Turning Into Wolves?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had several dreams, but I can barely remember part of one confusing dream; my memory is so unclear of the dream that it will not make much sense.

I remember the dream taking place during the day and I might have been in a fictional version of D near P Elementary at some point, but I am not sure.

At some point I came across some men and women somewhere, and I found out that some of them & probably me/I were not just Human and/or could turn into something else.

I think some of them might have been able to turn into snakes, but I could be wrong.

The others & probably me/I could turn into wolves, a few of the others might have been able to turn into something else, but I can not remember.

Each person could only turn into one thing as far as I could remember, most of them already knew about this ability, but a few of the people & I had no idea that we had this ability; and so it was a bit of a surprise to us, as they (mostly women) showed us how to turn into our other form(s).

The people who could turn into wolves, which I think included me, were mostly women; and they had a philosophy of peace & nonviolence that they were trying to teach to the other wolves and people who could change into something else.

Some of the people who could already change & some of the people who just found out that they could change were going to use violence, and so most of the women who could turn into wolves were trying to counter that with a message of peace & non-violence.

The group of women even avoided violence when possible if someone was attacking them, they would try to run or hide or talk to avoid violence when possible; but I felt that if someone is attacking you, that you have a right to defend yourself, so I somewhat disagreed with them on that point but I agreed with their overall philosophy.

Those of us who could change into other things were small in number compared to normal Humans, and maybe there was a history of us being hunted down by normal Humans but I am not sure; maybe that is why some of the group wanted to use violence, but I am not sure.

There was another man (with short black colored hair with whitish colored skin, he looked a bit like Kyle Chandler) who was in the group of people who could change into wolves and the women had not seen him in a while, he was one of the people who joined the group that supported violence, and so they tried talking with him again to get him to join the non-violent group again.

I remember practicing changing into a wolf and back into Human form a few times, and we ran out in the country up a dirt road/road & field.

We came across deers, unicorns, maybe a few snakes, et cetera in the field; many of whom were fighting over females/land/resources/et cetera.

Most of the women of our non-violent group wanted to sneak around to try to avoid the conflicts, and so we tried this in & out of wolf & Human form.

At some point we got blocked by a unicorn when we tried to sneak through their territory, they were all white, it was pretty big & it was in front of me; which was a bit scary & amazing, and I think that it jumped in the air making a noise to warn us to stay back or it would attack.

We then ran in another direction were some deer were fighting and/or some other non-Human animals were fighting, and we had to keep dodging fights/attacks/et cetera.

The other man in our group & I managed to stay non-violent, barely, and we reached the road again; and we went up a hill to an area where no fighting was happening.

Most of us probably returned to our Human form mostly during this point, and we started talking; most of the women were talking to the other man about what he has done since he left their non-violent group.

They talked about his friend, another man, who had also left the group as well; but he had not heard from him in a long time.

I remember walking with the man and a few of the women as they talked, and they came across the other man who had left their group; but he was in a wheelchair, and he looked a bit like a woman, like he had gender change surgery and/or was wearing makeup & a wig or something (he had black colored hair in a Cleopatra-like style with sloppy Cleopatra-like makeup and he had whitish colored skin).

They were surprised to see him and they started talking, I remember that a boy had followed us, and he asked if that was a man or woman; but one of the women looked at him & signaled for him to be quiet & to return to the others since the adults were trying to have a private conversation.

I thought that was a bit funny, the boy ran back to where the others were, and the conversation continued; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂