The Soviet Union And / Or Russia?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was at The B Parish Library where I work, and I remember seeing my former male classmate DH there so I talked with him.

During our conversation he possibly suggested that I have a party, at some point we said goodbye and I probably told him that I would contact him if I decided to have a party, and then I remember leaving the library and driving during the day past McDonald’s.

On the right side of the road was a parking lot with a small one-story building with a fictional business that I assumed could probably make me some party invitations, and so I decided to go to this business to see if this was true and how much would it cost.

I parked and I went inside the business, all the workers that I saw were female, and there were a few shoppers already there ahead of me at the back of the middle of the room so I waited.

As I was waiting I saw movement out the left corner of my eye, a cover was being removed which revealed two windowed counters with two female workers, and on the left side was a female employee with brown skin and on the right side was a woman with tanned (possibly makeup or a fake tan) white skin with maybe brown hair that was pinned up and she was dressed in a formal military-like outfit that looked like an old solid color old Soviet Union and/or Nazi Germany-like uniform and she looked and sounded like a stereotype of a female soldier in the old Soviet Union and/or Russia.

I then noticed a boy with white skin and maybe yellow hair wearing a male child informal version with shorts instead of a skirt of the outfit that the female employee on the right was wearing, it reminded me of something the Hitler Youth might wear but it was probably an old Soviet Union-style too, and he was playing outside the area where the female employee on the right was sitting so this seemed to be her son.

Near or on the counter where the female employee on the right side was I noticed a nice wooden and metal plaque of a map that seemed to be of the old Soviet Union or Russia and I saw a red and gold symbol that possibly had star on it and seemed to represent the old Soviet Union or Russia, and the map even had text showing the names of places but it was all in Russian it seemed so I could not read it.

The female employee on the right side greeted me with a heavy Russian accent and she asked me what could she help me with today, but the another woman (I am not sure who, maybe the female employee with brown skin on the left side, or a woman behind me who I could not see) said something about the boy who was playing and she said something like this:

“Isn’t that the boy who was saved by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)?” (This was said like maybe the woman said this as a veiled way to warn me, and hopefully cause some trouble and make me not want to do business with the female employee on the right side)

I saw a flashback of the boy inside a building in Russia or the old Soviet Union at a rally, and some members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) were there among mostly citizens of the Soviet Union or Russia.

They were either celebrating saving the boy and/or they had just saved him and then celebrated, I am not sure what they saved him from, and the flashback ended.

The woman on the right side made a facial expression that showed that she was worried that hearing that information would make me leave, so I assume that boy was her son, and that she was worried about some customers reactions to hearing that they had some involvement with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in some way (not that they were members or anything, but that they were possibly in a group who were allies of the KKK maybe but I am not sure).

To their surprise I did not let this bother me, I asked the female employee on the right side if they could make party invitations and how much would it cost, and she told me that they could but she needed to look up how much it might cost so I waited for her to do this.

As I waited I realized that this was a bit stupid of me, I could save money and print my own party invitations using our laser printer, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working at my shelver job at The B Parish Library, which looked different, and my female coworker Mrs. C was there and a fictional female coworker with white skin with maybe long brown hair who was from Russia or the old Soviet Union.

At some point I saw my former male classmate DH like I did in the last dream, but this time he had a fictional male friend with him with dark brown skin with short black hair so I talked with them as I worked and sometimes I stopped working to talk with them.

Sometimes I would catch myself talking too loudly and so I would try to talk quietly when I would catch myself doing this, and I possibly would sometimes blackout where things would suddenly go from black like I was briefly unconscious.

This possibly happened even when I was talking where sudden I would return from black wondering what just happened, and the last blackout seemed very long and I caught myself talking too loudly again.

I was not sure what time it was after the last blackout so I ended my conversation or it had already ended during my blackout, and then I started rushing to finish my work.

I was confused about the blackouts, it seemed that I would blackout but probably still be standing and/or talking, and I would have no memory of what happened during those times.

As I was trying to finish my work I overheard my fictional female coworker from Russia or the old Soviet Union talking to two men with white skin with Russian accents, and I heard her agreeing to steal some probably classified information and/or materials from the library and/or government to give to them so that they could take it back to Russia or the old Soviet Union so they seemed to be spies or something like that who had recruited her to help them because she was from Russia or the old Soviet Union.

She told them to meet her after work at a certain location and she would give them the stolen information and/or materials, and then they left.

I decided that I would follow her after work, catch her in the act and stop her, and return the stolen information and/or materials and turn her in to the Director of The B Parish Library which is Mrs. EC.

After work I waited for her to finish work, I followed her to the location, I caught her in the act and I probably video taped it, I took back the stolen information and/or materials, and then I returned it to The B Parish Library and turned her in to Director EC.

Director EC thanked me, the fictional female employee was fired and probably arrested and the two men were probably arrested, and the stolen information and/or materials were safely returned and the government was probably investigating this incident.

I felt somewhat bad for my former fictional female coworker, but I felt that I did the right thing but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Shopping Mall And A Back Machine And Driving

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it possibly took place in a shopping mall-like building or store, I am not sure if there was more than one store or not, I just remember walking around a large almost Walmart-like store.

I talked with several people as I walked around, there was more that happened that I can not remember, and one part of the dream took place inside a room inside the/a store where there were probably several people who I had talked to already.

I think that there were some people exercising on exercise equipment, talking, doing other things, and using some back machines that you would sit on that would align your back in a certain way and maybe give you a back massage and/or more things that I can not remember.

You could adjust the machine to align your back in certain positions to focus on certain parts of your back, the default focus setting was on the upper back and mid-upper back and low-upper back, and I remember sitting at this machine and adjusting it but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was driving during a gray day down a small quiet back road that was maybe near the countryside, there was not much out here but a few houses and church and buildings, and it probably started lightly raining or looking like it might rain.

I am not sure where I was going or why or what happened during most of this dream, I just remember needing to turn around but there nowhere to turn around on the sides of the road itself, and so I turned into the small parking lot of a small church or bank or building of some kind.

Another automobile was driving up the road so I waited for it to pass so that I could reverse into the road to turn around, but I woke up as I reversed into the road to turn around.

The end,

-John Jr


Doing A Comedy Skit With Arnold Schwarzenegger

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a bit confusing and the dream took place during the day, there was a house like The E House that had stairs that led to an outdoor area or dream world when you walked through one of the doors on the left side of a hallway up the stairs, and the stairs and hallway were like the ones in The E House.

I spent part of the dream with some of my former male classmates including my former classmate JC, but I can not remember where we were or what we did exactly.


Talking To Nurses

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream, which was a very positive dream that took place late in the afternoon or during the early evening inside a medical clinic inside a shopping mall near the entrance of the mall when you first walk inside the mall, and I possibly went to the medical clinic with my brother GC but I can not remember.

If my brother GC was in the dream then I waited in the first waiting room with him where the front desk was until he was called into the second waiting room which was near the door where the nurses (they were mostly female in this dream, but there were maybe a few male nurses and/or nurse practitioners and/or doctors in the dream) would take you once the doctors and maybe nurse practitioners were ready for you, and the second waiting room had windows with a view into the parking lot of the mall but the first waiting room did not.


10-22-2014 | Dream Journal | Getting Interrogated By The Police And Having Conversations With People In A Building And Women And Girls?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I had several long and detailed dreams last night and a few of them were somewhat strange, but I did not voice record my first dream or two; and so I my memory of my dreams are unclear, and I am not sure if what I remember is one or more dreams so I will type them as one.

There was a lot more that happened in this dream or dreams that I can not remember or make sense of, and so what I type below will not make much sense or properly represent what I really dreamed.

I remember walking across a street during the day maybe to a one-story automobile dealership-like building that had a lot of glass windows/walls, I went to the glass door but it looked a bit dark inside like it was close, but the door was unlocked so I walked inside; but then I turned around because I was afraid that maybe no one was there, and so someone would think that I was robbing the place.

For some unknown reason I decided to walk back inside the building to see if anyone was inside or not, I walked around trying to find someone but I did not see or hear anyone, and so I decided to stop searching even though I did not check all the rooms yet; but when I walked outside a girl with whitish colored skin with maybe long brownish colored hair walked up.