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Dream 1

This dream is possibly a forgotten dream from another night, but I am not sure.

I think that this dream took place during the day outside maybe in and / or near a forest and / or park and / or trail.


10K And Smartwatches | A Medical Examination

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream and the second dream were inspired by me watching an episode of Z Nation (Season 3) and looking at videos of budget smartwatches yesterday.

This dream involved the main characters of Z Nation, and the character 10K was wearing a smartwatch and he was talking to and showing off to some young women.

10K was talking about his smartwatch, telling stories about some of his adventures, and telling the young women some of the rules of surviving during the zombie apocalypse.

At some point the young women left with their newfound knowledge to help them survive the zombie apocalypse, but sadly they were killed by zombies.

10K found out and he felt bad about it; did his stories and rules help get them killed or did they not follow all of the rules or was it unavoidable?

He also felt bad because there was nothing that he could do, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I failed to record this dream but it possibly involved 10K again, and then me telling stories; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place at a multi-purpose building that was like a combination of a small shopping mall with cafes / restaurants and several other types of stores, a medical clinic, maybe a college, and maybe one or more places.

I seemed to be arriving there for a doctor’s appointment, the main area of the building was a shared area between all the different types of places so there were various seating areas and cafes there, and I walked by to the clinic which was just an open room like the other businesses.

The room had a table with chairs at the left of the entrance, and to the right was the examination room and everything was in one open shared room with no privacy.

There were two female employees there, they were the only people there and the doctor was not even there, and one of them was a young woman with light-color tanned skin with curly brown hair and the other was a somewhat older woman with light-color skin with maybe yellow hair.

I told them that I was there for my doctor’s appointment, maybe I signed in and maybe they said that the doctor was not there, but that they would do the examination et cetera.

We moved to the examination room, I was wearing a smartwatch and I talked with them about that and told them stories during my examination, and my examination involved questions that I had to answer and some medical tests.

After my examination I left to the main area of the building, I saw some of my coworkers and some of my former classmates talking in the seating and cafe areas, and so I walked over intending to talk with them.

I saw my female coworker JB talking to maybe my coworker Mr. JF (a few of my other coworkers were around as well, but I can not remember who), they were so focused on their conversation with serious focused facial expressions that they did not seem to notice me walking by them but I was not sure, and so I did not disturb them and I kept walking to a small partly closed area where two people were including my former male classmate BS.

I possibly greeted BS and shortly after I turned around intending to go back to talk to the two women in the clinic since my coworkers were busy with their conversation and I did not want to disturb them, I grabbed a stool along the way at some point, and when I reached the clinic the women were sitting at the table talking with a group of other people.

I paused trying to decide if I should join them or not disturb them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Coworker JB Has An Arm Injury?

I got in bed super late last night, I did not record most of my dreams and I got awakened suddenly from my last dream, I did not start typing these dreams until hours later, and so most of my dreams are forgotten now and my memory of the few dreams that I do remember part of is unclear.

Dream 1

There was a lot more to this dream, maybe something paranormal and / or supernatural along with something natural like a possible approaching natural disaster and / or something crime related and / or something else going on, but I can not remember what happened during most of this dream until this point of the dream.


A Mentally Unstable Woman Wipes Blood On My Coworker

I had several dreams that I remembered but I did not record them before going back to sleep each time, and so now I barely remember part of the end of my last dream because of that.

The dream took place over several days during the day in what I assume was a fictional city that I was staying and working in, I am not sure if I was going to college as well or not, and I was possibly staying at or near a college.

I worked at a library in the dream, like in real life, and my parents were possibly in an earlier part of the dream and maybe they told me about a nearby medical clinic that they wanted me to go to and get signed up to see a doctor / dentist / eye doctor / et cetera so I went after work I think.

I remember walking to the clinic that was on the left side of the road possibly near the college and / or where I lived, but I could be wrong.

I remember walking down a hallway to the waiting room, and I remember seeing a woman with either dark-light color skin or light-medium color skin with long dark-color hair who was somewhat nicely dressed who was walking down the hallway looking happy and was possibly saying things to people along the way.

The woman approached me and started happily talking to me as we walked toward the waiting room, she was somewhat attractive and somewhat nicely dressed and was happy, but something did not seem right about her like she was possibly mentally unstable and possibly even homeless even though she did not look like it.

I could just sense this even though the signs were not very clear, I guess there was something about her facial expressions and body language and overly happiness and talkativeness that I picked up on, and so while we talked I hoped that she would not try to ask me too many personal questions and I hoped that she would not start trying to flirt with me and I hoped that she did not become more unstable.

In the waiting room there were some female employees behind the front desk with one of them being an obese woman with dark-color skin with long black hair wearing scrubs and another was a woman with light-color skin with long light-to-medium color hair, and I possibly went to the front desk first before sitting down along the left side of the hallway at the entrance of the waiting room.

There was a man with dark-color skin who I recognized from the city of D so I briefly talked with him before the possibly mentally unstable woman sat down by me to continue talking to me, there was a chance that she was possibly interested in me, but I was not sure as she talked to me.

I hoped to not reveal too much about myself as we talked, fortunately the employees said that it was time for the clinic to close for the day so we would have to return tomorrow, and so that saved me from my conversation with the woman.

The next day or whenever when I was at work at the library, a fictional female coworker of mine told me about something that happened to her at the same building that the clinic was in, and she told me that while walking maybe from the clinic after getting a wound checked a woman approached her and started talking to her.

How she described the woman it sounded exactly like the woman who talked to me, she said that the woman possibly got mad at something she had said but it was not clear, and that before they went their separate ways the woman wiped some of her own blood on my coworker’s wound and said something that to me implied that she was trying to infect my coworker with something (maybe HIV / AIDS) and she walked away.

I asked my coworker to describe the woman and it sounded like we both met the same probably mentally unstable woman, and I told my coworker that she should return to the clinic now to get that wound checked and to tell her doctor about what happened to get herself checked for any infections and to take preventative steps if necessary to prevent an infection from that so my coworker possibly left to the clinic to do this.

After work I returned to the clinic hoping to not see the woman again and I realized that I had my work name tag on and I wondered if I had it on previously when the woman talked to me and I hoped that I did not have it on then, as I walked through the building I heard some employees talking about a mentally unstable homeless woman who is there every day causing problems, and they said that she had done several things and they had to deal with her and call security several times and they were looking for her again.

Fortunately the woman was not in the waiting room, I went to the front desk and then I sat down, and eventually I learned that there were numbers to pull to know when it is your turn so I went to pull a number.

I asked the female employee at the front desk if they had a doctor, dentist, and eye doctor and she said yes and they had discounted rates and they accepted my government insurance so I planned on coming here for all my medical needs.

I woke up while I waited in the waiting room.

The end,

-John Jr