A New Newspaper In The UK? | A Chef & Ice Cream & Sink

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly involved a woman with dark-color skin starting her own newspaper in The United Kingdom (UK), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was standing in the entrance of a house and a kitchen during the day, and there was a male chef there who was possibly from the Philippines or Thailand.


Too Many Cooks

This dream was probably partly inspired by me watching these three videos by the YouTube channel TheAdviseShowTV before I went to sleep:

This dream took place inside a house-like building, across the house there were several connected rooms that were small kitchen-like rooms, and in each one there was someone cooking something and each of them had a small amount of ingredients.

There was a line of people waiting with some of their own ingredients waiting to cook their food because there were currently too many cooks, including my mom and maybe some other family members, and an older woman with light-color skin who was cooking offered to share some of her food with us.

I remember a Phillip ‘Phil’ Scott-like man or Phillip ‘Phil’ Scott from the YouTube channel TheAdviseShowTV being there, and I remember him telling me that the current people cooking were racist.

I asked him why did he think that and I pointed out that the woman offered to share some of her food with us, and he replied: “Did you notice that she did not offer to cook your ingredients?”.

I replied yes but that does not make her / them racist, he replied, but I can not remember what he said.

I woke up as we continued talking as he continued explaining his reasoning as I listened with an open-mind.

The end,

-John Jr


An Amusement Park & Frances Swaggart’s Radio Show

All that I can remember of this dream is that the dream probably jumped between various days, and each time I would be at an amusement park-like area during the day.

This amusement park-like place had food stands and restaurants and various other types of stands (booths) et cetera scattered around the area among the amusements and areas with buildings et cetera that represented different countries / cultures.


President Obama’s Armored Car | John Jr Gets A Job At McDonald’s

Source: Wikimedia Commons

President Obama’s Armored Car

I had this dream the night before last, and I was not even in the dream but I could see things like I was watching TV or something.

It appeared that I was watching a news program which showed President Obama giving a quick speech, he appeared to be tired and was rushing the speech, and he was not wearing his suit coat/jacket.

He ended the speech and quickly walked to a black four door armored car, I could tell that it was armored due to the thickness of the doors when the United States Secret Service agent opened it; to my surprise President Obama was going to drive the car himself.

The camera person filming this was trying to get a photograph of President Obama getting in the car, but the Secret Service agent put his hand on the camera and all you could see was his hand; the Secret Service agent then told them to go to commercial break, and oddly the news program went to a commercial.

I found that odd and suddenly I somehow was able to see what was happening, even though I was not there and the news program was on a commercial break.

President Obama drove off quickly after the door was closed and was followed by a few other black cars, they made a left turn on a road as the traffic was being blocked, until the president’s convoy left; then I woke up.

John Jr Gets A Job At McDonald’s

Last night I had a dream that started with me at some building that has been in several of my dreams before, this building usually looks about the same in each dream; but sometimes it is an apartment, or dorm, or house, or several other types of buildings.

The building has no windows, carpet floors, the bottom floor has two stairways, the building has several floors, and many rooms.

This time the building was some sort of place where people ages 18-24 pay to live there to get help with various problems in their life and/or to help them in various ways, basically some sort of life camp or something.

I had paid to stay there for a little while but I had run out money, so I had to pack up and leave; one of the workers there called me over the telephone to asked why I had left, so I explained the situation to her.

I told her that I wanted to stay but I needed a job so I could have enough money to stay there, so she told me that a woman who lived there wanted to quit her job at McDonalds but she needed someone who was willing to replace her.

She said that the woman was a cook during the breakfast shift and she asked me if I was interesting in trying that; I told her that I did not like fast paced jobs and that I had another job that I was considering, but I would like to talk to the woman for more information about the job.

She told me to come back to the building and we would talk more about it there, so I agreed.

I went to the building and the worker I had talked to on the telephone greeted me, but she had a man with her that followed her every where almost like a bodyguard or something.

We talked and walked into a room that looked exactly like my grandfather’s family room and we stood by the dinner table talking, and suddenly a group of women that were staying at the building walked into the room talking.

Then one of the women walked toward me and the worker introduced her to me, and said that this was the woman who she had told me about on the telephone.

The woman then asked me if I was ready to start working at McDonalds today, so I told her that I had not made any decisions yet and that I had just come to get more information about her job.

The worker then told me that the woman had already quit her job because she thought that I was going to replace her, so I quickly mentioned that I had not agreed to that and reminded them that I had only come for more information.

The woman then walked closer to me in anger and said that she had not quit her job for no reason, and that I was going to take her job no matter if I wanted to or not.

She then grabbed me by the shirt with both of her hands and lifted me in the air, like she was Superwoman or something, I was somewhat shocked but not afraid for some reason.

She held me in the air above her head like I barely weighed anything, and everyone else just watched waiting to see what would happen next.

I took a moment to think about what I should do, I was not afraid of the woman oddly, I did not want to defend myself for some reason, and so I decided to do as she said and take her job.

She then put me back on the ground and then I thanked her and the worker, and then I headed to McDonalds.

When I got there I walked into the building and went straight to the kitchen, and I saw some cooked biscuits and some uncooked breakfast sausages next to some hot cooking oil so I decided to start frying the sausages.

There were a few other workers working, but they did not notice me for some reason.

I then cooked two sausages and burnt another, but the burnt one accidentally got stuck in the fryer so I tried to get it out; the oil was somewhat hot but did not burn my hand oddly.

I did not know what I was doing so I started to look around for someone who could show me what I was supposed to be doing, and then I saw a manager talking to one of the workers; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


High School Again And College Dream Fragments

File:We Rule the School.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember a bit of three different dreams.

One dream was about me being in high school again, in all three dreams I did not see the schools but I did get to see one classroom in each dream.

The classrooms were not normal looking classrooms except for the one in my first dream, but I do not remember what it looked like.

All I remember is being in a classroom and I had the strange feeling I was back in high school again, I was wondering why am I in high school when I already finished it?

Also I was wondering how am I in high school again at my current age?

I had a piece of paper that said something about I did not take enough classes back when I graduated from high school, so I had to take a few more classes to really graduate or something like that.

Then my dream switched to what seemed like a college dream, my English teacher from college was teaching a class that seemed like a Math class.

I was in the class, but I did not understand what he was talking about because it seemed like a hard Math problem or something.

I actually sat in the class listening and writing stuff down I think, which is very rare for one of my school dreams, because usually I am just walking around a school or trying to find my class.

After class I was thinking about something, but I do not remember what it was so I went to the next class or it switched to the next day.

This time the classroom looked more like a living room, the teacher was not there yet so I sat down.

I noticed that two of my cousins were there, in real life both have never been to college.

I started to talk to them about what they were doing in college and stuff, but I do not remember what they said.

A substitute teacher came because the real teacher was sick or something, I could not understand any thing the teacher was saying because I guess I missed the class last time or something.

The dream switched to another dream about high school I guess, our class was outside in a field a couple of streets from my house.

It was night-time and looked like it might rain, and there were walls, a door, but no roof.

Our teacher was a cook from the Food Network.

I think she was supposed to be teaching us English, but she was just talking about food and everyone was having a good time talking so she ordered pizza.

The pizza man who brought the pizza knew the teachers name and seemed to know her, so I guess she orders pizza all the time.

The dream changed to another dream that took place in a parking lot close to Dollar General, I can not remember much about this dream except the end.

I was by a building and a big truck stopped to deliver some stuff for the building except no one was there, so I helped the man unload some big metal things off the truck.

Then I woke up.

Then end,
-John Jr