Getting Touched

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I remember being in my parent’s yard and my dead female cousin AE was there with me and she was a kid again oddly, and strangely I did not remember that she was supposed to be dead and that she was supposed to be an adult because she was older than me.

Maybe one or more people were in the yard with us but I can not remember, I remember standing near the storage buildings when someone touched me from behind on my shoulder and butt, and it ended up being my cousin AE to my surprise and confusion.

It did not feel like an accident and so I was confused, I am not sure if I said anything other than that she should not touch people like that especially without asking for permission because it was rude and inappropriate, and then I remember my uncle CE walking over and saying something about this.

He had me tell my cousin AE to not do that again and he told me to take her to her mom (my Aunt ME), who was at The E House, and so I walked my cousin AE through Mrs. R’s yard and through the front carport gate and to the back door.

The door was locked but my cousin AE had a key and she opened it, and then I said goodbye as she closed the door and I walked away.

Later in the dream maybe in a fictional area by The G House some of my family and I were in this fictional area with water and maybe tiny islands that you could move between, there were tourists there and two tall and thin female models with white skin with long yellow hair who seemed to be from maybe a Scandinavian country, and some members of RocketJump were there as well like the actress Ellary Porterfield.

At some point we all got stuck on a raised maybe island-like thing, we were not sure if we could jump down without hurting ourselves, and so eventually I decided to jump down and it was safe so I helped the others down.

The last part of the dream involved me getting dressed up and I wore a gray or charcoal suit, and I walked to a fictional area near where the A Plant should be.

There was an outdoor open auditorium with a graduation/high school reunion/awards-like ceremony/event about to take place during the evening and night where most people were dressed up, and that is where I walked.

There were celebrities there, some of my former classmates and their families, and other people there as well like some of my family.

I remember picking a seat but then I walked back near the front because I saw my dad trying to help an old woman with dark brown skin fix a coffeemaker that was not working, there were two coffeemakers, and I saw that the electrical cord for one was cut and disconnected so I reconnected it which worked; but I warned them to disconnect it and unplug it if it starts overheating and/or sparking or something like that.

As I was walking back to my seat I saw the actor Sean Penn walking to the podium to start the ceremony/event like he was going to be the first speaker, I saw and greeted my former male classmate WT on my way to my seat, and he went to a seat behind me somewhere.

Everyone was standing as Sean Penn approached the podium, I felt someone touch my butt, and I turned around in confusion wondering if it was an accident and wondering who did it.

There were several people behind me including my former classmate WT so I was not sure who had touched me, but I woke up as Mr. Penn started his speech with some comedy.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside my parent’s house on a computer looking at comments on YouTube when I saw some commenting that they were having computer problems where the video would stop at a certain point, and so I started thinking about different ways to help them troubleshoot the problem and to help them secure their computer and update their software because I assumed that their computer was probably infected with malware and that their software and operating system was outdated among other things.

I was going to recommend that they use Google Chrome with the Adblock Plus and Web Of Trust (WOT) browser extensions, use and update and scan with Windows Defender if they were on Microsoft Windows 8 – 10 or Microsoft Security Essentials if they were on an older version of Microsoft Windows, make sure that their operating system was set to automatically update and check for and install any updates currently available, that they use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Edition as a backup scanner and use several of their tools to remove junk software and useless items in the start-up and use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free Edition to protect a few of their programs from exploits, and a few other things.

I was trying to figure out a way to simplify this for them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr