Luciole – Ombre (Session RendezVousCreation N° 17)

What Is It?

The YouTube video Luciole – Ombre (Session RendezVousCreation N° 17) by the YouTube channel Nicolas Esposito:

Luciole – Ombre (Session RendezVousCreation N° 17)

Here is the description for this video:

Toujours suite à l’après-midi d’interviews et de sessions acoustiques proposé par Damien de ZikNation…

Et après Sexy Plane de 1973…

Voici Luciole !

Avec un morceau qui donne presque son nom à l’album : Ombre.

Bientôt, les interviews…

Et bien sûr, allez voir Luciole sur scène.

Elle a pas mal de dates en France dans les mois qui viennent.

Quelques exemples en Île de France : le 27 septembre à Meaux pour le Festival Musikelles, le 1er octobre à Chevilly-Larue pour le Festival de Marne, le 21 novembre à Tigéry et le 2 décembre aux 3 Baudets.

Merci à Dorine Dufour et Loc Le Van (image).

Nicolas Esposito


A Visit While Watching Something On Netflix With GC

English: Sharp AQUOS television remote with a Netflix button.
File:Netflix button on Sharp Aquos remote 20131106.jpg

In this dream, my brother GC and I were in the living room of our parents house trying to eat some food and talk as we started watching a Netflix movie or TV show.

At some point during this, I noticed someone standing outside the back screen door looking at us.

At first glance I wondered if it was my male cousin ME or another one of my cousins, I then saw that they were with maybe our female cousin KE, some of their family, and some other people they knew.


Waking My Baby Brother? | Sperm Donation & Lauren Phillips?

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a house, I possibly had a fictional baby brother (if he was not my brother, he was definitely a family member of some kind, who knows, maybe he was my son, I doubt it though) who was sleeping on a couch / sofa as I helped my uncle JE & my uncle CC by holding something as they remodeled the room.

At some point, I accidentally did something that made a loud sound, which woke my assumed fictional baby brother, and he woke up & started crying.


A Stomach Rash

Why do we itch? – Emma Bryce

I had more dreams that I remembered & there was more to this dream that I remembered, but I forgot most of it before I could record it; I do know that this dream took place during a gray day at a fictional house & yard that belonged to my parents.

In this dream I had a fictional sister along with my real brothers, my fictional sister was an adult & was possibly older than me or at least closer to my age, and she reminded me of my mom.


DC’s Family Room & Batteries

I had more dreams, but I did not record them; so now I only remember part of my last dream, and in this dream I was inside a building with carpeted floors & halls (hallways).

As I was walking around I found a family room along the sides of a hallway where my female coworker DC & her family had several very old CRT TVs that barely had color, and there were some sofas / couches there too.