A Dead Man Who Looks Like My Dad? | Getting Attacked By A Giant Creature Who Becomes A Female Giant / Giantess?

Last night I slept pretty well and I had several clear dreams but I was partly awakened a few times during the night because of heat from the heater that was set to high and because someone left the bedroom door open, and I got awakened by people making too much noise several times; and so unfortunately I forgot most of my clear dreams, but I do barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I remember walking outside around a building complex/courtyard that was mostly made of concrete I think, it was a bit maze-like and it somewhat reminded me of the D Junior High School, and there were outdoor businesses / stands / et cetera around the area; and many people were there shopping, walking, talking, having fun, et cetera.


My Cousin CE + 4YallEntertainment + My Brother GC + My Former Classmate AP + The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim = ?

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I somewhat remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, the dream seemed to take place in a world that was a combination of our current time period/world and the time period/world of the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and I remember being at a fictional house/apartment house that belonged to my cousin CE and her fictional boyfriend or husband who was Trey Richards from the 4YallEntertainment YouTube Channel/crew.

My brother GC and I were there spending the night at the house, I remember my brother GC was smithing items for my cousin CE and her fictional boyfriend or husband, and I remember my brother GC saying that they even paid him $1,000 for some of the items that he smithed for them using a workbench that was in their house; and my brother GC seemed to be good at smithing, and my cousin CE probably had us spend the night so that my brother GC could smith some more items for them.

I remember us briefly talking with my cousin CE and her fictional boyfriend/husband, they got in bed at some point and later we had to wake them up to ask them something, and her fictional boyfriend/husband accidentally knocked them both from their bed because we accidentally scared him when we woke them/him up and they were both either naked or in underwear but we could not tell because they still had the bed sheets covering them fortunately.

The next morning I remember going outside to a courtyard that looked like a courtyard in a city from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there were a few people in the courtyard, and one of them was a woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish/dark-colored hair wearing a mesh-like covering/top over her clothes or leather armor who I somehow knew; and she was smithing something, I brought her some socks for her boyfriend that she had requested, and she introduced me to her boyfriend who was my former classmate AP wearing leather armor.

My former classmate AP was not smiling and he acted a bit sad and slave-like, I briefly said a few things to him, and then I went back to talking to the woman; and she asked me for some more socks for her other boyfriend, I was surprised/confused by this, and she explained to me that she had several boyfriends and we had a conversation/debate about this.

I gave her some more socks and she told me that she might ask me for some more socks soon for a third boyfriend, she said that having one boyfriend was boring, and that each boyfriend knew that she had other boyfriends and they had no problem with it; and then we said goodbye, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Reckless Tortuga Scene?

I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them and my last dream had various parts, but I forgot almost all of those parts as well.

I know several parts of the dream took place in and outside of a fictional building that was like a school/building complex; and I think that it was a one-story building with many halls & rooms.


The Abandoned Arts Center

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot to mention that the last 10 or so dreams I added were all old dreams from my private blog; some are days old, some weeks, and some about a month old.

I only remember parts of my last dream last night, it took place in what I think was a fictional version of LC.

I do not remember how I got to this point of the dream my guesses are: that the beginning had me in the past in this place but now I was in the future/present, or that I had been to this place in another dream before, or that someone in the dream had told me about this place, or I went inside the arts center & learned some of this information, or I just guessed.

All I know is that I parked in a field that was near the road, there was a nature trail with a graveyard for soldiers on the left and on side of that was a park with people in it.

As I walked up the nature trail it led to what use to be a nice small garden / park / arts center / property of a rich family.

I am not sure if I went in the building or guessed this or went into the building earlier in the dream, but I remember that the building and property either belonged to or was mostly funded by a rich family.

I think it was used for art, theater, cinema, music, literature, and French.

The building was a nice modern one floor building with many windows, the top edges of the left & right side of the building were shaped like half circles.

The outside of the building had the nature trail, an old Roman / Greek style pillared courtyard, garden, and I think even a small house.

Everything was abandoned looking with vines and messed up plants all around, except for the arts building which was the newest building there.

I am not sure how I knew this, but Pauline Croze had come to this building for a concert before in the past and the Alliance Française use to have events and classes there.

Inside the building it was almost like a museum since it had the history of the building, the organizations that funded it or were a part of it, and information about the important visitors & events there were held there.

I think the place probably had a few people who were involved in running the place for years and a rich family were the main funders/contributors of it, but I think all of them eventually died and so the funds to keep it running ended.

I think people use to walk around, talk, eat, have small concerts, share art & literature, watch plays & independent films, and learn French.

I only remember parts of the inside of the building, I know there was a welcoming desk, pictures, text, videos, and other things around the building.

So maybe I learned about this place from those things, but it seemed like I had been there before or someone explained it to me and/or I visualized/imagined that I had been there.

I either looked inside the building or I stood there thinking or remembering, and I thought how sad it was that the place was going to waste away now.

Then I walked around the outside trying to guess what some of the places had been and how they use to look.

I imagine the place use to be very nice looking long ago.

I think I walked through the graveyard, which was not well-kept, and tried to avoid stepping on the graves as I walked toward the park.

There were people at the park next door, having a good time, kids & adults.

The weather was nice and sunny, and people were relaxing; it was nice.

I looked for a few moments and then started to walk back to my automobile; then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂