Young At Heart

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Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Young At Heart, and this is what it said:

What are your thoughts on aging?

How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

And this is my response: I think that aging is currently a natural part of life, for now at least, and that some parts of the aging process are positive and some parts are neutral and some parts are negative.

I am not sure what that means exactly, but my response would be by simply trying to resist from and heal from being corrupted/damaged/changed/et cetera too much by our corrupt/damaged/flawed/unnatural/illogical/hypocritical/unbalanced/unfair/et cetera human-made adult cultures/systems/societies/laws/rules/norms/beliefs/et cetera that destroys and suppresses many of the natural and positive parts of us that we used to possess when young/born.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was somehow in twelfth grade (12th grade) again even though I graduated from high school many years ago, and I was going to tryout for the American Football (football) team; and I was at a fictional version of the D High School, my brothers KD and TD were going to school there as well and they were on the football team, and some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate AM and he was on the football team as well.

I went to the tryouts for the football team, I remember talking with my former classmate AM and some of my other former classmates, and at some point the coaches took us all to a classroom so that they could pick which of us they wanted on their football team; and at some point I heard one of the coaches asking one of the male students if he was sure that he wanted to play football, and the coach warned him that they practice over three hours a day almost every day.

When I heard this I immediately knew that being on the football team was not for me so I probably told the others that I no longer wanted to be considered for the football team, I thanked them, and then I left; and at some point I remember walking through a gym where some students were playing tennis, and I remember thinking that maybe I should consider playing on the tennis team but I kept walking until I got outside.

The outside was like a combination of a fictional version of the outside of the D High School and a fictional version of the field near the automotive section of the Walmart in the city of D, some of my former classmates and other students were waiting for school to end in a field near the sports fields, and I joined them and talked with them as we waited for the school bell to ring.

Something strange happened that I can not remember, then at some point the school bell rang and it was time for us to leave, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a school building, I remember walking through a hallway when I saw an argument between a very large and tall muscular bald or short-haired man with medium-brownish colored skin and a regular sized man who also had brownish colored skin; and there were some other people watching, and the tall and muscular man had some friend’s backing him and the other man had a man with whitish colored skin who looked like he was from maybe the 1970s backing him.

I saw the tall and muscular man pull out a small dark-colored pistol so I tried to convince him to put it away but that did not work, and so I grabbed his arm and the pistol to try to disarm him; but he was too strong, and so I could only prevent him from shooting anyone by holding his arm and pistol and I yelled for the other two men to help me disarm him.

I was strong enough to hold the tall and muscular man’s arm and pistol long enough for the other two men to help me disarm him, but his friend’s attacked us; and the man with whitish colored skin got hit in the head, part of his head probably got busted because he started bleeding from his head, but we managed to end the fight.

We then walked outside to drive the man to the hospital, he could walk but he was bleeding from his head, it was day outside and we went to an old maybe 1970s-style brownish and light-brownish colored car; but I woke up as they got in the car.

Dream 3

I remembered part of this dream but I did not get out of bed to voice record it, instead I kept thinking about it sometimes between sleeping and dreaming and thinking and daydreaming and waking up, but eventually I forgot most of it after over-sleeping unfortunately.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it involved a man whose name I knew, maybe a celebrity (who ever it was must have been someone whose name was very familiar to me because I thought that I would remember his name and this dream later without voice recording it, and then going back to sleep), and there was another man with him who was probably an unknown man; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that my family had either bought or were thinking about buying a nice fictional two-story house in a fictional nice quiet neighborhood, and we went to this house to stay there to try it; and all of my family and I went there except for my brother CC who was not in the dream.

My dad and I were the first to enter the house carrying some of our stuff, I remember complaining about something that I can not remember and so I was in a bad mood, and so I did not pay attention to what the living room looked like as I passed/went through it because it was dark because the lights were off and because I was too busy complaining to my dad and out-loud to myself.

I walked into the kitchen which was square and larger than any room in our real/old house, the kitchen and the rest of the house seemed to be fully furnished and decorated and nice-looking with windows (which is rare in my dreams), and the appliances were nicer and newer and larger than the ones in our real/old house; and the kitchen was brighter because the main curtains were open which helped to light the room.

I was so amazed by this kitchen that I stopped complaining and my mood went from negative to positive as I explored this amazing kitchen which had: a large stove and other appliances, plenty of counter and cabinet space, plenty of space, nice window placement and lighting, and more; and I yelled for the rest of my family to come see the kitchen, and I started naming the many amazing things about it.

This made me excited to see the rest of the house, especially the second floor because our real/old house only has one floor, and it was clear that this house was way better than our real/old house and that we should move into it; but I woke up before I could explore any other rooms.

The end,

-John Jr

Nathan (Nate) Fisher Driving A School Bus

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of the dream took place during the day, Nathan (Nate) Fisher from YouTube was driving a school bus with a high school sports team on it (athletes and cheerleaders) down a highway to a sporting event, and the highway somewhat reminded me of the highway and bridge from the city of WL to the city of LC by the beach.

After driving off the bridge to a small exit/road near plants, a cheerleader fell off the school bus, but Nate could not hear or see this because I think that some of the cheerleaders had been hanging onto the outside of the bus; and the cheerleader fell on her feet safely, and she ran behind the bus screaming and trying to catch up.

Fortunately the parking lot for the sporting event was close and so the cheerleader was able to catch up after the bus parked, there were many other sports teams and their coaches arriving, and they heard and saw the cheerleader running and screaming hysterically to the parking lot; and so a few coaches and some athletes followed her to see what was wrong.

The cheerleader approached Nate and he learned what had happened, the coaches and athletes who followed her heard this as well, and the coaches called the police or for help; and so they waited on them to arrive, and then magically I was there and I do not remember seeing Nate anymore.

The athletes with the coaches who followed the cheerleader were some of my former male classmates like my former male classmates AC and PM, I remember talking with them as we waited, and I remember having two jackets/coats with one being my blackish colored pea coat; and I had left them in the driver’s seat of the school bus, and my former classmate AC put one of the jackets on.

I put my pea coat on and then another one of my former classmates started to shock me with static electricity for fun a few times, I remember going to sit in the back seat of a car, and a man who was like The Joker was there with the others and he had a male assistant/follower who looked a bit like maybe a broken/tortured Nightwing who was trying to be like The Joker.

The Joker started attacking me with a stun gun for fun, he was laughing as he did it, and it hurt a bit and it was causing my muscles to weaken and get harder to control; and it was messing with my brain causing me to have a hard time thinking, and I was getting close to loosing consciousness.

He was not going to stop and I was losing control of my muscles and I was close to losing consciousness so I decided to defend myself, I think that someone came to help me as well, but I can not remember what happened; and the next thing that I can remember is something that was like a fictional season of Luther or something that somewhat reminded me of Luther because the actor Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson were in it.

Ruth Wilson was playing an Alice Morgan-like woman or Alice Morgan and her and Mr. Elba seemed to either be an actor and actress going around using disguises and their acting skills to help people and solve mysteries or they were investigators/detectives undercover pretending to be an actor and actress; either way they were trying to help people, and they seemed to be undercover.

They were standing outside during the day, maybe not far from the area where I was and maybe I walked over to where they were, and Mr. Elba was speaking English with an African accent; and him and Mrs. Wilson were trying to help some people, but I can not remember what was happening exactly.

I just know that things worked out in the end, and I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I remember my mom and I standing in a parking lot talking to a male police officer who my mom knew, and some other people.

The police officer had a box of old items from the police station, old clothing (not uniforms) and other things, and he gave some of it to maybe a homeless man; and before my mom and I left by automobile the police officer gave us the box of old stuff for us to keep what we want and give the rest to people in need.

We thanked him and we drove away, later in the day we learned that the police officer who gave us the box of old stuff was dead, and we assumed that one or more other police officers/people had murdered him; and we assumed that it had something to do with the old box of stuff, and we assumed that it possibly contained something that they wanted to keep hidden or have destroyed.

No one had seen him give us the box of old stuff but someone probably saw him give some of the items to the homeless man, if he ended up dead too, we would know that our assumption(s) were correct; and that we were in danger if they found out that we had the box of old stuff.

I woke up as we tried to decide what to do.

The end,

-John Jr

Attending An American Football Camp By Accident

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for somewhat part of one dream which took place during the day at L college in L at an American Football camp for high school students, and I went there with my parents’ and my brothers TD and KD; and this dream was inspired by a real life trip from the weekend.

I went to the football camp with them for a chance to see the city of L again, my parents’ and I were going to watch as my brothers TD and KD attended the football camp, but when I got there something happened where I somehow ended up participating in the football camp accidentally(?) as well even though I graduated from high school years ago.

The football camp took place inside a semi-indoor/indoor facility and there were several real male college football coaches from the real L college there, the families of some of the high school students were there as well, and even a few young women were participating but I can not remember if they played football or not as well.

I remember doing football training drills with the high school students, then we played a bit of football, and eventually we took a break to eat and drink and talk inside a brownish colored carpeted/walled narrow room further inside the facility.

I remember the coaches being there with us and they were impressed with me and I told them that I was not even a high school or college student, and that somehow I accidentally became part of the football camp and I told them how old I was.

I can not remember what their exact reaction(s) were but I know that they paused to think about the situation like they were trying to decide if there was a way that I could eventually play on their college football team, and I told them that I never played football in school or in the little leagues other than playing unofficially sometimes at school and I briefly played flag football once but I did not finish the season because my team argued all the time.

I told them that I did not know much about football and that I did not even know all the positions or rules but that is all that I can remember of this dream, and I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr

A Creature In A Swimming Pool

File:TAS Swimming Pool.jpg
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I had several dreams last night but I slept good again, and I forgot all of my dreams except for the end of one dream.

The dream took place in a fictional unknown location that probably looked like a school in some areas, it probably was a school, and my dad & an unknown woman & an unknown man & I were in the dream during a few parts.

There was a gym area, there was an indoor swimming pool area, there was a playground area outside, and there were catwalks like at the D Junior High School that connected the various school buildings.

The dream took place during the day and probably during school, because I remember seeing some coaches, teachers, other workers, and some students in various areas during the dream; but I/we mostly avoided areas with students.

I do not know why we were there but I remember talking with several coaches, workers, et cetera during a few parts; and during one part an unknown man, an unknown woman, my dad, and I were talking near the indoor swimming pool when something in the water attacked us or something.

I remember that one or more of us got grabbed and pulled into the water by some unknown creäture that we could not see, but we managed to help each other out of the pool; and we tried to capture the unknown creäture but it either escaped or someone stole it.

We reported it but almost no one believed us, but maybe someone with the government believed us & stole the creäture to cover-up that it existed and/or to experiment on it.

We did not see the entire creäture and so I do not remember what it looked like, but we went back to the indoor pool, and we tried to see if another creäture or the same creäture was in the pool; and we managed to capture another creäture or the same one, and we got a slightly better look at it.

We also showed it to one of the coaches who did not believe us until he saw it, it was still alive and we had it slightly hanging above the water alive stuck/tangled in a trap we made, but I think that it escaped or disappeared or was stolen again at some point; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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