School / College And Some Of My Family Is Part Neanderthal And The Military?

I do not feel like typing part of the only dream that I barely remember part of from last night, and so I will not waste much time.

I think that the early parts of the dream took place at E Manor and at my parent’s house, and it involved my family and my mom’s side of the family; and I know that my uncle CE was in the dream along with other family members.

The rest of the dream took place at a multi-story building that was a school or college combined with a few other things, and in various parts of the dream I was a student and I went to several classes in several different classrooms with several different teachers/professors; and I went to various parts of the building (locker areas, bathrooms, cafeterias, lobbies, et cetera), and I met various real and fictional people I knew who were my classmates.

Some parts of the dream involved the military/people in the military, like maybe my brother CC and some real and fictional family members of mine, and there were things about various family situations/problems combined with military situations/problems when the two are combined like the constant moving around and separation and effect/affect on marriages and children/kids.

Honestly most of the dream focused on family combined with various other things, and one part of the dream involved a rumor that some of my family and I possibly were part Neanderthal; and I remember wanting to find out if this was true or not, there were conversations about this, and hopes of getting evidence of this.

I thought that it was possible because possibly a small part of the world population are part Neanderthal, I thought that if this was true that it would be interesting, and I wanted to learn more about this and if it was true or not.

The last part of the dream possibly involved me riding an elevator to an underground part of the building to meet a fictional male family member of mine who was in the military because I wanted to talk to him about various things, he was very paranoid, and he held me at gunpoint as he checked me for weapons while questioning me; and eventually he started to trust me enough to talk, and then he allowed some other fictional family members to come to join the conversation but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

School Dreams With A Bit Of French

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is one dream or two dreams, I will assume that it is two dreams, either way I barely remember these two dreams from last night; and I had another dream that I had remembered when I woke up to use the bathroom but I went back to sleep without recording it, and so I forgot it.

Both dreams took place in a fictional school that is sometimes in my dreams that seems to be inspired by P Elementary School & D High School & a fictional school, in the first dream I was a student and a new school year had started possibly, and so I went several classes for the first time seeing my new teachers & learning about their classes & about what things we needed/needed to do for their classes; and one of my teachers was a short woman with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair who looked like my temporary English teacher back when I was in either 11th or 10th grade.

Her classroom was on the far right side of the school where you had to walk down a long vertical hall(way) until you reached several horizontal halls, and her classroom was on the first horizontal hall on the right side of the hall & it was one of the first classrooms on the right side of the hall.

I can not remember the details of any of my other classes in the dream except for a few details of this class, I know that there were other students in each of my classes, and in this class our teacher mentioned a project & something that we would need for this project; and I did not have something that was needed for this project, and so after class I was going to try to find the object that I needed to do my project.

As I was walking down the hall I saw my dad, who was working for the School Board, and I told him about the object that I needed for my project; and he said that he would try to find me the object, and he left.

A few minutes later in the dream my dad told me that one of the janitors gave him a key and said that he could use it to come into the school after school (since the school day was over now), and that he could search the school to see if he could find the object around somewhere since there were probably some old ones around that no one needed/used anymore; but I told my dad that did not sound like a good idea because the alarm system would probably be on & the police might come to arrest us, and so I told him to talk to the principal about it even though the janitor said that it was okay but my dad kept telling me not to worry & I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream took place in a classroom where I was sitting in a desk with other adults, and at some point on my row I noticed an older woman with whitish colored skin who had blondish colored hair who I recognized as a financially rich woman but I am not sure who she was but she slightly reminded me of Ivana Trump and/or one or more women similar to her that I have seen on TV, and I went to greet her; and we started talking.

Surprisingly we got along well and we had a good conversation talking about various topics, and at some point an older man wearing a suit sitting in the row to the left of us interrupted our conversation; and he imitated Herman Munster from the TV show The Munsters, and in this imitation he ended with French saying: “Bonjour Madame!” as he greeted the older woman.

I then responded in French (I can not spell very good in French so expect errors & English in the conversations below): “La Francias! Très bien Monsieur!”.

The older woman responded to him in French: “Bonjour Monsieur!” , and she asked him how was he doing (in French) but it was clear that he did not know much French except for Bonjour & Madame; and so he could not answer the question, and so I answered the question for him.

The older woman then asked me if I knew French (in French), and I told her that I knew a bit of French but not very well (in French); and then I asked her if she knew French (in French), and she responded that yes she knew some French but not well (in French).

We then started to a short conversation using the bit of French that we did know, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Class About UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty good again and forgot most of my dreams, but I do remember part of one dream that took place at a fictional college during the day.

I am not sure if it was the beginning of the semester or not but I do know that I was a student, and I went to several classes during the dream; and there were different areas of the college that I went to.

One area was like the upper-floor of my former high school and I remember having a class with one of my former classmates EC, and I remember going to the bathroom in the dream where I had a common bathroom dream theme take place but I can not remember what happened exactly; but I do know that it involved some of my former classmates like BJ (MP), MJ, maybe MW, TC, and maybe a few others who came into the bathroom.

In my class that had EC in it, I think that he stole something from me or tried to steal something from me for fun, which is something he used to do/practice for fun in real life when we were in school; he was pretty good at stealing stuff. 😀

I know that I went to several classes in different areas, but I can not remember most of the details other than that I know that one of my teachers was a woman with brownish colored skin with shoulder length black colored hair.

At some point in the dream I looked at my class schedule and I had signed up for an interesting class on/about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), and I was surprised that a class was offered on/about that topic; and so I decided to take that class, and it was located outside in a strange area compared to the rest of my classes.

I remember walking outside to the outskirts of the school near a bridge where there was a small opening for/to a cave that you could barely see unless you walked and closely examined the area, in fact I did not see it at first since it was well hidden, and I think that there was a sticker on the outside of the cave opening that let you know the number for the classroom which matched the number on my class schedule.

I slowly ducked (since the opening was not very high) and I entered the cave opening which was a bit dark, and I saw some sharp crystal-like formations that seemed to form a wall blocking further access into the cave; and so I went back outside confused and I decided to wait for the teacher.

Slowly other students arrived and some of them glanced in the cave and then came back outside to wait for the teacher with me, we all were confused and wondered if this was the correct place or not, and after a long wait the teacher finally arrived; and the teacher looked a bit like my Biology 101 teacher from college, she had short somewhat dark blondish colored hair with glasses wearing a men’s long-sleeve button shirt tucked into men’s pants with a dark-colored belt wearing maybe even men’s shoes.

Our teacher apologized for being late and she showed us how to enter the cave properly, there was a way around the sharp crystal-like wall, but it was hard to see it since it was a bit dark; and she led us on the correct path to enter the classroom. *This entire sentence seems/sounds symbolic to me and if so I have my idea of what it might mean 😉 *

The cave was divided into several parts: the entrance area with the sharp crystal-like wall, maybe a small traditional classroom area with desks and a chalk/marker board, and there were two or three areas next to/connected to the left & right & maybe back side of the traditional classroom; I think that one of these rooms was a stadium style classroom, one might have been a more open room, and I can not remember the third room.

I know that this cave was pretty amazing and I remember being surprised and wanting to explore it, our teacher gave us a brief tour, and then we started class.

Our teacher started teaching in the style of my former Biology 101 teacher from college by standing in front of the class lecturing while writing and/or showing things on the board, pointing out things in our book to read/write down/remember, asking questions, answering questions, and being pretty professional in her presentation.

She was not treating the UFO topic like a joke and she was presenting it in a neutral/professional/factual way, and she started with factually recorded information in history involving UFOs.

We started with the facts, not the unknowns, and I remember being surprised how professional this class seemed to be so far; because I was expecting us to mostly be trying to guess the unknowns.

Starting with the facts would be a bit more boring, but still interesting if you are interested in the topic; and it would allow you to build your knowledge of the facts first, before even attempting to explore the unknowns.

I was glad that I picked this class and I still wanted to explore the cave once class was over, and I probably even felt like living there since it felt secure/cool/private/et cetera; and my class had a variety of interesting people, even though it was a smaller class than average, and I like smaller classes so that was a good thing.

I can not remember what all we learned, talked about, asked the teacher during class; but I know that there was more to this dream learned and more shared about the cave and the teacher shared some interesting things with us before and/or after class and/or during class, but I forgot those details unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

The Education Center Dream Fragment

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember parts of my last dream, which started in D in the BB parking lot.

For some reason some government agents and/or the military were after me & someone else, I think it had something to do with some small artifact I found.

The other man that they were after appeared to be a spaceman and he led me to a small spaceship in the open area next to the parking lot.

Some soldiers started shooting at us, but the spaceship that we were in teleported to the elementary parking lot.

I woke up some time later, teleporting seemed to have knocked me unconscious, the spaceman led me to a group of woman who were standing in the parking lot.

Most of them were about my age, but a few were older and appeared to be teachers, they greeted us.

I think the spaceman said that I would be safe with them and then he left in his spaceship, and then two of the woman who seemed to be in charge brought me a paper.

They said something about this being an education center or something, and they taught people here a variety of things for either free, a low price, or you would pay them back in some way in the future.

They tried to teach a balance of different subjects and they had a high success rate, they had already picked which classes that they recommended that I take.

On the paper I saw they had put a musical instrument class, a class on several religions including Christianity/Hinduism/Maybe A Few Others, other standard high school/college classes, and she even noted that I wanted to learn another language & somehow she knew that French was my top choice; even though I had not told them about that before.

I heard them mention uniforms and I think they had simple uniforms that were a combination of Eastern & Western style clothing, I think they even gave me a uniform that was folded up in plastic along with my schedule of classes, and I told them that I would look at it & think about it; they said that I could start tomorrow and then I walked to my parent’s house.

I told my mom and showed her the stuff they had given me, I think she had already talked to one of the women on the phone already, and she started to talk about the uniforms.

Next, I remember walking toward the library and in a fictional field where the volleyball court should be, I saw a building that was under construction, and some other people who were also from Eastside were working there.

As I passed by one of the women were complaining about her job and quit, and I thought about asking if they wanted to hire someone else for the job, but I decided to wait until I make a decision about the education center situation; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

High School Again And College Dream Fragments

File:We Rule the School.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember a bit of three different dreams.

One dream was about me being in high school again, in all three dreams I did not see the schools but I did get to see one classroom in each dream.

The classrooms were not normal looking classrooms except for the one in my first dream, but I do not remember what it looked like.

All I remember is being in a classroom and I had the strange feeling I was back in high school again, I was wondering why am I in high school when I already finished it?

Also I was wondering how am I in high school again at my current age?

I had a piece of paper that said something about I did not take enough classes back when I graduated from high school, so I had to take a few more classes to really graduate or something like that.

Then my dream switched to what seemed like a college dream, my English teacher from college was teaching a class that seemed like a Math class.

I was in the class, but I did not understand what he was talking about because it seemed like a hard Math problem or something.

I actually sat in the class listening and writing stuff down I think, which is very rare for one of my school dreams, because usually I am just walking around a school or trying to find my class.

After class I was thinking about something, but I do not remember what it was so I went to the next class or it switched to the next day.

This time the classroom looked more like a living room, the teacher was not there yet so I sat down.

I noticed that two of my cousins were there, in real life both have never been to college.

I started to talk to them about what they were doing in college and stuff, but I do not remember what they said.

A substitute teacher came because the real teacher was sick or something, I could not understand any thing the teacher was saying because I guess I missed the class last time or something.

The dream switched to another dream about high school I guess, our class was outside in a field a couple of streets from my house.

It was night-time and looked like it might rain, and there were walls, a door, but no roof.

Our teacher was a cook from the Food Network.

I think she was supposed to be teaching us English, but she was just talking about food and everyone was having a good time talking so she ordered pizza.

The pizza man who brought the pizza knew the teachers name and seemed to know her, so I guess she orders pizza all the time.

The dream changed to another dream that took place in a parking lot close to Dollar General, I can not remember much about this dream except the end.

I was by a building and a big truck stopped to deliver some stuff for the building except no one was there, so I helped the man unload some big metal things off the truck.

Then I woke up.

Then end,
-John Jr

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