Creatures In A Multi-Purpose Building Being Remodeled

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking around a very large multi-story multiple purpose windowless building with tall ceilings that was somewhat shopping mall-like with many types of businesses & other things like maybe an apartment & movie theater et cetera.

I remember walking along one of the upper floor hallways that had carpeted floors with some businesses along it, and in several areas there were a few monsters / creatures that would try to attack you.

The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf

What is it?

The 2021 Netflix South Korean-American adult animated dark fantasy movie The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf | Official Trailer | Netflix

This is how The IMDb describes this animated movie:

Escaping from poverty to become a witcher, Vesemir slays monsters for coin and glory, but when a new menace rises, he must face the demons of his past.

Flying To Avoid A Devil-Like Entity & Creatures & Other Humans

Legend (7/11) Movie CLIP – Darkness Seduces Lili (1985) HD

At some point in this dream, my entire family (except for my brother CC’s family) & I were near a fictional fairground during the day, this dream possibly took place in a fictional version of DeRidder, but I am not sure; and I was wearing a cloth face mask (so I assume that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on).

I had false memories of a bridge to the left of this area with a pond & a homeless somewhat older man with light-color skin who used to live there, the bridge & pond & homeless man were no longer there now, and an automobile dealership was in that area now; and so I guess they tore down the bridge & filled in the pond.

A New House | A Misunderstanding | Snakes & Creatures

Dream 1

In this dream, most of my family bought an old two-story house in maybe the state of California in The United States near southern trees with the best shade in this quiet neighborhood that was next to a field.

My brother KD’s girlfriend K was possibly with us, and we went to shop at a nearby Walmart.

EMOJIHEAD | Featured Creature | Short Film

EMOJIHEAD | Featured Creature | Short Film

What is it?

The 2019 YouTube short film EMOJIHEAD | Featured Creature | Short Film by the YouTube channel Crypt TV.

What is it about?

This is how Crypt TV describes this short film:

When dating apps swipe back…who laughs last?


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Executive Producers:
Bryan Kett
Jake Myers
Nick P. Ross
Corey Moss
Brad Gottfred

Written by:
Bryan Kett
Jake Myers

Directed By:
Nick P. Ross

Nich Witham
Eve Rydberg

Director of Photography:
Kyle Fallon

Motion Graphics:
Jake Myers

Production Designer:
Britt Keller

Sound Mixer:
Eric Bucklin

Original Score:
Tommy Fiels

Sound Design:
Will Ogilvie

Taylor Huddleson

1st AC:
Ruby Paiva

Makeup Artist:
Sofia Fisher

Ryan McNeal
RKM Studios

Associate Producer:
Daniel Fitzpatrick

Special Thanks:
Scott Miller
Stuart N. Jacobson
Gretchen H. Jacobson
Sharmila Sahni


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