MARTIN HAS FALLEN – Double Toasted TV Spot

MARTIN HAS FALLEN – Double Toasted TV Spot

What Is It?

The YouTube video MARTIN HAS FALLEN – Double Toasted TV Spot by the YouTube channel Double Toasted.

Here is the description for this video:

Hurray, and act now before you end up on your a#s! Don’t waste another minute not watching Double Toasted, or this could be you!

Directed and edited by William Valle.
Written by Korey Coleman.
Starring Martin Thomas and William Valle

Introducing Brave Search Beta

Introducing Brave Search Beta

I am glad that the beta version of the Brave Search search engine is now available to try, and I hope that it will be equal to or better than the DuckDuckGo search engine.

I hope that the Brave Browser will get vertical tabs, a screenshot tool, and text-to-speech like Microsoft Edge has; then it will become my main web browser across devices & operating systems.

$20 Wyze Watch Smart Watch Preorder

I was very close to returning my Wyze Band that I just got and so I am glad that they released this commercial and preorder for their upcoming Wyze Watch, this has pretty much every feature that I wanted except for it lacking stress tracking & breathing exercises & stopwatch & flashlight & a virtual assistant (hopefully they will add these features), this watch saved Wyze for me, I really do want to give them a chance because they are an American company offering affordable products, and I hope that they will continue to improve the Wyze Band because it still has issues (like water activating the screen); and I hope that the Wyze Watch will not have those same issues.

The Wyze Watch is just $20 during preorder (you can not beat that price for these features for a smartwatch from an American company), so preorder it now while you can, I have preordered it:

JB Gets Angry | A Dog Bite | Mercenaries And Flying | Jeff Bezos

I lost everything, I was typing my dreams here in the new Microsoft Edge web browser that I am testing out when a certain keyboard combination made my screen refresh and I lost everything that I typed of my dreams, everything; and nothing was saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about frustrating, I lost everything, and now some things are lost permanently; but I will try to type what I can remember in hopefully the correct order and hopefully this will not happen again.

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