS’s friend NC, one of my former high school classmates JH, and me driving somewhere.

I had a nice black car that looked almost like a Ford Mustang, JH & NC seemed to be ready to go party or something; they were joking around, singing songs, and talking about interesting memories.

We arrived at a parking lot of some unknown place and as we were getting out of the car, somehow a lot of sand filled the bottom floor of my car, so I told them to go inside the unknown place; while I removed the sand out of my car.

As I was cleaning my car, the dream jumped to another dream scene, and in this scene I was in an apartment or dorm; it was a nice, strong, simple, and modern looking apartment or dorm.

I was walking up some stairs, so I guess I was just getting back from wherever I had taken JH & NC, there was a window on the floor that I was on; near the stairs, so I stopped to look out of it.

As I was doing that I heard JH flirting with a woman, using his usual comedian skills with a woman who was slightly older than us, the woman looked somewhat like a more dynamic (whatever that means 😀 ) Claire Danes with darker hair.

She seemed to know JH and she was making sure that JH was okay after spending some time in jail for some crimes that he had committed in real life, and she told him that she knew comedian types like him, sometimes had a darker side; but she hoped that he would stay positive & never commit those crimes again.

She told him goodbye and JH then saw me, and came over to talk to me.

He was in a good mood & started to joke around, and told me about a fight that happened in his college class earlier that day.

JH then left and I decided to go talk to the woman that he had talked to, and for some reason I was not nervous, it was like I knew her or something.

I knocked on the door to her apartment or dorm and she answered the door, she asked me what I wanted with a straight face & she sounded annoyed; but I knew she was pretending hoping that would make me leave, so I told her that I just wanted to talk.

She said that we could talk for a few minutes so she let me in, I am not sure but I think she had one or two kids and they were sleep, but I could be wrong.

I seemed to be interested in this woman and the time that we talked she was rushing me and trying to pretend to be in a bad mood, I think the father of her kid or kids had probably left them before the kids were born, and so now she was very skeptical about any man who showed an interest in her; so she would play hard to get, to see if they are serious or not.

We talked shortly and then she started to walk to the door so that I would leave, and I asked her if we could talk again tomorrow & she said maybe; and she closed the door.

I then walked up the hallway and noticed a room with the door open, and inside was a slightly younger version of my mom sitting on a bed; so I went to talk to her.

On the bed my mom had several pictures of me when I was a kid, but oddly, about two of the pictures were not pictures at all; but were actually hand-sized dolls with a picture of my face on each of them, I found that odd, but interesting.

But this is where things get really odd, besides the few pictures and the few dolls with a picture of my face on them, there were two or three things that appeared to be my actually body when I was a kid; they were shrunken and preserved. (Now that is freaky)

The hair looked real, the skin, and the eyes; I asked my mom if they were dolls, and she said no.

I was starting to really get confused and I asked my mom if those were my real bodies from when I was a kid, and she said yes.

I asked her how was that possible, but she did not reply, and then I said that did not make sense.

How could there be several bodies of myself when I was a kid, and I am still alive now with a different body?

How could there have been several versions of me, did each of them die?

Were they supposed to be my twin brothers that died or something, and I did not know about them?

My mom did not answer that question directly but she said something which was confusing, and I forgot exactly what she said; I think she said something like some people believe(d) that it was possible for us to be born several times, but I interrupted her and I asked her if that meant that I was born & died several times as a kid, but she said no.

I told her that did not make any sense, and I asked her if she had any other kids before I was born, she did not answer the question directly, but then she told me something that she had told me in another dream.

I do not remember which dream she told me this in but in the dream we both remembered that she had told me this before in a dream, she said that before she married my dad, she never had any other serious relationships with any other man.

I was confused and really wondered what was going on, if those were several bodies of myself, who am I really?

Am I a clone?

How many times have I been born and died?

Am I even human?

Or could those really have just been dolls?

I really had no idea what to think.

The dream then switched to another dream scene that took place on another floor of this building, Charlotte Gainsbourg was walking in the hallway to a room, and in the room was her sister I think.

Mrs. Gainsbourg was very sad and started crying and apologizing to her sister about things she had done and/or not done for her sister & the rest of the family, I think.

The sister kept trying to calm her down and tell her that she had nothing to apologize for, but Mrs. Gainsbourg kept crying harder than I ever seen anyone cry, while talking about the many bad things she did and/or the good things that she did not do.

Then the dream switched to another dream scene with some of my brothers and I driving in my automobile on some unknown highway, and I was lost and going in the wrong direction.

I stopped at a place near a bridge-like area that had what appeared to be a rest stop with a train track connected to it, except they were on the second floor so you had to use the stairs to reach them.

We went up the stairs and the inside was like a bus or a train with seats on the left & the right, and a walkway in the middle.

In the back on the left side was a men’s bathroom and on the right side was a women’s bathroom, so I went to the men’s bathroom.

To my surprise the bathroom had a toilet, sink, shower, tub, couch, and a bed.

It seemed that this place was a rest stop/train pickup station, that was rarely used, because no one else was there; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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