The Fourth Kind

What is it?

The 2009 American mystery science fiction psychological thriller movie The Fourth Kind.

The 4th Kind Official Trailer #1 – Will Patton Movie (2009) HD

This is how The IMDb describes this movie:

A thriller involving an ongoing unsolved mystery in Alaska, where one town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances during the past 40 years and there are accusations of a federal cover up.


A Tall Humanoid Entity / Alien In A Field Dream?

Source: Wikipedia

*This is a very old unclear dream(?) from many years ago & my memory of it is not very clear, but I will do my best to put the pieces together and/or guess what happened*

I am not sure if I wrote about this before, but I just thought about an old dream(?) from many years ago.

I was either a kid and I had this dream(?) or I was a teenager/or slightly younger and I dreamed(?) that I was a kid again or something, but I am not sure which of these is correct, since/because this is an old unclear dream(?).

I remember being a kid, it was during the night at my parent’s house, and I remember going into the living room; I am not sure if I had awakened out of bed or if I was already awake.

I remember looking out of a window in the living room, but I am not sure why I decided to look out of the window, and it was a very dark & foggy night, I think.

I think I saw something either land and/or it was already in the field near my parent’s house, it was somewhat hidden by the trees & fog, and I might have seen a light or something on it, but I am not sure; and I am not sure if I heard any sounds, I probably did not.

I remember going to wake my dad (my mom was sleep and/or stayed in bed) up to tell him that something either had landed and/or was in the field near our house or my dad was already up & I told him, and my dad came into the living room to look out of the window to see what I was talking about; and I think that he saw it/the thing too, and so he decided to walk outside through the alley that led to the field, to see what it was.

I remember my dad telling me to stay inside and so I watched from the screen-door, which was foggy from the cool night air & fog, and I watched as my dad walked out of the yard & into the alley.

I noticed a humanoid being/alien (I am using the word alien here since/because it did not look human & it looked somewhat like a tall Grey-like / type alien) standing near the thing (which was probably a spaceship) that had landed and/or was in the field mostly hidden by the trees, fog, and darkness; and I remember wanting to warn my dad about the being/alien that I saw, but I can not remember if I tried to warn him or not. (I think that I felt a bit afraid and/or paralyzed and/or that my dad would not be able to hear me from inside the house and/or that it was like everything was quiet in the area like something was blocking out noise/sound & that I could not yell/scream, but I am not sure).

I was far away inside the house trying to see through a/the foggy screen-door during a dark & foggy night but I think that I remember seeing that the humanoid being/alien was tall & thin (probably at least 6 foot or taller), I am not sure if it had clothes on or not (probably not), it probably was an odd peach-like color (I am not sure what color would properly describe it) and/or a strange color(s), it probably had two thin long arms & two thin long legs, it had an odd-shaped head, it probably had two large solid colored eyes that might have been black, it had no hair, and I am not sure about the rest. (It probably looked somewhat like an alien in the 1989 film Communion, which I have never seen yet, but I have seen a clip from the film this year for the first time & I plan on watching it one day soon.)

I remember my dad walking through the alley in a zombie-like way at some point, it was like the being/alien was now controlling him and/or it had him in a trance-like state or something; and the being/alien was standing there waiting on my dad, and it might have even reached out one of its hand, like it was pulling/moving my dad forward/toward it and/or beckoning him.

I then noticed that my uncle CE, who lived on the street on the other side of the field, was walking through the alley toward the field too (probably to see what was going on); and as he got into the alley I noticed that he was now walking in a zombie-like way, like how my dad was now walking, like the being/alien had both of them under control and/or in a trance-like state.

I once again remember wanting to help and/or warn them but either I was too afraid and/or I was paralyzed and/or I could not yell/scream and/or something seemed to be blocking out noise/sounds in the area, but I am not sure.

I just remember standing there looking out of the screen-door watching my dad & my uncle CE walking zombie-like toward the being/alien that was standing near the thing (which probably was a spaceship or something that had either landed and/or was there somewhat hidden by the trees, fog, and darkness).

I am not sure if I woke up or if I lost consciousness or what happened next; that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂