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English: Mammatus formation clouds - St. Albans, England
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Dream 1

This dream felt a bit futuristic and maybe Dead Space-like / Alien-like, basically science fiction horror thriller-like, and my mom or another woman and I were in this dream.

Dead Space: Downfall
Alien | Modern Trailer | HBO Max

We each had a pistol, I am not sure if the pistols were futuristic or not, and we were sneaking through a building clearing it from creatures / threats.

I can not remember what the creatures / threats were, I think that they were small, but I am not sure.


An Experimental NASA Spacecraft Crashes On Eastside | Several Versions Of My Aunt JE?

I woke up at least once during the night to use the bathroom, but I did not voice record my dreams before going back to sleep.

Furthermore, I slept, and I dreamed very deeply last night, and so I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The image above is not the experimental NASA spacecraft that I saw in my dream and the one in my dream looked different, but this is the closest image that I could find.

Anyway I can not remember most of the dream, the dream took place during a nice sunny day with nice clouds, and I was standing in my parents’ yard near the basketball goals looking at the nice sky.


Strange Things Happening In The Sky & Barriers & Blanket?

Last night I / my brain mostly had semi-dreams / thoughts / semi-daydreams / maybe a dream / et cetera of / playing the video game Saints Row: The Third, and I thought that I might not have a dream or not remember a dream by the next morning.

At some point I did have a dream or at least I remember part of a dream, but I barely remember part of it; and so it is very unclear and it does not make much sense.


6-5-2011 | Dream Fragment | The Young Shepherdess Speaks

The Young Shepherdess (1885)

Lazy Overview:

Last night I only remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place with me being on vacation with my family in some fictional city in the daytime, walking away from our hotel.

I remember my mom made a comment about how beautiful the clouds in the sky were, and how they were moving oddly; I noticed a cloud move oddly and then it went back to its original state.

I noticed a few other odd clouds moving and as we crossed a bridge, I noticed some of the clouds began to change to storm-like clouds and the weather began to change very rapidly, with rain and the wind blowing very hard.

My dad and brothers started trying to run back to the hotel, and my mother and I got hit by a wave of water from the small river under the bridge, but I managed to grab my mom and we did not fall into the river.

My mom and I started moving past the bridge as everything started to flood, waves of water thrashed, the wind blew, rain, etc.

The water level got high so quick that by the time we reached my dad & brothers, we all were floating in the water, we had to hold on to each other and try to swim through the current; toward the hotel, it was chaotic.

I helped hold one of my brother above the water, because he kept sinking, and we quickly reached the hotel; we then went to the upper floor, and other people were there in shock and taking cover.

We had no idea what was going on, I remember a woman and her daughters sitting on the floor crying, while others were silently sitting on the floor of the hallway.

I decided that we should start gathering supplies and securing the building, and creating security teams to patrol through the day, among other things; but I woke up.

My second dream took place in the daytime in a fictional part of a city that was somewhat like my birth-town, next to the Wal-Mart parking lot, and I was going to this roof-like area on the second floor of a building; that somewhat reminded me of the apartment for the dream before this, but a lot smaller.

I opened a door and there was a small ladder that led to a small roof-like area, and I saw an almost life-sized painting of The Young Shepherdess on this small wall-like area near the edge of the building; I stopped to look at it from a distance and thought that was interesting that my favorite painting was there, but then I noticed the painting moved.

The Shepherdess leaned forward with her face pointed down so I could not see her face, which I found odd, and then she seemed to be reaching out her hand toward me; like she needed help getting out of the painting or something.

I stood in the doorway of the building still and asked if she needed help, but she did not respond, so I reached out my hand toward her from a distance; we both seemed to move in slow motion or something and had a hard time moving.

I slowly made my way closer to her, but it was hard, I had to struggle a bit to move; I tried tell her to reach just a bit more, so I could grab her hand, and at some point I managed to grab her hand and help her out of the painting.

Once out of the painting, our struggle seemed to have stopped, it was like we had to breach an invisible barrier between us at first or something.

I was surprised and amazed, she still looked like a painting instead of a normal person, but it was still amazing; I wanted to ask her a lot of questions, but she seemed to have come to give me an important message(s).

She got straight to the point and was not there for small talk, to my shock and disappointment, and she acted like her message was time sensitive; like she/we only had a short time.

I can not remember the exact details of her message, except I remember her trying to quickly prove a point to me, I was being skeptical; she was getting a bit annoyed and was trying to show that she and I were One and/or Connected and/or Mirror Images Of Each Other and/or something like that.

So to prove it we somehow magically switched positions, I was standing where she had been and she was standing where I had been; I guess it was an example of the Mirror Image Of Each Other thing or something.

She also was explaining something else that I think went something like:

“I should not see her or anyone else as being Special/A Savior That Has All The Answers and/or Expect Them To Save Us Or Do All The Work; that I and some others that realize this, will have to save ourselves/work together and do not be fooled by Saviors/Those That Claim To Have All The Answers/Those That Promise To Save Us And Do All The Work For Us or something like that.

I think she warned about A Group Only Referred To As Them, but did not go into detail, the Them seemed to be some Group that was either on their way and/or here; it was like time was running out and I & some others had to get ready, the Them seemed to be a Negative group I am guessing.

I think she was referring to Them as the ones the ones that would come as saviors, claiming to have answers, claiming to help, but are not to be trusted; that only we as individuals/people and as a species could really save ourselves or something like that.

She seemed to be trying to stress the importance of avoiding the manipulations/traps/etc, and that to simply remember that we had to take responsibility for ourselves, not expect others to do it; no matter what they claim or how powerful they seem.”

I was still trying to talk about other things and being a bit skeptical, so instead of trying to explain more about the Them, she told me to come with her and we went on a truck that some of us call 18-Wheelers.

She was taking me to a group of people who were already preparing to survive or whatever, when the Them, would soon come; to me it sounded like a resistance group of humans.

We drove to a desert-like area near some mountains and stopped at a booth-like building, and she said that this was my stop, and she left after saying a few things.

There was a hidden bunker area underneath this booth-like building, and a few Russian-like highly skilled & trained men were there, trying to prepare a small group of new-comers like myself.

They seemed to have trained in surviving for the time when the Them would come, it was like we would have to learn to live in the shadows, and be more defensive and learn guerrilla-like tactics when necessary to protect ourselves.

I guessed that there were small groups like this around the world, trying to set up a system of hidden groups for those who will try to survive, help others, and fight the Them when necessary or something.

In the hidden bunker area were several women and men, and the two or three men that seemed to be the trainers were starting to talk to us, but there was a perimeter breach warning; an above camera revealed a bus approaching, so the trainers began to evacuate the bunker with us, and started the self-destruct sequence.

They feared that it was an attack by the Them or someone working with the Them, we escaped through an above ground escape hatch in the back, and hid behind some rocks; as one or more people from the bus went into the booth-like building.

We could not see the people or who was on the bus, I just remember hearing and seeing the explosions, as the booth-like building and the underground bunker area exploded in a series of small explosions.

Which killed some of the people who had gotten off the bus, we then heard a panic, and people on the bus seemed to be searching for us; we were unarmed (maybe not the trainers, but I am not sure), and tried to hide.
At some point we were forced to face one of the search groups from the bus, and a battle almost happened; to our surprise the search group was also unarmed and several of them seemed to be members of a Native American Tribe, it seemed like a group of men, women, and kids that were just on a field trip or something.

They asked why did we blow up some of their people and why did we attack them, so there was a tense situation, as both of our groups tried to explain the situation; we realized that they were not a threat probably and they were starting to realize it, but both our sides started trying to decide what to do next.

I suggested that we join with them and go help the others in their group, and we all join in preparing/training for when the Them come; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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Pauline Croze + Burn Notice + A Horror Film = Dream Notice

File:Alliance francaise de Taiwan - entree.png
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Okay, I finally remembered some of my dreams last night but they are sort of mixed together, so I will be telling them as one dream; even though these were separate dreams.

The dreams seemed to be influence by my current Pauline Croze project on YouTube, which I am still working on, and I watched an episode of the TV show Burn Notice last night.

The first dream started with me seeing a commercial or something in French for a French television show, and the special guest was Pauline Croze.

They were walking around a town interviewing her, playing video & audio clips of some of her live performances, and then she did a live performance of a song or two.

She looked just like she did in her Jour de foule music video, and so I guess she promoting her new album.

At some point I appeared in the dream at an area that looked like one of the places they had been, but it looked like downtown D by the TC Mall.

I felt that even though it looked like D, I was actually in France, and I think I had a feeling that this was a dream; I remember telling myself to relax and not to wake up (if I realize that I am dreaming and if I do not do this, I usually wake up from my dream).

Instead of trying to control the dream, I decided to just control my own actions and act normal, and so this was now a semi-lucid dream or just a lucid dream where I was not trying to control the dream.

I walked into the building that looked like TC Mall, except that it looked like the T Building that the Alliance Française L, is located in.

I remember walking through the halls seeing some Pauline Croze posters and posters of up-coming art shows, plays, and other things like that.

I heard some people speaking French in the distance, so I decided to go ask them were was the Pauline Croze concert was going to take place and/or ask where was her music studio.

I was wondering how was I going to understand them or even talk, since I had not practiced my French in a long time, but I decided to not let that bother me.

I saw a woman and man wearing suits in the hallway, they seemed busy, but I stopped to ask them anyway.

I spoke in English for some odd reason, and they seemed to have a hard time understanding me, as I expected.

They told me that they did not know anything about the concert, but that the studio was across town, and they pointed in the direction that it was in.

I told them thank you and then started to wonder how was I going to find it, when my French language skills were so terrible; I think I then tried to remind myself that when I wake up, that I needed to start studying French again, like I am supposed to be doing.

Then I woke up.

Dream 2

The dream after that started with my friend SS telling me about a new movie coming out.

He said that it was supposed to be a scary movie, and I think he showed me a trailer for the movie.

I can not remember what happened exactly but I remember seeing things like a camera person, and the movie started at an apartment building I think.

I think a group of college students had just finished class and it was a Friday, so they were going to relax & enjoy the weekend.

But something strange happened, but sadly I can not remember what started everything, I only remember some thing or things kept killing people slowly one at a time.

I never could see exactly what they or it was or were, when it was going to attack someone, I would see things from its point of view.

I think it was a cloud-like thing that could go through walls, it hovered like a cloud, when it moved it sounded like the wind slightly blowing, and when it attacked people it sounded like one or more things howling or screaming; it was a bit scary.

The college students were wondering what was going on at first, and so they would go around the apartment building talking to different people.

A few people had an idea of what the thing was and how it got there, but different people were arguing about what it really was & where it came from.

No one knew how to stop it or how to escape, it seemed to be invisible.

It would attack someone and then it would disappear, and it would come again later and kill someone else like it had a pattern or it was choosing who it would kill.

When it attacked people, I think it could consume them in the cloud, and they would disappear as you heard the howling/screaming noises.

The college students decided to try to figure out what it was and were it came from, so they could hopefully end the killing, but the dream switched to a commercial.

This commercial had the character Madeline Westen who is the mother of Michael Westen (who the main character from the television show Burn Notice), and Madeline Westen had a different son in the commercial with her.

They were at a beach and it seemed to be a commercial promoting a city, probably Miami, Florida, and they were just laying at the beach during the sunset as the waves splashed under them.

I remember his mother saying something about how they used to live in LC, and she said a few things about how they had missed the beach.

Then the dream switched to me talking on the phone with the character Carla Baxter from Burn Notice, but I can not remember the situation exactly.

It appeared that she was trying to get me to do something that I did not want to do and/or she wanted me to give her some secret information, and so she was trying to demand/extort/threaten me or something.

She kept trying to find ways to demand/extort/threaten me or scare me into doing whatever she wanted but it was not working, and I kept refusing; and I had the feeling that I was hiding somewhere, and she did not know where I was at.

I was alone in some dark apartment, and she was traveling around trying to find me around a city.

She then started to hint that if her last few blackmailing attempts did not work, that she may kidnap or kill one of my friends and/or family members.

But she got a better idea, she found someone else that had the information about me that she needed, and she decided to trick/seduce this person into giving her the information.

Oddly the person was a woman who looked just like her, I found that very strange, and even though I was talking to her on the phone I could see her like split screen on a TV.

She went to the woman’s apartment and she started talking to her, and after a while she managed to get the information without the woman even noticing or suspecting anything odd.

I was worried and not sure what the information was or what would happen next.

Carla waited for the woman to leave the room and then she called me to tell me that I had lost, and that she…. ; but then I woke up.

Dream 3

I can not remember my last dream exactly, but I did have a blurry voice recording of myself briefly saying a few things about the dream but I could barely understand myself in the recording. 😀

I said something about seeing a woman either named A513 or she had A513 written on the back of her shirt, and I said something about how she looked.

But I could not understand what I said, and I said that she was walking on some street but I forgot the name of the street but that is all that I said in the recording.

Maybe it had something to do with the Carla situation, but I am not sure.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂