Watching Reality Television With My Mom

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams that I remembered, but I only recorded part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream involved me and my mom watching television, we saw the very end of what looked like a Christmas special for the reality television show Chrisley Knows Best, and then another reality television show started playing.

The second reality television show said that it was trying to be more diverse, and it described itself as: “a reality television show following a neighborhood of middle class mostly white fathers with black children.” (their words not mine).

After the second reality television show somehow me and my mom were in another state with the film crew of a third reality television show, we were in a nice quiet upper class neighborhood right outside the city by a lake / river, and we were at the home of a homosexual male couple (one with dark-color skin and the other with light-color skin) who had a baby boy with dark or medium-color skin (who was not their biological child, the baby boy was adopted, and the baby boy was possibly a family member of mine but I can not remember).

This third reality television show was going to follow the homosexual male couple and their adopted baby boy, me and my mom and the film crew seemed to be there to interview them and get a tour of the house / property and get things ready for filming or something, and so we talked with them and we got a tour of their nice house that had a patio / porch / dock around most of the house that was over the water with a nice view of the downtown area of the city in the distance.

The house had a more open design with doorless bedrooms et cetera, which my mom falsely assumed that I liked, and outside they only had a few neighbors and the view outside was nice except the water level was lower than normal in the lake / river that went all the way to the city.

But I probably woke up when we were enjoying the outside.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I went to work at The BP Library, somehow I ended up outside and I walked to where the model house should be, and some patrons and my coworker Mr. CF were there.

I help the patrons with something and then as we are all walking away Mr. CF finally sees me, and he walks over and greets me and he partly jokes about being sore and needing help walking so he had me help him walk briefly by me crossing my right arm with his left arm.

Mr. CF then starts squeezing my arm as a joke and we have a brief arm wrestling-like match I guess you could say for fun, and then we laugh and walk our separate ways back to the library.

Inside the library I do not remember shelving or even meeting most of my coworkers in the shelving department, and I went to a fictional room that looked like the bedroom at The E House that my aunt ME likes to use but the room was bigger.

In this room was a patron with children, this patron possibly left and me and my female coworker CR briefly babysat / babysit the children until their mother who was a thin woman with dark-color skin arrived, and then I started talking with CR.

I probably told CR that she kind of looks like the character Roberta Warren from the television show Z Nation, she then tells me that it is after 1:00 PM, and I look at the time to see that it is 1:10 PM so I should be clocked out and gone home now if this was the correct day.

The room had a twin size bed on the left, the bed that is usually there, a closet, a computer desk with a desktop computer near the twin size bed, and so I went to log in on the computer to check my hours and clock out but someone else was logged in.

I eventually logged them out and I went to log in but I got distracted, and when I returned my log in / desktop looked like Windows XP instead CentOS oddly.

On the twin size bed I noticed some of my clothes and clothes hangers oddly, and so I picked them up.

Next to them I noticed some very thin metal hangers with a thin metal string, CR wanted me to straighten them so I did, and then I gave her one of my good metal hangers and I recommended that she try it and get those from now on instead because they are much better and more durable; and I told her about them and where to get them.

I then said goodbye and thank you, and I walked away with my stuff so that I could find another computer to log in to so that I could check my hours, clock out, and maybe get a supervisor to adjust my time if necessary but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Bicycle Turns Into A Clothes Hanger?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember some of the end of my last dream, which took place in a fictional version of D during the day, and I was leaving somewhere riding on a bicycle near where SW is.

Across the street where a bank should be, there was a river or body of water with a walkway going down toward the river or body of water, and so I rode my bike down the walkway; but something happened, and I fell over the rail on the walkway with my bike.

Fortunately there was some concrete on the other side of the rail, which prevented me & my bicycle from falling into the river or body of water, and so then I had to struggle to pull myself & my bicycle back over the rail & on the walkway.

Once back on the walkway, I turned to look around while I had one hand on my bicycle, but when I turned back around my bicycle was gone; and in my hand was a reddish colored clothes hanger. 😀

I was confused and I looked around for my bicycle, but it was nowhere to be seen, and so then I started to check the clothes hanger; and then I tried to make sense of the situation, but I still did not realize that I was dreaming.

I wondered if someone had stolen it, but that did not seem likely, and I did not see anyone around that could have stolen it.

It did not fall into the river or body of water and I did not see it anywhere, even though I was still holding it when I turned to look away for a few seconds.

I then wondered if the bicycle had somehow turned into a clothes hanger, which made no sense, but I started trying to see if I could ride the clothes hanger and/or turn it back into a bicycle; but obviously that failed. 😀

After failing to make sense of the situation, I decided to just walk home, and so I started to walk down the sidewalk until I reached downtown D; and I saw some of my former classmates like KW, and some older former classmates of mine playing basketball.

I stopped to play basketball with them and I remember trying to figure out ways to avoid having my shots blocked, and I remember us having a lot of fun; but then I woke up.

I had more dreams, but I can not remember them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂