Charles Dance Committing Sabotage | A Former Child Actress Goes To Prison

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional location.

There was a facility/operation/compound/community/whatever of people living together like they were trying to isolate themselves from the rest of the world like maybe a disaster had happened.

A group of upper-class people seemed to be the overseers of this place.


Hanging Out At Bart Baker’s Compound | An Unknown Sickness / Virus And Idris Elba And My Former Classmate TS

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the first dream which took place during the day in a field at a small compound that belonged to Bart Baker from YouTube, and people were filming YouTube videos (mostly parody videos) and hanging out/having fun around the compound which had a nice modern one-story house that had an open look to it where there was not much privacy because it was made for hanging out/partying it seemed.

I remember walking around as I saw several popular YouTubers like Bart Baker (who owned the compound) and even the South Korean music artist Psy was there, and everyone was having a great time talking/dancing/eating/drinking/listening to music/swimming/playing games/filming videos/et cetera; and the dream had a very positive and comedic atmosphere to it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I barely remember part of the second/last dream which possibly was somewhat inspired by the TV show True Blood where I think that a virus that was affecting/effecting vampires mutated into an unknown virus that could effect/affect humans also, but that is just a guess; and either way there was a sickness spreading.

I remember being inside a building that had no windows where other people/survivors seemed to be living to avoid going outside to risk getting infected with the sickness I guess, and I remember spending most of my time in a gym area that had several basketball goals / courts; and there was a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and probably living area connected to this gym area but each of those areas had walls separating them with door openings connecting them.

Most of the people were playing basketball and other sports and exercising, some of the people were unknown people, some of the people were former classmates of mine like my former female classmate TS, and some of the people were celebrities like the actor Idris Elba.

We had one or more doctors and medical people in the building but they left to go outside to help people and they were going to come back soon, and I remember watching people play basketball because I was not picked to play; and I remember watching Idris Elba and his team playing basketball against another team, and while I was watching the game I was approached by my former classmate TS.

My former classmate TS told me that someone in her group collapsed and that he was probably infected with the sickness but all the doctors/medical workers were gone out helping people outside; and so she asked me to look for a medical kit (first aid kit) and/or supplies that might help him, and so I starting walking to the kitchen/dining room/other areas to search for the medical supplies.

But I stopped as some people started to panic a bit and Idris Elba took a leadership role to try to calm everyone down, but then he collapsed on the ground like he died on his stomach with his head pointed up with is nose pointed up possibly bleeding and moved a bit out-of place; and so I ran to find the medical supplies.

While I was doing this a man in Idris Elba’s group fell to the ground on his back with a broken nose like he was dying in a lot of pain, the members of his group wanted to get a cast iron pot/skillet out of the kitchen to knock his nose back in place and/or to kill him so that he would not have to suffer a slow and painful death; but Idris Elba woke up and he stood up to everyone’s surprise, and he moved his nose back in place.

Mr. Elba looked serious like he wanted to look strong and unaffected by emotions and as a leader to the people like his character Marshal Stacker Pentecost from the movie Pacific Rim but I could tell that he was just holding his emotions back to stay strong for everyone, and he walked into the kitchen area where I was to get the cast iron pot/skillet after giving a brief speech.

He walked over the dying man in his group and he knocked his broken nose back in place with the cast iron/skillet and possibly knocked him unconscious and/or dead so that he would not have to suffer a slow painful death, Mr. Elba tried to act like he was uneffected/unaffected emotionally but I could tell that he wanted to cry, and he told the others to call emergency services for help.

I found a medical supply kit as a male doctor with whitish colored skin and his assistant returned, they rushed to help the man in my former classmate TS’s group first, and I gave them the medical kit; and I stood by Mr. Elba’s group as they talked to emergency services on a mobile phone about the man in their group, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Tom Cruise In Africa?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream from last night that I think took place in Africa, but I could be wrong; and the actor Tom Cruise was there with one or more of his kids, maybe his wife but I am not sure & this was unclear even in the dream, and I was there as one of Mr. Cruise’s temporary adopted kids/family(?)/whatever (people temporarily recognized as family members of Mr. Cruise) maybe or something strange like that maybe.

I think that we were in a small metal fenced compound with several one-story buildings not far from a village or several villages, and maybe some of the people/kids from the village were allowed in the compound; and some of them might have been temporary adopted kids/family(?)/whatever of Mr. Cruise as well.

It seemed that Mr. Cruise and some of his family were there for humanitarian reasons/to help some people temporarily for a few days, but I did not see Mr. Cruise much during the dream since it seemed like he was probably busy making appearances around the country or something; and it was not clear if he had a wife or not or if his wife was there or not, but I do remember that one or more of his kids were there.

I spent all of my time in the compound helping/teaching/training/babysitting/et cetera kids/people from a village or several villages, and Mr. Cruise’s kids.

The dream took place over several short days that went by super fast, so I only remember seeing Mr. Cruise briefly each day before he would leave somewhere each day; and I forgot most of the dream, but I do know that I was trying to figure out ways that we could help people more permanently/help people in ways that would allow them to learn to help themselves & others in a way that would allow them to become more independent/self-sufficient.

I also remember that most of the kids/people were having a good time and learning helpful things, and that it was nice helping people; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


John The Bum | The Police State

Dream Fragment John The Bum

The night before last I remembered part of one dream and most of another, the first was a very short dream fragment that I remember starting with me waiting in line for something.

I do not know where I was or what I was waiting for, but I do remember seeing a few people who I went to high school with like: TC.

TC and a few other people were talking to me while I waited in line and I think they or a few other people had cut in front of me in line, and the line was very long; if I had to make a guess, I think we were waiting for free food or something free.

After a while I decided to go outside and I sat on the ground near the entrance of some restaurant, I had some memories in the dream that had something to do with the military and I felt kind of like a bum.

As I was sitting there a woman with several kids was about to go into the restaurant but one of the kids, a girl, saw me & said ewwwwwwww (or however you spell it, the sound of disgust)!

I thought to myself, I must be uglier than I thought.

One of the other kids, a boy, told her to stop being mean & then he asked me if I had been in the military.

I told him that I had almost went into the military but I did not, and then his mother told him & the others kids to come on into the restaurant.

I knew there was more to my story in the dream, my guess was that some unnecessary war had started at some point & I was to be drafted, but refused to fight in an unnecessary war that was against my morals; so they put me in jail for several years.

I guess that I had recently been released from jail and had no home, job, money, and was a bum living on the streets; also I probably was looked downed on by many people because I did not follow the government/military in their unnecessary invasion of another country; I woke shortly after the family had went into the restaurant.

The Police State

This dream and the other have a similar theme, which I will talk about at the end of this dream.

This dream started with me being a member of what appeared to be a SWAT-like police force that was about to attack a compound on the outside of a city.

We had light-medium swat-like body armor and assault rifles, and we all were on foot as we began the attack.

The compound was basically a small community of very small two-story houses in what appeared to have been created by a group of people who left Eastside to avoid the unnecessary abuse of power by the government/police, so they moved outside the city to be left alone.

The people in the compound were all armed with guns and were using their windows to shoot at us, but the windows had no glass yet since they were still not finished building the houses; I saw several people from Eastside in the compound and I even saw several rappers, like Master P, for some strange reason.

The shootout was intense but was like the film Gamer somewhat, I was on the very front of the attack force and we were almost surrounded by houses, so we were taking fire from many sides.

My strategy was to keep moving and keep firing at the windows so we could get to cover points, my plan was working and I was real good at shooting, so I had shot many people as I crossed the courtyard of the compound.

I managed to get to the end of the courtyard and started shooting the people on the second floors that were giving my team a hard time, and then I decided to head back toward the entrance to clear one of the first buildings since one team was having a hard time clearing that building.

Like before I had to shoot in different directions as I moved to avoid being shot and keep the people near the windows from returning fire.

I made it to the outside of the first house to help that one team that was having a hard time, and through the windows of that house I saw TC and Master P and other people I knew from Eastside.

They were trying to move the wounded people and dead people into their house, I started to feel sorry for them and questioned why we were attacking these people.

I felt it was because of drugs and a few other things, which may or may have not been true, but either way these people were not bothering anyone & so why were we attacking them?

I stopped shooting at them and told the others to stop, so they stopped while the people in the house tried to help the wounded people in the house.

I saw some of the people in the house look at us police officers with a look of anger and it looked like they just wanted to be left alone, yet here we police officers were attacking them; even when they left the city to be away from us and to not cause problems.

I felt that they were trying to start a community that would not need the current government/police/military so much or at all, so they could be more independent and enjoy more freedoms; not anarchy but just more freedoms since the government/police/military was taking more & more freedoms away.

I realized this and decided to quit the police force, so I started to walk away, thinking of what I would do.

My plan was to come back later and help any survivors & others learn how to defend themselves better, and help them build a balanced community away from the current government/police/military that was becoming more & more controlling of the people.

I wanted to train them for defense only, not for invasion or revenge, but for protection from those that come to unnecessarily attack people for control; I woke up as I walked & started to think up a plan.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂