Briefly Talking With My Former Classmate BH

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I had a lot of short dreams last night, but I almost all of them except for part of one.

I got awakened & did not try to record my dreams, and then I went back to sleep a bit too long.

Even though I woke up a bit earlier than usual, I still felt like I overslept a bit, and so I forgot even more dreams.

I only remember part of one dream where I think that I was with my brothers D&D inside of a building, but I can not remember anything before this point.

We walked into a room and I saw my former classmate BH, and I was surprised to see him; and I greeted him.

I said something like: “Why if it isn’t BH, I would not expect so see you here, what are you doing here?”.

BH probably responded and I told him why I was there, we briefly talked about what we have done over they years since we graduated from high school, but that is all that I can remember.

*I just remembered part of another dream, I remember one or more women talking about hair relaxer, but that is a that I can remember.*

The end,

-John Jr