Mass Effect | JC Getting Married | Last Phone Call

Dream 1

This dream involved the video game Mass Effect where Commander Shepard and Commander Shepard’s crew were going around on various missions with Commander Shepard slowly recruiting more and more aliens on Commander Shepard’s crew, and some of the human crewmates were not happy about this.

Some of the human crewmates complained to Commander Shepard about not trusting aliens et cetera, Commander Shepard reminded them that the aliens on the crew were trusted allies who had proven themselves and were valuable members of the team et cetera, and that they better get used to working with them; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

A Mass Effect 3 Dream With Indoctrination & / Or Possession & Cerberus

I only remember part of one / a strange / unique / detailed / somewhat confusing dream but I forgot some of it and some parts are unclear, it was inspired by Mass Effect 3 again, and I was either Commander Shepard or I was myself playing the role of Commander Shepard or at least someone in a position similar to Commander Shepard; but this world was a bit less futuristic than in the game.

I remember being with a group of mostly orphans young people or just young people, I guess that I was protecting them and helping train them to prepare for the major threat(s) to the universe among other things; but I can not remember the details of any of this/that unfortunately.

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