A Dismembered Finger Moving On Its Own

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

In this dream I was walking through a building when I saw some offices with mostly glass walls / doors, and I saw my coworker Mr. JF on a computer in one of these offices so I stopped to greet him.

We talked, he helped me with something (maybe a computer problem or some kind of other technology related  problem), and we briefly played a video game and / or watched part of a movie; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not, I just remember the dream involving an overweight somewhat older woman with light-color skin with medium-length yellow hair sitting in a dimly lit area in front of a desk, and on the other side of the desk was another woman with light-color skin with maybe medium-length medium-to-dark color hair.

The woman with the yellow hair seemed to be getting interviewed for a daycare or elementary school job by the other woman, the woman with yellow hair used to work here, but there were possibly some issues with her mental / emotional stability the last time that she worked there.

The interviewer was asking her various questions like she was trying to figure out if the woman had gotten help for those problems, and whether she was stable enough now to return to the job.

The interviewer hoped that she had gotten help and had her issues under control, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was possibly inspired by an episode of the television show Z Nation (Season 2) that I watched yesterday with my brother GC.

The dream probably took place during a zombie apocalypse and I was with my brother GC, and we were inside a facility that was partly warehouse-like and seemed to be some kind of emergency facility being used as a shelter et cetera.

The building seemed to be empty oddly except for a possibly not human or not completely human man who possibly had bluish-color skin and / or some kind of other unusual skin color(s) and who looked weird (imagine a less human-looking Alvin Murphy from Z Nation after his skin color et cetera changed), maybe he was a zombie hybrid or a mutant or a test subject or was just some kind of other entity or something, but I have no idea.

We had a run-in with this humanoid man, I am not sure if it got violent or what happened, I just know that the humanoid man got injured somehow and one of his fingers got dismembered somehow (either he did it to himself or it happened in a fight with us I assume).

The humanoid man ended up in another room in another part of the building, and me and my brother GC ended up finding a control room on an upper floor area that could be accessed by stairs from the main area so you could see the main area below.

In the control room we found one or more computers with a map showing other facilities around the world like this facility I assume, and then my brother GC went into another room one or two rooms down from this room.

Eventually my brother GC told me to follow him into the other room so I leave the control room, after walking out of it and closing and possibly locking the door to prevent the humanoid man from finding it, the humanoid man’s dismembered finger walked to the control room door and started cutting the door handle with a small mechanical / electric saw.

I stood there in confusion wondering how this was possible, I was not sure if his finger saw me or not since it had no eyes, I assumed that the humanoid man was somehow controlling it and was possibly after me and my brother GC.

The finger cut the door handle open and it entered the control room, it got on a computer, and then it pressed a button or something that set most or all the facilities in the world as Low Priority which I assumed meant that they would self-destruct and / or be bombed by an automated system or something so the humanoid man was going to destroy those facilities I assumed.

I somehow saw (either the dream jumped to him or I somehow saw him in my mind) the humanoid man in another room smiling and maybe laughing like he could see what his finger could see so I guess he was controlling it, and he seemed happy at what it did on the computer.

I quietly sneaked to the room where my brother GC was and I locked the door.

There was a television on and my brother GC had cut a small opening in the wall in a vertical rectangular shape, and he was in another room that was a middle room and he told me to follow him.

I warned him about the finger and that maybe this facility was going to be destroyed soon too if my assumptions were correct, I turned off the television and the light, and then I rushed to squeeze through the opening to the next room.

I then heard the finger sawing the door handle to reach the first room, and so I tried to hurry but moving through the small opening was hard so I had to breathe in to fit through it better.

I covered the opening with the piece of wall that was cut out, I reached the middle room and my brother GC had cut another opening in the next wall and he was in another room now, and so I turned out the light in this room and I had to squeeze through another opening which was once again a struggle as I panicked to get through as I heard the finger entering the first room.

I covered the second opening with a piece of the wall, I reached the next room that my brother GC was in and I was in a rush / panic to escape the building and get away from the finger and the humanoid man, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Wrestling A Train Conductor

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember the end of one dream that took place on a train during the day and I was talking with some of the train workers, and they noticed that the current train conductor was not paying attention while he was driving the train.

He seemed to be in a trance-like state in heavy thought, and they tried calling out to him without luck; and so they decided to sneak to the control room & I was to distract him to get him to leave the room & they would drive the train once he left the control room.

We did this and the train conductor walked to where I was, and he was a very large/tall strong but somewhat fat looking man with whitish colored skin with long curly black hair with a beard; and some of the other workers then came to tell him that we had tricked him so that they could safely drive the train & so that he could take a break.

Before they came to tell him this he was angry I guess and he was about to fight me, after they explained the situation to him we both decided to have a friendly wrestling match instead of a fight with grappling/wrestling only, and I explained the rules; and we both agreed.

The others started preparing the match even playing some music and doing an entrance for each of us, there was a female worker as well, and I was nervous in a realistic way which is rare for a dream; and I tried to calm myself down & prepare for the match & I came up with a quick strategy.

My plan was to use speed/dodging, and quickly get the man off his feet & defeat him with a submission.

The match started and I pretended to move in for a starting clinch, but I dodged as he reached forward to grab me; and I grabbed him over his guard, and I let him try to slam me & I tripped him causing him to fall with me & I put him in an armbar submission & he tapped out/gave up; and so I defeated him in a few seconds, and everyone was shocked & silent..

I was excited and I was the first person to defeat the large train conductor, and so I became the new wrestling champion among them; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Showing My Grandfather How To Use A MP3 Player | A Familiar Dream With A Spaceship Underwater

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of two dreams from last night that were slightly inspired by the 2013 film Oblivion, with the first dream taking place in a fictional city during the evening, and I went to either visit my grandfather and/or he had called me; and he was in an outdoor/indoor area on a large bed next to a fictional family member or worker who looked like the actor Pierce Brosnan next to a tall hospital/nursing home-like building.

It was a large bed and they were at opposite sides of the bed, Mr. Brosnan seemed to be there to help my grandfather, and they were about to go to sleep; but first I asked my grandfather what he needed, he mention something that I can not remember, and I ended up showing him my Sansa Clip MP3 player & he asked to listen to some music.

I started showing him how to use it and he started listening to music, he was enjoying the music to my surprise, and he laid down in the bed enjoying the music; and he started going to sleep, but as this was going on something confusing was going on in the dream.

Two men wearing ski-masks and/or maybe Master Chief-like helmets arrived outside of the tall hospital/nursing home-like building to hack into the buildings control system which was run/controlled by an AI (artificial intelligence) or being that sounded like Sally from the 2013 film Oblivion and was run/controlled by a group of people who might have been Humans known as Administrators, and the two hackers wanted to take control of the building.

Somehow I saw what was going on even though I was with my grandfather outside, it was like daydreaming, and I saw the Administrators trying to deal with the hacking situation & they all seemed lacking in empathy like the AI or being Sally; and one of the two hackers seemed to have a good level of empathy but the other hacker did not & he was like the Administrators & the AI or being Sally, and at some point the hacker with a good level of empathy hacked his way into controlling the building.

Sally seemed to handle more of the tasks that did not need many Human-like decisions and the Administrators seemed to handle the rest of the tasks, so Sally & the Administrators worked together, but now the hacker who had a good level of empathy replaced the Administrators position through hacking into the system; but Sally was still in control as well, oddly I think that the hacker was no physically in the system or control room somehow.

Somehow I think that I did something to help the hacker by locking out the Administrators and I locked out the hacker’s partner since he lacked empathy, I am not sure how I did this or if I did this exactly, but I think that I did somehow; and so now the hacker with a good level of empathy and Sally were the controllers of the building.

The hacker decided that he would help teach Sally and help her develop empathy, and he would try to help run/control the building/system with Sally in a more empathic way; and so this was a better outcome in my opinion, the Administrators and the hacker’s partner kept trying to unlock the system but they could not, and the dream faded back to me being with my grandfather.

My grandfather seemed to be sleep or mostly sleep still listening to the music, I told Mr. Brosnan that if my grandfather needs help figuring out how to use the MP3 player that he could call me, and I would help them over the phone and/or come back to show them how to use it; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is too unclear in the beginning but the dream was a familiar dream that I had before but a dream that I might have never recorded before, in the dream I recognized that I had dreamed this before/experienced this before, and I knew what was going to happen since things were happening as expected mostly but I did not realize that I was dreaming as far as I know or I did not try to control the dream other than using my memory of what was going to happen to my advantage.

I am guessing that part of the dream took place in a building and something happened, and I escaped by jumping into a sea/ocean/body of water near the building during the night; and I knew that there was a spaceship on the bottom of the sea/ocean/whatever, and the spaceship reminded me of the Normandy from the Mass Effect video game series.

I knew that I had to escape and swim to the bottom of the ocean/sea/wherever fast to reach the spaceship before a group of aliens/military-like people got there, so that is what I did; but as I was trying to close & lock the entrance hatch on the spaceship the aliens/military-like people were trying to get in already to my surprise, and so I tried to run further into the spaceship to reach the control room but it was too late.

The aliens/military-like people burst open the hatch pointing their weapons at me, I surrendered, and I tried to do what I could to convince them to keep me alive; and most of the aliens/military-like people were women as expected from a past dream of this, there were a few men with one of the men being the leading officer, and I think that they looked mostly Human but I do not think that they were Human.

They took me hostage and I tried to convince them to take me to the control room, hoping to lock them out and control the ship, and I convinced the female soldiers to trust me using my knowledge of the past dream of this & they convinced the male officer in charge to let them take me toward the control room.

This group of aliens seemed to have a military-like culture that had more women than men, they somewhat reminded me of The Peacekeepers from Farscape, but maybe they were a military unit & that is why they seemed this way but I am not sure; I wish that I remembered what they looked like, I know that they looked very Human, but maybe they had pointed elf-like ears with light bluish/teal/silver-colored skin & maybe they had cat-like eyes or their eyes were slightly different from normal Humans.

The females were nicer toward me than the few males, the males seemed to want to kill me, but the females out-numbered them & they seemed to have more power socially in their culture than males; and so the males did not bother me, but they did not look happy about me being left alive.

At some point a female officer and two other female soldiers were taking me toward the control room, but something happened; and I ended up getting locked in the control room like I wanted, but someone else had reached it first.

In the control room was a man who appeared to be Human, he might have been a dream character from the past dream of this, and maybe he remembered the spaceship & traveled to it shortly before I did; and so he was trying to control the ship.

He locked the doors to the control room with the both of us locked in it, he locked down the rest of the spaceship, and I think that he started opening the vents to eject the aliens into the ocean/sea/whatever to drown them and/or for them to escape back to the surface to remove them from the spaceship; but I did not want them killed, and I told him to find a better option.

He seemed to want the aliens on the spaceship killed and he was trying to find a defense system on the spaceship to kill all the aliens, and he found out that the spaceship had an AI who once again who sounded like Sally from the film Oblivion; and I argued with him about not harming the aliens, and we probably talked to Sally about our options of dealing with the situation.

Sally seemed to control a lot of the essential tasks/functions on the ship but there were limits to control her/it, but those limits could be removed temporarily to allow her to take complete control of the spaceship; and so the man & I talked to her to decide if we could trust her or not.

I wanted to make sure that Sally would handle the aliens in a way that they would not be harmed and in a way where we could drop them off on the surface peacefully, and then we could fly away in the spaceship; and so I told her some of my ideas and I tried to see/test if she had enough empathy to handle the situation the way that I wanted.

We had time to do this since the spaceship was on lock down, the aliens were trying to cut down the defensive doors or find a way through them but it would take them a while, but I woke up I think or I forgot the rest of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr