Being Tested With Tests And Going Through Short Versions Of All Grades Of School Again

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was shelving items on a shelf like I do at my shelver job at The B Parish Library, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe something and/or someone had my former classmates and I going through a series of short tests (whatever) as we probably worked our way through super short test versions of maybe every grade of public school starting from either preschool or kindergarten or first grade.

I am not sure who are what was testing us and for what purpose(s), but I assume that this dream was partly inspired by this Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks YouTube video called “MIT, Cereal, And Human Experimentation” that I watched yesterday:

My memory of this dream is unclear so all that I can remember is mostly being outside in a field with my former classmates during maybe an unclear day, I remember each of us having a shelf or part of a shelf, and we had to put the items on our shelves or parts of shelves in order like I do at my shelver job at The B Parish Library.

I am not sure when this happened but I remember us moving to another part of the field where there were tables and chairs after we finished a test and/or grade of school, and there was pizza and calzones (I did not know about these at first) for us to eat.

I remember talking with some of my former classmates like my former male classmate AM, eventually my former male classmate JF told me that there were calzones too and he gave me a calzone that was in a pizza box by him, and I thanked him.

There was pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza, and maybe pepperoni and sausage pizza including deep-dish pizzas.

We enjoyed this break and reward, after we finished it was time for us to move to the next test or grade of school (maybe second or third grade), and many of us raced across the field as a competition and/or part of a test to see who could get there first.

I remember my former male classmate KW being one of the people I talked to during the race, we got there after some other former classmates, and I was surprised that they beat us there.

We all had to line up in lines, so we did, and eventually we walked into a fictional version of maybe C Elementary into classrooms or a classroom to maybe have a short lecture and/or to take a test.

I assume that if you pass the test you would pass this grade and move on, this is what we probably had to do for each grade of school, and maybe after passing there would be another test outside and/or a break and/or reward.

I remember us sitting at desks waiting for the class and/or test to start, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Unexpected Guests

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Unexpected Guests, and the question was:

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.


Mass Effect 3 Combined With Several Dreams Again With A Teacher Who Looks Like Sarah Palin

I forgot most of my dreams again last night but I know that the video game Mass Effect 3 was combined with them again, but this time instead of switching back & forth between to different dream worlds; everything probably took place in one dream world, where the Mass Effect 3 parts did not disrupt the dreams much or at all really.

Dream 1

One of the dreams involved me being in school and our class was in a Walmart-like store near where the sewing section and the sporting goods section usually are, but I can not remember the details of this dream; but I know that I had one or more classes over a period of time there with other students who were fictional and some were former classmates of mine, with possible memories from past classes in this same school/class/area.


My Former Classmate CW And Triple H And A School By A Store

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I almost forgot all of my dreams due to interruptions, but I barely remember part of one dream that took place during the day in a fictional city.

I was with some of my former classmates and Triple H, CW was one of the former classmates, and we were preparing for a first day of school/college.

We probably went shopping at a Walmart-like store and then we visited the area where the school was at, which was near the Walmart-like store, and there was a fairground-like area or something there as well.

We scheduled our classes and/or got our schedules and at some point it was time for school to start, and something happened that made most of the group of my former classmates & Triple H mad at me; but I can not remember what happened, but I know that it was a misunderstanding.

I went to one or more classes until it was time to go to a class that might have been a History class, and our teacher was a very old woman; and most of the group of my former classmates & Triple H were also in this class, and they tried to ignore me & they made angry faces at me & said angry things to me/about me.

The teacher was very boring, she talked very slow, she talked very low, and you could barely understand her.

She had whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and she wore classes, and she looked very old; I was surprised that she was still teaching at such an old age.

I tried to get the others to stop being mad at me and explain that there was just a simple mis-understanding, but they would not listen; and so I gave up trying to convince them mostly.

After class I thought about going to change to a new teacher since I did not feel that I would learn much in the very old teacher’s class, but I woke up as I was thinking about it.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Anchorage Or Something / Someone Like That?

I only remember unclear fragments from my dreams last night and the order of the dreams are not clear, so I will just type them as I remember them.

Dream 1

One dream fragment took place inside of a building I think or it could have been outside, I am not sure, but I remember being on roof-top-like areas maybe in an outdoor-like area in the building; and I remember jumping around and/or working with some other people, and something happened that I can not remember.