A European Titanic Sinclair-Like Man

I am Happy and Sad

At some point in this dream I remember being on the upper floor of a building during the day that somewhat reminded me of the D High School combined with another building, and something was going on that seemed to possibly be connected with my upcoming work trip and maybe something school or college related; and I was there in a room with some of my coworkers taking group photographs and photographs.

At some point me and my supervisor Mrs. JM and my female coworker MA were taking photographs together, and at some point they had me making some poses on a bed or daybed or something and I remember my supervisor Mrs. JM talking / thinking out-loud about me and one thing that she said was something like: “Why am I looking at John or John Jr’s nipples?” and “Am I being weird? Yes, stop being weird, am I talking out-loud? Now that is weird, stop it.”.