New Jobs

I had more dreams but I can only barely remember part of one dream from last night, the dream involved me getting a job that was like my current shelver job at The BP Library combined with my former job at LBS, and so it was like a combination of a non-profit with a for-profit corporate.

Like my former scanner job at LBS, this business seemed to be new or had just moved here, and so they had a large hiring/job fair-like event where many other people were there and many of us got jobs on the same day because they needed many employees.

The building was a one-story building with various hallways, I started my job after probably signing up and after we all had a meeting (orientation) for our new jobs, and it seemed to involve shelving and maybe other things that I can not remember.

I remember shelving and organizing books and other items mostly, I am not sure how many days passed in the dream, but I remember most of my coworkers and I being called to a room for a meeting.

We probably learned that most of our jobs were only temporary and that maybe most of us no longer had jobs now, for now at least, and so they probably only needed us sometimes.

We possibly had to sign some paperwork and I remember my coworkers talking about the situation even as we started to leave the building, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Some Of My Coworkers At The BP Library Wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) T-Shirts

Several months ago Chris Stuckmann on YouTube made a video called, The Japanimation Era – Retro Rewind, about some of the older Japanese anime that he saw when he was a kid.

Some of those anime films I had not seen yet so I decided to download the first one he mentioned, which was called They Were Eleven, and I did not expect to like this older anime because I thought that I would not like the 1980s visual style and I thought that the dubbing would be terrible and I assumed that the anime would not have aged well and I have never heard of this anime before.

An Indoor Dock + Sea Monster + Tommy Savas = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of my last dream but I am having problems concentrating and there are various distractions around me distracting me, and so I will probably type a very unclear version of the dream which is already unclear/confusing.

The dream was like a combination of real life, a movie, and a dream and it was a pretty deep dream (like I was sleeping and/or dreaming deeply and/or the atmosphere was deep if that made any sense) so it was extra confusing; and it seemed to take place indoors like maybe bad weather/a storm and/or a disaster and/or a threat was possibly outside, and so I was in a dimly lit windowless multi-story building with an indoor dock.

During different parts of the dream I was with different people like some of my family, fictional people who lived in this building with me, maybe some fictional co-workers, maybe some fictional friends, some fictional soldiers who were in the military with my brother CC, and then some fictional friends/family/co-workers/et cetera of those people; and the actor Tommy Savas was one of those people who was in the dream during several parts of the dream.

I remember spending a lot of time in the indoor dock area with several other people, the dock was probably mostly metal with a tall ceiling and large doors that opened like a garage to the sea/ocean/whatever, and the water was dark and there were several areas where we could walk around and across the water; and a large sea monster was under the water that had some tentacle-like arms.

We tried to avoid disturbing the sea monster but at some point the weather or something like that got bad enough to where we had to close the garage-like doors to the indoor dock, which trapped the sea monster in with us, and so the sea monster became angry; and it started trying to attack us as it tried to find a way to escape, but I can not remember if any of us died or not.

I remember us running up some stairs to an upper floor that led to a hallway in the building where we lived, try to avoid the sea monster and some wild non-human animals that attacked us as well and maybe a large male human or humanoid attack us also, and I remember fighting the wild non-human animals and the large male entity while the others escaped into the hallway.

I defeated them and then I entered the hallway where we met the various other people we knew in a lobby-like area or room, this part made it seem that part of the dream was a movie because it seemed that people were arguing about the movie and their parts in it, and the actor Tommy Savas was with us arguing with someone about this; and so someone else and I had to calm the situation.

After the situation calmed down everyone agreed on their roles in the movie, they made plans for continuing the filming of it, they started practicing their lines/roles, and then we all started to hangout and have fun; and everyone in the dream joined us, including my family, and I remember some of the people preparing to go to a party.

One of the fictional soldiers who knew my brother CC told one of the men who was getting ready for the party that he should change what he was wearing and/or his haircut because many of the soldiers who would be at the party would probably make fun of him, and I remember people joking about the situation; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A City | Radio Host | The Attic Fan

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I do not remember much of my three dreams due to the fact that I woke up several times, and I did not take time to try to remember them because I felt like going back to sleep.

A City

The first dream is the most unclear, and it took place in a fictional version of LC I think.

I think I drove and walked around the city, and I probably talked to a few people.

I can not remember anything else really except that it was day time, and I went to different parts of the city in the dream.

Radio Host

In my second dream I was a radio host, and I was giving out free vacation prizes to the first two callers.

I remember going out into the country to give the tickets to the winners, and I felt uncomfortable & unsafe because I was going to both houses by surprise.

I feared that someone would shoot me or something and/or they would just not like the way I looked & then shoot me.

Anyway, to my surprise both of the winners were nice, and they seemed to not have a problem with me.

At both houses I was invited inside, met the families, talked, and I even had dinner.

That is all I can remember of this dream.

The Attic Fan

My third and last dream, took place at a small fictional version of my former job.

My coworkers Mr. LS, Mr.DD, and a few other people were working there & the building had no windows.

I remember walking to a room that was a trash room, and a man & his son came to pick up the trash. (I guess they had a trash collecting business)

Mr. LS came into the room to turn on the huge attic fan that was on the ceiling, in the middle of the room.

We then went back into the main room and I noticed that the attic fan was huge, and that it was so strong that I felt my body almost be lifted into the air.

I saw that the attic fan did not have a safety cover to prevent big objects from getting pulled into the fan blades, and so I asked Mr. LS if that was safe or not.

I told him that the attic fan almost pulled me up toward the ceiling, and I said that did not seem safe to me.

He said that I was right and we went to turn the attic fan on a lower setting, and as he was doing that, I noticed that the fan blades were blue now instead of silver for some reason.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂

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