Fortune Cookie | November 3 2018

Yesterday I got some Hawaiian Shrimp from B Cafe which came with a fortune cookie, and the message inside my fortune cookie was:

Do not dwell on differences with a loved one – try to compromise.

The end,

-John Jr


A Man Who Gets His Way

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my last dream, which took place around a fictional city, and it might have mostly followed a male dream character who was the leader of some group or something like that.

He was a wealthy / socially powerful man with whitish colored skin with a professional hairstyle wearing a nice suit and I remember him going around the city to various places for some reason, but I forgot the reason.

The dream probably started at his mansion, and then he probably left with his butler / bodyguard and driver.

They stopped at houses, stores, docks, beaches, private places, public places, et cetera.

Maybe he was collecting money or something and/or testing his authority over people, who knows.

I am not even sure if I was in the dream or not now, since my memory of the dream has faded too much.

The only other thing that I remember is that a woman refused to do whatever the man had told her to do, and his bodyguard was about to kill her; but the man told him to stop, since he was impressed that someone had refused him.

The man was used to getting whatever he wanted it seemed, and so the woman impressed him; but he still was going to have her killed unless she compromised with him.

His compromise implied that he wanted a sexual favor in exchange for her life, and so the woman started trying to decided if she should accept the sexual favor option & not be killed or not accept the sexual favor option & be killed; but I woke up as she nervously tried to decide.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂