Our Neighbor Mr. D’s New House

This dream took place during the day, and I was inside my parent’s house talking to my mom as construction was going on across the street where The Blue House should be that our neighbor Mr. D lives in.

A nice large / tall yellow one-story wooden house with white trim with fancy patterns carved into the wood was what was being built, so The Blue House was gone.


A Woman Drives Through Our Fence

Dream 1

I had one or more dreams that were inspired by the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1) but I did not record them, and so all that I can remember is that part of at least one dream possibly involved a fictional concept from The Church Of Night that basically says that bad is good from a dream the previous night.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in my parents yard, I was outside, and my dad and my brother GC were outside in the yard as well.

At some point I saw one or more people near The Action Packed House, and then I saw two automobiles starting to leave after I no longer saw them.

The automobiles left quickly and one turned so fast and hard that it possibly turned partly off the road or completely off the road, and maybe it almost flipped or did flip before continuing on quickly.

I possibly went to say something about this to my dad and my brother GC, and then some more automobiles showed up near there and some construction worker-like men got out and they started moving supplies and stuff like they were about to build a bigger storage building or warehouse for Mr. P’s yard.

Some of the construction workers possibly knew how to speak Spanish and were possibly from Mexico (Mexican), but then I noticed maybe a SUV driving quickly from the street that The E House is on straight toward our yard.

Maybe a woman with medium-color skin was driving it, and she drove through our fence from where the dogs are and through our yard and through the other side of the fence / gate and across our street and across the abandoned yard and back through a fictional version of the forest that had a clearing that led to a fictional back road and forest area.

I was confused how was she able to drive through the fence / gate like that and why, it was a hit and run, and I wanted to go after her so I ran over to my dad and my brother GC to talk to them about this and to see what damage she had done because from a distance I saw no damage oddly.

The construction workers started walking over to see as well, and some of them said a few things to us about it as we talked.

My dad did not think that we needed to go after the woman, I still wanted to go after her, but she was probably too far away now.

Surprisingly the fence / gate was not knocked down, some of the fence had disconnected somewhat but it was still standing and looked normal from a distance, but I woke up as we talked about this.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Chased At An Airport

I had more dreams last night and there were more parts that I can not remember to the dream that I do remember part of, but I can only barely remember part of one dream from last night; during some part of the dream I met my former male classmate JC.

After this my former classmate JC and I and maybe some other people were supposed to meetup later to hangout/whatever, possibly on another day, but when that time came my former classmate JC did not show up; and I did not see him or hear from him again until later in the future (days, weeks, months, a year, or years later).

After a time jump (weeks, months, a year, or years later) I was in the city of D during the day and I drove to a fictional store on the right side of the road near where S’s Motel should be, the store was a bit like a small Dollar General combined with L’s Pharmacy, and while I was shopping I noticed another small store inside this store.

This other small store was like a small pharmacy section (but it was probably not a pharmacy), it was just a large raised counter/area in its own booth-like area with merchandise in the front of it and behind the cashier, and I noticed that my former classmate JC was the cashier and only worker for this store; and so I walked over to greet him since I had not seen him since he failed to show up for the meetup.

I greeted my former classmate JC reminding him that I have not seen or heard from him since he failed to show up for the meetup, I told him that I had no idea what had happened to him, and I asked him if he was okay; and we started to talk about various things, and then we planned another meetup where we were going to meet some people somewhere.

There was another time jump and my former classmate JC was riding in my automobile with me during the day to the meetup location where we were to meet some other people, we drove through the entrance area of a small airport-like area near a small hangar with a small passenger airplane parked near it, and we parked by the airplane.

It seemed that we were possibly going to ride on the airplane with the people we were supposed to meet, no one else was there yet and so we started loading our stuff on the airplane while we wondered where they others were, but then I noticed a large whitish colored sport utility vehicle (SUV) drive up and block the entrance/exit where we had entered.

I was worried that they were after us and that maybe they did something to the people we were supposed to meet or that the people we were supposed to meet had set us up, my former classmate JC and I quickly loaded our stuff back into my automobile, and then we started to drive away past the hangar on a small road leading closer to the airport-like area and whatever else was back there.

This entire area was fenced and so the only entrance/exit that we saw so far was blocked by the SUV, as we started driving away some people (men and women) wearing whitish colored security guard uniforms (security guard uniform shirt with badges, maybe shorts, bicycle helmets) got out of the SUV, and they started riding bicycles toward our direction.

I was not sure if they were after us or not so I slowed down moving over so that they could pass or stop us, they passed us, and so I drove behind them slowly as we approach more traffic; and then I went to make a u-turn so that we could escape back through the entrance/exit.

On the way back a construction worker had our side of the road blocked off and he was holding a sign to direct traffic I guess, he started signaling like maybe we were not supposed to make a u-turn, and so I drove over to him and let my window down to see if he had anything to say to us.

He continued directing traffic as I waited not sure if he had signaled us earlier, I possibly heard some sirens behind us like maybe the security realized that they had passed us, and so I was about to say something to the construction worker so that we could see what he wanted so that we could leave before the security returns; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Sneaking Around A Big Company Building

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, I have no idea how the dream began, but I remember several people and I going into a big multi-story/floor building that seemed to belong to a fictional version of the company that I used to work for; I think that we were running and/or hiding from something, and somehow we found a way into the building where there was no security.

The building was near water in a fictional city, probably one that is sometimes in my dreams, and several of my former classmates JP & FS & several other people were with me.