The Rental E House | An Assassin Among Prisoners

Dream 1

This dream took place at a larger, somewhat fictional version of The E House that my mom’s side of the family was renting out, and it had been used as a: summer school, summer camp, maybe college, business retreat, and more over the years.

I even had false memories of this and having gone to school and / or college and / or summer camp there at some point when I was younger.


JP Claps My Cheeks

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at a fictional version of The BP Library at work during a gray day, then I was visiting it and my coworkers, and maybe the topic of UFOs came up at some point probably because of a news article that I read before going to sleep by Live Science called Top-Secret UFO Files Could ‘Gravely Damage’ US National Security if Released, Navy Says. (Oddly people do not seem to be talking about this news on YouTube yet)

Then I left with my mom into a back fenced in courtyard/parking lot to leave by automobile, my coworker Ms. JM was closing the gate as we were about to drive through, but I woke up as she was opening the gate for us.


A Gang Selling Things From A Lobby?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside and outside in dimly lit areas that seemed to somehow be part of where I possibly lived and possibly part library and part school-like, and in this outdoor/indoor-like courtyard area I had a computer that seemed to be mine.

I remember using the computer at some point and then I went to the bathroom or something in one of the few completely indoor areas, and then I returned to log-out of my computer because I had forgotten.

There were other people around using this area so I was glad that I remembered that I had not logged out because some random student or library patron could have had access to everything.

At some point I joined up with the students like I was a student too, even though I was older than everyone it seemed, and I remember waiting in line with the students as I talked to a thin male student with dark-color skin.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember driving to a fictional parking lot with one or more people, and we went inside a building that looked an abandoned building in the entrance lobby.

The lobby was rough and mostly concrete with almost no furniture like they wanted to discourage people who were homeless from using this, there was a mostly empty office-like room or a room that people used to sale things from, and there were some bathrooms and a few other places.

It seemed that this part of the building was abandoned but could be used by the public, but they probably only wanted people to just use the bathrooms and leave.

Past this were some doors that led to what looked like a school that was still being used by some people, and it was in better condition and it was not all concrete.

At some point after leaving the school area there was a middle-aged man with light-color skin holding a box having a standoff with another man who seemed homeless and had dark-color skin, they acted like they may pull guns on each other if this deal failed, but they were only joking around.

There was now a line of people outside of the empty office-like room, there was a group inside that room of men with dark-color skin who seemed to be gang members who would sometimes use this room to sell and trade things with people, and they had lookouts et cetera outside the building and inside the building.

It seemed that they would set up briefly somewhere and people would come to trade and buy things, probably including illegal things, and I walked outside to walk to my automobile and there was a line outside as well.

I did not want anything to do with this, I was going to wait in my automobile until the others were ready to go, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A BP Library And A Shootout With Daenerys Targaryen

Source: IMDb

I only recorded part of my last dream or my last two dreams, I am not sure if this is one or two dreams, because they shared the same or similar area.

I went to bed after maybe 4:00 AM after watching the first episode of Game Of Thrones (Season 8), and so part of this dream or dreams was inspired by this.

This dream or dreams took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, and I went to a fictional area near maybe where T Street should be.

In this area was a building that was connected to a multi-story school (maybe a fictional version of The PW Elementary School) and possibly several other buildings with one or more nice courtyards with grass and planets and maybe even water fountains and benches et cetera, and somewhat in the distance to the right of this was a street.

I was on foot at this point when I walked inside the first building, it was a multi-purpose one-story building that was like a very small shopping mall / shopping center, and so there were little shops et cetera along the main hallway, and at some point I reached one or two openings that were like ramps that went up to an upper floor of the school I assumed.

I walked to the front of the entrance of one of these ramps looking around trying to figure this out, I saw a security (surveillance) camera above me, and so I turned around and I returned to the main hallway to continue walking hoping that I did not look too suspicious.

Eventually I reached an area that seemed to be a library that started at the open end of the hallway and it continued into the last room, and so I walked through it trying to figure this out.

I discovered that it was a fictional small branch of The BP Library that I did not know about, a female employee with light color or light-medium color skin was trying to stand on a small chair to reach the ceiling above a short round wooden table like she was trying to mount something on the ceiling, and so I stopped to offer to help her while asking her about this library and I let her know that I work at the main branch of the library here.

A male supervisor stopped by and said something to the woman, she needed some batteries for whatever she needed to mount on the ceiling, but they did not seem to have any so I said that I might have some in my automobile that they could have so the woman and I walked outside talking to look for the batteries.

On my way outside the building my former coworker Mrs. LF from The BP Library was entering the building, I held the door open for her and I greeted her, and she told me that she was here to visit the library and how she often comes to this library branch and how she likes to sit and read a book in the courtyard outside near the parking lot; and then we said goodbye.

The fictional female coworker and I continued our journey outside, we walked through the nice courtyard that Mrs. LF had mentioned, and I remember saying how nice the courtyard was while looking around (on our left side I saw the field / courtyard and walkways leading to the school, and any other possible buildings) until we reached my automobile in the parking lot to search for the batteries.

I remember seeing one or two automobiles driving along the street our right side, but the street was far enough away to where you could still have a bit of privacy if you were in the courtyard.

I can not remember if we found any batteries or not in my automobile, either this dream ended here and I had another dream after briefly waking up and going back to sleep, or this dream changed slightly to where I was now in what looked like my parents house.

I walked to the kitchen and the Game Of Thrones characters Daenerys Targaryen and Jorah Mormont were in there standing up talking and doing something, and so I greeted them but I can not remember what was said.

I think that Daenerys wanted something, I just remember Jorah leaving so that we could talk privately or something, and then Daenerys and I left to get whatever she wanted or whatever.

We walked outside to the same or similar area of the courtyard that was near the parking lot, and then we walked through a field / courtyard between several multi-story buildings with a stone tower-like building with windowless windows near the end.

Daenerys stopped in this area to demand something from someone who was maybe at the window of a building to our right side, the person refused, and then the person started shooting at Daenerys or us from the window with an assault rifle set to automatic fire.

Daenerys ran to the base of the stone tower-like building to take cover while I covered her from a distance, and I stood in the way in the middle of the field / courtyard in front of the tower yelling to the shooter to stop this violence but this was not working.

Daenerys magically had an AK-style assault rifle now and she started shooting back at the shooter with automatic fire, and so a shootout began and I was still standing in the open trying to cover Daenerys from a distance without any weapons or armor while trying to get both sides to stop shooting.

Other people joined the shooter and they started shooting from windows of buildings with assault rifles with automatic fire, some had AKs and some had maybe AR-15 style assault rifles, and then other people joined Daenerys and they shot at the other shooters from other windows of other buildings using assault rifles with automatic fire; and so it was a large shootout with me standing in the open with bullets flying around me from automatic fire while I still was yelling for everyone to stop, and I was wondering how I was not getting shot yet.

Eventually I was able to get both sides to stop shooting at each other, amazingly no one got shot, and so I started to wonder and assume that maybe Daenerys had some kind of special power or protection that protected her and anyone close enough to her from getting shot or something or everyone was just very bad at shooting.

I got both sides to talk it out, but I woke up as this was happening as I tried to make sense of how no one (especially me) had gotten shot.

The end,

-John Jr


Corrupt Police Trying To Make Chiana A Sex Slave?

File:WW Philadelphia 2013 - Chiana (9052867284).jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I woke up one or more times needing to urinate but I did not feel like getting out of bed so I kept going back to sleep, I remembered some dreams but I would forget them after going back to sleep, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of this dream was partly inspired by Episode 1 (Eye Of The Beholder) of the television show Fear The Walking Dead (Season 3), which I watched last night.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I was in the front of my parent’s yard when I heard and saw a disturbance going on up the street between a male police officer with light-color skin with dark hair wearing maybe a dark-color uniform (who slightly reminded me of a more aggressive version of Negan from the television show The Walking Dead) and one or more people.

The police officer threatened the person or people, he said some things that made it clear that he a corrupt, and he said some things that made it sound like he was leading his own underground organization of corrupt law enforcement.

I remember the police officer threatening a woman, he probably also threatened the woman’s child who was not there, and he was trying to force her into sexual slavery and / or forced prostitution which was one of several illegal things that his underground organization was involved in.

The police officer was angry and yelling, he left at some point, and I started talking to the woman to see if I could help her.

The woman looked like the character Chiana from the television show Farscape, except that she looked like a combination of a Nebari (which is the alien species that she is part of) and a Human, and so she looked like a combination of the character Chiana and the actress Gigi Edgley who plays her.

But as I was talking to her I saw a man with light-color skin with yellow hair slicked back and / or sideways wearing a tan maybe sheriff’s uniform walking up the street with a man and a woman, and he somewhat reminded me of the character Troy Otto from episode 1 of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead.

Chiana ran over to the new police officer or sheriff to report the previous police officer, the woman and man with him possibly left but I can not remember, and the sheriff listened to the Chiana and talked to her like he was friendly and was going to help her.

The sheriff told Chiana that he would help her and he asked her to follow him, and so I followed them from a distance to make sure that Chiana would okay because even though the sheriff acted friendly he reminded me of Troy Otto too much so I was suspicious of him and did not completely trust him.

The next thing that I remember is being in a grass courtyard-like place between at least one building and either some tall structures or walls or buildings so it was its own private area, there was possibly a trail around the corner but I never looked to see if it was or not, and there was an opening to an underground tunnel with people in it.

The sheriff took Chiana into the entrance area of the underground tunnel, eventually he revealed that he was part of the underground group that the other corrupt police officer was part of, maybe a different faction within it but it was not clear.

He wanted Chiana to voluntarily become a sex slave and / or prostitute for the group like the other corrupt police officer had wanted, he explained that the other corrupt police officer and his group were very dangerous and that she should listen to what he says and that faction demands sex slaves for themselves, and he probably reminded her about the threats made against maybe her child.

It seemed that the corrupt police would use sex slaves for themselves and maybe prostitute them out for money, and that was just one of several illegal things that seemed to be going on in this tunnel so there underground organization was literally underground and involved slavery among other things.

There were other people there who seemed to be part of their forced (slave) workers doing various things (entertainment, providing food and drink, maybe stripping, sex, maybe making and selling illegal drugs, maybe selling illegal weapons and ammunition, et cetera) and maybe some of the corrupt law enforcement officers were there, it was a messed up situation, and this underground group seemed to be dangerous and have a lot of power so my options would probably be limited in trying to help Chiana and to stop this group.

Chiana was still refusing but the sheriff became angry and he threatened her and maybe her child (who was not there) and said that she was going to do it whether she wanted to or not, he said that he wanted an answer when he gets back, and he left angrily.

I walked over to Chiana telling her to not do it, I was not sure what we could do to stop the underground group because it was run by corrupt law enforcement officers, but I would try to help her but she looked very sad and like she was going to say yes.

She told me that she was worried about the safety of her child and that she did not see how we or anyone else could protect them from this underground group, she thanked me for offering to help, and then she started to walk further into the tunnel but I heard something.

I am not sure where they came from, either the assumed trail or a hole in a wall or hole in a building or from the tunnel, but I heard and saw many rats and / or mice running like something had scared them.

I immediately probably assumed that it was something dangerous like zombies, something like this happened in that episode of Fear The Walking Dead that I saw last night, and that we needed to run so I probably yelled that everyone should leave because something dangerous was probably coming.

I turned to see that everyone was gone oddly, I somehow knew that the building to my right belonged to my mom’s family and that some of our family members were there now, and so either this building was in an earlier forgotten part of the dream and / or a past dream and / or I just magically knew this.

There were some stairs that led up to an upper floor, I knew that this would lead to a hall that led to one or more other floors inside the building, and so I ran up the stairs.

I stopped at the top of the stairs to look back to see if the zombie or zombies or assumed threat(s) were there yet, I saw that a car had pulled up from maybe the trail, and my aunt RE got out of it to get something out of her trunk.

I yelled to my aunt RE to warn her about the possible danger, she said okay and quickly got her stuff out of the trunk, and she walked up the stairs so then I went into the building to safety and to use the bathroom because I needed to urinate.

This building was multi-story with many halls and rooms, it was basically a fictional E House or maybe only part of the building was The E House, and this building was familiar to me.

The first hall had a door at the end of the hall to the right that possibly led to another hall on the same floor or a room, and at the end of the hall up some stairs was another door that led to a hall on another floor so I ran to this door.

Like I thought it led to another hall on another floor, I could go left or right on this long hall, and there were various doors and some were doors that you pushed open and they did not have door knobs and I knew that some of the doors like that led to bathrooms so I found a bathroom to my right on the first try.

It was a narrow rectangular bathroom with a toilet and sink, a partial divider with another toilet, and then a bathtub at the end that took up the width of the room because the room was that narrow.

I felt comfortable and safe in this building, it seemed that the underground group did not bother this building I assume even though one of the entrances to their tunnel was in the courtyard, and the furnishings and decorations in this building gave it a comfortable feeling like a house and movie theater combined with a school and maybe another type of building.

I started to urinate in the first toilet but I woke up.

In the real world I really needed to urinate pretty badly.

The end,

-John Jr