A Work Convention / Camp? | A Race With Politicians & A Celebrity Towing

Dream 1

This dream involved some kind of convention or camp or something that I was at along with some of my coworkers from The BP Library, some of my former classmates, some of my former schoolmates, and some other people.

To me it felt like this was part of some kind of work trip or something, it seemed work related, but I am not sure.

Moving Into A New House | Game Of Thrones Predictions (Possibilities)

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day and my family and I were moving to a new house, I think that it was an one-story house with no fence that was very close to another one-story house with no fence, and there was probably an alley behind the house with other houses on both sides of the alley.

I remember helping moving stuff into the new house, and I noticed that the other house was so close that neither of us would have much privacy and we both had small yards.

At some point I remember being inside a one-story school-like building which was magically near our house now or was inside the house next door, there was a hall with several doors that led to separate classrooms, and there were probably several classes taking place.

I went inside one of these classes full of people, I can not remember the details but I remember leaving it as the class became more like a Christian church service taking place and there was happy music being played and sang and clapped and danced to, and I remember being in the hall with other people as we still heard the music and noise.

I eventually went back outside and to the yard of my family’s new house, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by last night’s episode of the television series Game Of Thrones, and it was focused on me thinking about several possibilities and making predictions of what might happen next on the television show probably mostly involving Daenerys Targaryen and Yara Greyjoy and the rest of the Ironborn.

I can not remember most of the possibilities and predictions that I thought up, but I do remember one which involved Yara Greyjoy her brother Theon and the Ironborn who escaped with her sailing to Daenerys Targaryen to offer to build her ships and ally with her to defeat her uncle so that Yara can become queen of the Ironborn and then help Daenerys take the Iron Throne; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Mercenary Training Camp

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside a multi-story windowless school building where I was a student with a class of other students, including a few of my former classmates like my former male classmate BM, and our teacher was a man with white skin.

I remember my class walking to move to another classroom on an upper floor, at some point we reached a classroom but we possibly got separated from our teacher and/or part of the class, and we were not sure if we were in the correct classroom or not.

I remember us talking and waiting until some of us decided to investigate so I left to find our teacher and/or the rest of the class and/or the correct classroom, and I remember walking into another classroom of students where I met a few of my former classmates like maybe my former female classmates PP and SM.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more before, during, and after this.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day and I was attending a mercenary training camp for some unknown or forgotten reason(s), the mercenary training camp offered at least three different levels of the camp with each level having a certain name and being taught or led by a certain instructor whose names were written on the sign that I was reading next to the names of each level of the camp, and I assume that the three levels were basic and intermediate and advanced but those were my guesses because the names were more like code-names.

There were a variety of people there outside and inside several buildings but I do not remember seeing any women but I could be wrong, some had mercenary and/or police and/or military and/or security et cetera experience, but some of us did not.

This training camp was probably very condensed but probably got longer as the levels rose and was probably focused on quickly getting rid of the people not fit for mercenary life, and so the basic course was mostly tests it seemed.

It seemed that most people did not make it through each level so finishing each level was a rare thing and finishing all the levels would gain you a lot of respect and look good on your résumé and would increase your chances of getting jobs, and the training got more dangerous each level so some people would get hurt and killed at increasing rates each level.

The basic level instructor that I remember was a man with white skin who seemed to be a former special forces soldier, one of the first tests and questions was about if we had killed anyone or anything and how and why and we had to prove it, and maybe we had to kill someone or someone or we were tricked into thinking that we were.

They were clearly trying to let people know that the mercenary life is different and that you would need to be ready and able and willing to kill and that the normal rules and morals did not matter, and so this test caused most people to quit; but someone how I made it through probably by talking my way out of it, but I can not remember.

I can not remember the rest of the basic course or how long it was, it seemed very short and mostly focused on narrowing down to people who were ready for the next level, and somehow I finished the basic course and I signed up for and started the intermediate course which was taught or led or started by a somewhat thick man with light brown or yellow-white skin who seemed to be from an island country or Hawaii.

We started inside one of the buildings on an upper floor with some windows as the only source of light in a classroom, our first test was a mental and emotional and social et cetera test where we were to visualize a woman whose only son (child) had just died and we were to put our hands on her head as she cried about the death of her son and we were to smash-in her skull with our hands and smash-up her brains with our hands, and then after visualizing this he asked each of us several questions while watching and listening closely to each of us respond looking for reasons to fail us (being too emotional, hesitating too long, lying, et cetera).

I remember not wanting to do this and hesitating but I did this visualization exercise, which was not easy, and then I answered his questions.

I remember almost crying and my voice breaking a bit but I calmed myself, I was honest about not wanting to do it and not liking it and feeling emotional after, but that I was able to calm myself.

In my visualization I remember seeing the pain and horror and tears and sadness in the woman’s eyes as I smashed in her skull with my hands and smashed up her brains with my hands, it was terrible and I felt terrible during, and afterward.

I gave him very detailed and honest and interesting responses to his questions, he was going to fail me at first because of my emotional response but my responses interested him and he seemed to see some potential in me, and so he passed me on to the next test and exercise; but many did not pass.

The next test and exercise was outside where there was a tall wooden wall where most of us had to stand on while one person stays on the ground as each of the people on the top shoot an arrow or crossbow bolt attached to a rope or cable at the person on the ground, and the person on the ground had to catch the arrow or bolt to pass the test.

This looked very dangerous and difficult so I guess most people would probably quite, fail, get hurt, or die during this test; but I woke up as we were starting to climb to the top.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was inside a house talking with my mom and brother GC when I saw a small insect fly in front of them on the floor, it looked like a baby cockroach (roach), and so I asked my mom and my brother GC if they saw it.

I found it and it seemed to be a baby roach so I tried to kill it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was at a swimming pool during the day that looked somewhat like the MS University swimming pool, I was standing near the pool ladder/steps talking to a man who was in the water, and after talking to him I was going to swim so I walked to a bench to take off my clothes and put them on it.

I had swimming trunks on but I realized that I had several layers of T-shirts on oddly so I started removing them until I got to the last T-shirt when something happened that I can not remember, and I ended up walking to a hallway behind a door to talk with a woman.

We got attacked by a strange very aggressive rat-like animal or creäture that bit the woman on the arm, I knocked it to the ground and I stomped on its head and my foot decapitated its head, and then the man in the swimming pool and a male lifeguard with white skin ran over to see what happened.

I told them what happened and that we needed to get the woman medical attention and get her to a doctor because the rat-like creäture was probably infected with something, but I woke up as the woman was bleeding from a small bite wound on her arm.

The end,

-John Jr

Your 2014 Year In Blogging | A Multi-Purpose College Building

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream but my memory it is very unclear, and so this dream will not make much sense without all of those missing parts of the dream.

All that I can remember is being at a maybe one-story windowless carpeted somewhat dimly lit multi-purpose college building where I was a student and this building had dorm rooms (including my dorm room), classrooms, halls, a cafeteria, and more all in this one building.

This dream probably took place over a period of several days or weeks with me going to classes, going to my dorm room, going to the cafeteria, talking with other students, and more; and some of my former classmates were probably in the dream, and in the dorm room to the left of my dorm room lived a female student who liked me but I did not realize/know this.

I am not sure if I was myself or someone else during the dream or during parts of the dream and at the end of the dream I remember walking to a strange room that was deeper inside the building with the woman who liked me, a male student whose family were famous designers (probably fashion designers) but he did not seem to have much interest in fashion design or he felt that he was not good enough at it compared to the rest of his family (so they were probably ashamed of him), and an unknown man and woman with whitish colored skin who were either professors or visitors to the college maybe.

The strange room had a tall ceiling and a small stage in front of the entrance, in the middle of the room was a dark sink/hole/drop that went so far down into the ground that you could not see the end and maybe there was a bridge/middle area that you could use to walk across the room to the other side of the room, and I remember us exploring this room which felt cave-like and/or like we were underground.

At some point I remember gliding across the entire room from the wall behind the stage across the sink/hole/drop to the wall on the other side of the room like maybe I had a wingsuit or somehow I could glide oddly or maybe there was wind from the sink/hole/drop that allowed me to do this, and I remember the unknown woman and man climbing down in the sink/hole/drop; but they climbed back up on the side of the room across from the stage.

I told them that I could glide across the room and I showed them this, even in the dream this made no sense to me and so I wondered how was this possible, either way I thought that it was fun; and I remember the male student and the female student who liked me showing us a fashion design that they created together (the male student designed it and did most of the work on it, and the female student who liked me only helped a bit at the end).

It was a nice dress military-style uniform/outfit (suit, shirt, a pair of pants, and more) that was probably a dark-blueish color with golden-colored trim and buttons, it looked very good, and I remember us telling them this and telling the male student that this was a great design and that he should not be ashamed of his fashion design skills and that even his family would probably be impressed; and we encouraged him to not give up on fashion designing.

The female student who liked me became suddenly impressed with him and she gave him a big hug not letting him go, which confused him, and then she looked into his eyes and she started to feel a bit of attraction to him; and then she looked back at me like she thought that I knew that she like me, which I did not until I realized this during this moment, but that I did not like her.

It seemed that she decided to give the male student a chance and that she wanted to make me jealous/hurt me so she looked at me and she gave him a big long kiss, which shocked and confused him even more, and then she told him that she wanted to try dating him; and she asked him out, he was confused, but he decided to agree to try dating.

I congratulated them both and then I talked to her privately telling her that I did not know that she had liked me until that moment, I apologized to her for not realizing this, and I told her that she probably should have told me; but either way that I was glad that they were happy, and I wished them both well.

I remember smiling and laughing a bit to myself because this was a bit funny to me and it was a happy moment, also I probably wanted to show that her attempts to make me jealous/hurt me did not work, and then I started thinking about how did I feel about her now that I realized that she liked me; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Talking With My Dad

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember some of my last dream, which took place during the day at a slightly fictional version of the D High School, and I was walking & talking with my dad across one of the student parking lots toward where the Ag (Agriculture) building should be.

Instead of the Ag building, there were classrooms for younger kids and offices, and we went to use the bathroom; and I felt uncomfortable going into a school building without permission, but my dad told me that it was okay.

Two obese men with whitish colored skin & brownish colored hair & wearing glasses, also had to use the bathroom, but they waited on the outside of the bathroom for us to finish first; and inside of the bathroom I realized that the two men were waiting outside because, only two of the four urinals & toilets worked.

The toilets had no stalls, so my dad had no privacy as he sat on the toilet (which did not bother him at all), and I used one of the urinals as my dad talked to me across the bathroom; then we left the bathroom and the building as my dad told me about a recent argument that he had with his supervisors on his job (he talked about this for most of the dream).

He told me about it as we walked across the student parking lot to where the field house for sports should be, but there was a different building there instead; and inside the building my dad and I talked some more, and my mom might have come to talk with us as well.

There were other people (students & teachers) in the building, the building was a bit gym-like, and we might have briefly talked with one or more of my brothers who are still in school; and at some point my dad, mom, and brother(s) left.

I can not remember what happened but at some point I had a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun, which I got from someone or found, and I was going to sneak it away from the school once the last class of the day was over; probably to prevent anyone from getting hurt and/or preventing who ever had the BB gun at first from getting in trouble, I can not remember.

I think that it was a Friday and the last class of the day was taking place in the building where I was, and so I sat in with the class while the BB gun was hidden next to a book bag that I somehow had; and the class had a female teacher with blondish colored hair and whitish colored skin.

At some point the class was almost over and I think that I started trying to prepare to hide the BB gun in or near the book-bag as I held it, my plan was to walk & hide among the many students when the class ended as I left the school campus, but the teacher saw the BB gun; and she stopped to ask me about it, because she thought that it was a real gun at first.

I started explaining that it was just a BB gun, that it was not mine, and that I was only trying to get rid of it so that no one would get hurt; the bell rang for the end of classes for the day, I waited to see what the teacher was going to do or say, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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