A Man’s Conspiracy Theory | Racist Towers (Tow Truck Drivers)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved Abby Martin doing a news report about some facts involving some countries, and some of the negative things that they have done / are doing / et cetera.

Abby probably had a special guest who was a man with light-color skin, and the dream jumped to a man with light-color skin who was watching this news report.

This man did not think that Abby went far enough in her news report, and he had his own conspiracy theory that combined a lot of unverified and questionable assumptions / opinions with a few facts from Abby’s news report.

The man seemed a bit obsessed about this and so he went around telling his family, friends, et cetera about this.

He possibly even called Abby’s show to argue with her about his conspiracy theory, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I seemed to be at a new job that I used to have in the past, maybe it was a fictional version of The BP Library combined with something else, and part of the building was connected to an area that was like The BP School Board combined with an automobile dealership.

At some point I remember being in a room when my coworker Mr. CF walked in to tell me something, some other people walked into the room as well doing something else, and Mr. CF told me that he wanted me to help him with something so he told me to follow him and he walked off.

I had to quickly finish something else before I could follow him, and so when I went after him I did not see him so I walked around the building looking for him and maybe I asked a few people if they had seen him.

I walked into The BP School Board-like area where a man with light-color skin with gray hair wearing dress clothes was talking to a woman with light-color skin with red hair who either was or looked like my former female classmate HM, and the man turned around and greeted me.

He said something that I could not completely understand that sounded like he incorrectly assumed that I was the new architect or person who was going to move some buildings or something, and then he started telling the woman that she was to go with me so that I could train her or show her her new job or something.

After he finished talking I probably let him know that he was mistaken, and then I walked outside looking for Mr. CF.

I did not find him but my brother GC showed up like he was getting off work, and so I gave him a ride home.

When we were almost home I noticed some vehicles towing some mobile homes toward my parent’s street, and so I drove around the back route to cross the field instead where I let my brother GC walk across while I tried to reach the yard to park if I could.

To my surprise the mobile homes were already moved to their spots between the yard of our neighbor Mr. RD and The Gas Money Family at The B House, and the people who moved them were standing next to their vehicles talking.

All of the people who had driven the vehicles had light-color skin and they all looked and acted like stereotypes of rough racist lower class Southerners, and I waved at them as I drove past and I pulled into my parents yard to see The B Van flipped upside down and something else was tipped over so I had to deal with one of these before parking but I was not sure how I would deal with The B Van because it is too big and heavy to flip over.

Near the street one of the racist-looking towers was struggling to do something, and so I asked him if he needed some help and he angrily yelled No! without looking at me really like he hated me and was annoyed and was being racist.

Several other towers walked over to him including a woman, they gave me the cold shoulder too, and ignored me while talking to the man.

I was annoyed and angered by this but it was predictable behavior so I just in my mind I just said: “Beep you! Getting an attitude with me, I was just being nice and asking if you  needed help, that is no way to treat someone” and quietly out-loud I said something like: “Help yourself then, that saves me time, you saved me from wasting my time; and so thank you.” and I mumbled some more complaints about wishing they would try to attack me or something because I was ready to knock them out if they tried.

I calmed myself down and told myself to not let them ruin my day, and I continued what I was doing.

The racist towers looked like maybe they were going to either rent out the mobile homes and / or live in them, and maybe they were going to try to take over the neighborhood and push the rest of us out; but I hoped that they were just towers dropping them off for someone else, and that we would not be getting any new neighbors especially people like them.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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The end,

-John Jr


Protecting My Family | Western Countries Firebombing The Islamic State (IS)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had some longer detailed dreams last night but I forgot all of them except for part of the end of two dreams, all that I remember of the first dream is that it took place inside a multi-story house that was somewhat like E Manor, and I was there with my family (except for my brother CC).

I think that we were on the first floor watching a film together in a large living room with its own mini-cinema, on the upper floor or floors were some armed men who possibly were part of a gang led by a man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and maybe a mustache, and the leader sent his men to attack us so I got an expandable baton and a blackish colored metal pistol.

I opened the door to the stairs, which were like the stairs in E Manor, and I walked up the stairs to stop his men before they could reach the first floor, and they probably had illegal drugs and strippers and prostitutes in some of the rooms; and I tried to peacefully handle the situation, but they attacked me.

I used hand-to-hand combat to start defeating them until some of them pulled out mêlée weapons so I started using my expandable baton to fight them as well, and when some of them pulled out their guns I started shooting them with my pistol; but one of the men ran to the first floor to attack my family, and so I ran after them.

The man was tall and thin with light-medium brownish colored skin wearing a baseball hat/cap we started fighting before he could attack my family, but he did not seem to feel pain and maybe he could not die because I was beating him easily in hand-to-hand and mêlée combat but he kept getting up; and I even shot him several times, and so I probably tied him up eventually but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream involved mostly some Western countries (probably led by the USA) bombing The Islāmic State (IS) or a group similar to them in a Middle Eastern country in a city that they took over, they were so desperate to defeat The IS or The IS-like group that they were going to firebomb the city and use other types of bombs that would cause a lot of damage and kill innocent people, and there were arguments about this among the Western countries but they decided to do it anyway.

The Western countries had one or more local citizens in the country/city who they gave hidden surveillance and communications and GPS/tracking equipment so that they could walk around showing them the damage/situation while being able to communicate with them while being able to track them to  hopefully avoid them being bombed, and they were supposed to spy/report the situation from the ground for the Western countries.

The Western countries started firebombing and bombing part of the city where most of The IS members were, they had soldiers flying fighter aircraft doing the bombing and firebombing it seems, and the bombs caused a lot of damage; and at some point they told the local citizen or local citizen spies to walk to the area to report the situation, and they told the soldiers to watch out for them on their maps/radar to avoid bombing them.

One of the local citizens was a man with medium brownish colored skin wearing traditional whitish/tannish colored clothing for this area and he had a head covering probably, he walked around showing the damage and reporting the situation, and there was fire/smoke and lots of destroyed buildings in this part of the city; and it looked terrible and depressing and I wondered how many innocent people died, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Accidentally Hurting A Man With Health Problems | Kids From Different Countries Having A Military-Like Competition? | Dashie’s (Charlie Guzman’s) Parody Of Escape Plan?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Somehow I remembered part of two or three dreams (I am not sure if two of them or one dream or two separate dreams and so I will separate them as three dreams) even though I slept pretty well/solidly except for having problems waking up a few times because of having gas from something I ate yesterday and feeling like I had to use the bathroom but I stayed in bed each time not really thinking about my dreams or recording them but somehow I still remembered part of some of them without really trying amazingly; and I woke up with a slight sore throat, but it will probably go away.

Dream 1

The dream took place on a gray and cloudy afternoon or evening on a slightly fictional version of Eastside near a field by the road not far from where my former uncle DW lives probably (this is probably not the beginning of the dream but this is where my memory starts), I was driving my automobile down the road when I saw a man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair in a wheelchair on the side of the road who I recognized as someone my dad knew, and so I stopped to see if he needed help; and he told me that he was trying to get to the house of one of his family members so that they could take him to his doctor’s appointment or something like that. *After reading Ingidisa’s newest dream I think that the man in the wheelchair might have been a fake/fictional version of the man who(m) my dad knew who died yesterday, the last time that I saw him was about two weeks ago as he was going down the road on Eastside in his electric wheelchair/scooter.*

I agreed to take him to the house of one of his family members and I helped him inside my automobile and I put his wheelchair in the back of my automobile probably, and we talked as we drove to the house; and he told me about how he had a lot of health problems, especially problems with his legs/knees/et cetera, and we talked about my dad and how he knew my dad and about some of his memories from the past.

We got to the house quickly because it was not far away and it was still on Eastside, I helped him back into his wheelchair probably and we went to the door, and an attractive female family member of his with light-brownish colored skin with long straight somewhat shiny brownish and/or blackish colored hair answered the door and greeted us and let us in; and they were going to wait around a bit until it was time to leave for the doctor’s appointment, and so I stayed to visit with them until then.

Slowly some more of his family members arrived at the house to hang out, usually younger family members, and one or more of them possibly seemed to be younger versions of some of my cousins from my dad’s side of the family like my cousin CH and so I wondered if I was somewhat related to the man and/or just part of his family; and at some point the husband of the woman who had answered the door earlier came out of their bedroom and he looked almost exactly like my former uncle DW, he somewhat greeted us with a slight nod of his head like he did not want visitors and he walked off, and so I was not sure if he was my former uncle DW or one of his brothers who looked like him.

The younger family members talked with us, watched TV, played games, et cetera and at some point I helped the man in the wheelchair get up the stairs to the second floor; and at some point it was time to leave for his doctor’s appointment and so I tried to help the man in the wheelchair downstairs but I tripped on some objects that the young family members left on the stairs that caused me to stumble but not fall (I have good balance and/or good fall resistance skills) causing the wheelchair to go down the stairs too fast and the man hit is feet/legs against the stairs and there was a hard crash once we hit the bottom but I did not allow the wheelchair to fall over or the man.

The man said that he hurt his legs/feet/knees and he was in a lot of pain (moaning a bit) and a bit angry, he said that he could not go to his doctor’s appointment now, and so I felt bad and I apologized to him; and the woman who had opened the door for us earlier came to help him, and I walked back to the living room feeling bad as the kids were still having fun and either the next part of the dream started or I had another dream after waking up but I am not sure.

Dream 2

This might have been part of the first dream but I am not sure, I think that the dream took place outside behind the house from the first dream and the kids from the first dream were probably there and the woman from the first dream and some other adults from their family who were not in the first dream and I was there, and it was not as gray or cloudy outside now.

Kids from different countries and the adults with each group from each country slowly arrived outside behind the house, there was an obstacle course-like area outside with a pond near it and this obstacle course-like area had wooden structures and buildings/ropes/chains/zip-lines/and various other challenges, and the group of kids from each country were going to compete against each other in a competition of some kind that seemed a bit military-like.

There were groups of kids from around the world wearing different uniforms/clothing and speaking different languages, and at some point the competition began; and we watched as each team competed one-at-a-time, and each team had a kid who was the leader of the team who gave orders as the other kids in their group went through obstacle course and showed off their discipline/style/teamwork/strategies/leadership/et cetera.

I remember one team who probably was from France and who probably spoke French in the dream were wearing light blueish colored military-like dress uniforms with berets, they were very disciplined, and they had a very good/serious/strict boy leading them; and so they were one of the teams expected to possibly win the competition.

I got to see one or more teams from Europe compete and a few teams from other continents compete, and I got to hear the different languages that each team spoke depending on which country they were from.

I can not remember how many rounds/parts of the competition there would be or how many countries were part of it, I just know that the kids from the first dream were in the competition as well, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

This dream might have been two connected but separate dreams but I can not remember, the first part is unclear but it involved Dashie from YouTube doing a video skit with a woman, and something in the video skit left a lot of the audience thinking that the woman (who might have been his sister) and/or his sister were in an incestuous relationship; and so a lot of people were commenting on his video about that, and so he had to keep explaining to the people that they were incorrect/wrong and explain that they misunderstood the video skit.

Dashie and the woman and/or his sister were surprised by the reaction(s) of a lot of their audience to the video, they were confused how could so many people misunderstand their video, and I was there because we were on the set for their next video that was going to be a short film that was a parody of the film Escape Plan (2013) but a bit comedic and scary for Halloween.

I talked with them about why I felt so many people misunderstood the video, and I tried to explain it to them based on the overview of some of the comments that I read about the video and from my opinions on the video; and at some point it was time to start filming the short film, and so I helped but I can not remember how I helped.

I just remember various scenes for the short film being filmed/acted/et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr