Getting Kissed By Surprise

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside an inn / bed and breakfast / hotel-like house that seemed to be mostly based on The E House, and I was there with some other people like we were spending the night there.

I remember seeing a male worker with light-color skin who seemed to be a newly hired rookie computer repair technician who was struggling to work on the computer network in the building, and at some point the owner who was an old woman with light-color skin with gray / white hair entered the building.

The owner saw that the computer repair technician had left a server or something open, he was still working but in a different part of the house and he was going to return to it, and she saw this as a security risk where someone could have had physical access to the network and put everyone’s data at risk and she was angry so she yelled for him to come to the room and she ranted at him in front of us and she fired him.

The employee (now former employee) begged and apologized letting her know that he had been jobless for a long time and had just gotten this job and that he had made a mistake, but the owner did not want to hear it so he left to his room to probably pack his stuff.

I followed him because I felt bad for him and I wanted to give him some words of encouragement and some advice and I planned on asking the owner to give him another chance.

The former employee invited me into his room and we talked and we had a good conversation as I told him about my story of joblessness and former experiences in the computer repair job field et cetera and he told me about his experiences, but at some point he started leaning in toward me.

I was not sure what he was doing until it was too late, I realized that it seemed that he was about to try to kiss me, but I reacted too late because I took too long trying to figure out what he was doing so when I went to turn my head to the left to dodge the kiss it was too late and he quickly kissed me on the lips and then I moved my head back and away in response.

This caught me completely by surprise so I was confused and stunned for a moment because nothing like this has happened before and I did not expect it so I froze for a moment, and then I responded letting him know that he had mistaken my intentions and the situation et cetera.

I then told him that I would talk to the owner to see if she would give him another chance and if that failed, I would ask her if she would let him stay until he finds another job, and then he went to go to sleep.

I was still confused et cetera about what just happened so I thought about the situation deeply and I explored my reactions and thoughts and feelings trying to dig down deep being at transparent and open and unbiased as I could, and I thought about what-if scenarios et cetera trying to explore the implications of this and various fictional scenarios et cetera.

I could see how he misread the situation by getting caught up in the moment, my response was not as strong as I would have expected (a block or push or quicker dodge or warning punch) but I was so caught off guard that I got stunned, I did not feel positive or as negative about what happened (just stunned and confused et cetera) and I felt nothing romantic or anything and I accepted it as a misunderstanding that was forgiven and hopefully quickly forgotten, and so as expected there seemed to be no changes in my sexual orientation (heterosexual) or anything even after thinking and exploring deeply and openly to see if there was even a chance that something had changed.

It was still strange that something like this had happened to me and I was not sure how to explain this to people if they topic ever came up, and I hoped that something like this did not happen again because I do not like getting caught off-guard like that and I definitely do not want men trying to kiss me et cetera.

I then left to talk to the owner, but that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was driving and going around a fictional LC-like city with my mom and at least one of my brothers; and this dream was possibly a continuation of the first dream.

At some point we were going to be leaving back to the city of D soon I assume.

At some point I met my former male classmates BH and JC and they were on their way back to the city of D so I joined them, I think that we were in a car and my former classmate JC was driving and I was in the front passenger’s seat, and my former classmate BH was in the back seat.

At some point we stopped to pick up our former female classmate KM who sat in the back seat, she kept talking and she sounded drunk or high and dumb and she was mispronouncing words and states and the names of celebrities, and I remember our former classmate BH correcting her and trying to politely get her to be quiet and calm down a bit.

At some point as we drove along the highway we started to hear what sounded like a male police officer talking over a speaker system, and so we pulled to the side of the highway thinking that we were being pulled over.

It turned out to be something on the radio I guess or the police officer was just telling us to get out the way, but I am not sure.

We then continued up the highway, at some point on the left side of the highway I noticed an automobile that looked like The BV and it was parked outside of a fictional house from an earlier fictional part of the dream where most of the family members of my former male classmate DC and him lived, and it was a one-story house on bricks / concrete blocks.

I asked my former male classmate JC to drive to the yard to see if that was my dad, we saw two men with dark-color skin getting out of the automobile like maybe they had just went fishing, and then we saw some children getting out who had dark-color skin with black hair who were some of the fictional family members of our former classmate DC.

We parked and we were about to get out to talk with them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Going To The Orgonise Africa Store With A Computer Problem

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams last night but I did not voice record them each time that I woke up, and so now I barely remember only part of my last dream.

This dream took place during the day and my brother GC and I drove to The Orgonise Africa Store, which was a building where the Orgonise Africa website was based, which sells orgonite (orgone devices) but in this dream the owner Georg Ritschl also did computer repair like he was also a computer repair technician (I did not see his wife Frederike Ritschl in the dream, and so I am not sure if she fixed computers too or not).

I was looking for some advice on a computer problem that I was still trying to troubleshoot with my computer so my brother GC and I went to this store with the computer, and maybe I was going to look at some of their orgonite/orgone devices as well.

My brother GC brought the computer in I think while I looked around the store briefly and then he left the store, there was an attractive woman with medium-dark brownish-colored skin with black hair who worked there, and maybe she asked me if I needed help with something and then she probably went in the back to get Mr. Ritschl to help me with my computer problem.

She probably returned and told me that Mr. Ritschl was on his way, she probably went into a hall and I heard her maybe arguing with someone (maybe her boyfriend) on her mobile phone, and then a man with medium-dark brownish-colored skin with short black hair who was her brother walked out of another room to see what was going on.

She ended her mobile phone call angrily and her brother and her had an argument about the situation, the brother wanted to deal with the boyfriend, but the sister did not want him to get involved so she walked away angrily after their argument.

Mr. Ritschl walked in and he asked the brother what was going on, the brother explained the situation to him and then he went back into a small room that he had been working in, and then Mr. Ritschl greeted me.

I went to tell Mr. Ritschl about my computer problem but then I realized that the computer that my brother GC had brought in was his laptop and it was not my computer, and so I went back outside to ask my brother GC what was going on and he told me that he had brought his computer instead of mine because he was also having a computer problem but he possibly did not say what the computer problem was exactly and maybe he left without me being able to find out what the computer problem was exactly.

I returned to Mr. Ritschl to tell him this, I opened the laptop and Mr. Ritschl looked at it briefly trying to figure out what might be wrong, and then he started telling me his opinions about what might be wrong with the laptop as we stood away from it.

The brother walked from the small room behind us carrying a heavy box and he accidentally stepped on the laptop, and the laptop bent and I was not sure if it was broken or not.

The brother apologized and then he continued walking away with the heavy box, and I went to check the laptop to see if I could straighten it without breaking it or making it worse but I woke up as I did this.

The end,

-John Jr