Hope Hicks & President Donald Trump & First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19

CNN has a breaking news article called President Donald Trump Tweets He And First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19 about Hope Hicks, The President Of The United States Donald Trump, and The First Lady Of The United States Melania Trump testing positive for COVID-19:


Various Difficulties

I did not record my dreams and my sleep got interrupted several times, and so I only have vague memories of several dreams involving various difficulties.

The difficulties were possibly the result of Hurricane Laura, COVID-19, and several other things.

Mask Vs No Mask Lab Results – Do They Work?

The mask results were even better than I had expected.

Helping The White House Coronavirus Task Force

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream which seemed to involve some random citizens being chosen to be members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, my dad was one of the people chosen, another was a Chinese American citizen with light-color skin with black hair, and I was either helping my dad or I was chosen as well.

The / Us randomly chosen citizens seemed to be there to help with more minor things in the background instead of appearing at briefings et cetera, and so they / we had to help with some minor decisions choosing various things and various things from some computers.

COVID-19 & Cloth Face Masks & Isabelle Antena & The BP Library

I had many short dreams that I did not record, I can not remember most of them, but I will type what I remember.

Dream 1

I had a variety of dreams involving things related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), especially cloth face masks, and the conflicting information and statements about them throughout the pandemic so far.

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