The B Paper Mill Gets Closed Down | Halle Berry’s Beach House

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place along a wilderness trail with various areas to explore that probably belonged to the B Plant/Mill, it was nice & it covered a large variety of areas possibly reaching to the borders of another city and/or state and/or country in their wilderness, but that is all that I remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

In another dream or the same dream I am somewhere else in a fictional version of D, maybe near or on B property, and there was probably a news report playing in the air & in my mind at the same time about The B Plant / Paper Mill getting closed down for violations involving worker abuse & a secret religious society who was found to be truly running B secretly/illegally.

The news report showed some of the people who were assumed/alleged to be members of the secret religious society/high level workers of B walking away to their automobiles ignoring the media (one of them was a slightly over-fat man with dark brownish colored skin who was bald wearing a flat cap), the construction of new buildings set to start this year was canceled, and B was closed down completely it seemed; and I assumed that everyone lost their jobs as well which I hoped was not true, and that ruined my plans on applying for a job during the construction period & maybe after if I was fortunate but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had more dreams but I only remember part of one more dream that was a bit like the MTV TV show MTV Cribs, a male host & his camera crew went to Halle Berry’s Beach House on a cloudy depressive day that looked like it might rain, and the beach area was somewhat nice looking.

There was water, sand, and mostly wooden public pier-like/whatever areas; and along this public area on the left side there were a few single story homes connected/built into the public area and the public area had hangout areas, areas to sell stuff, et cetera.

The host and his camera crew walked on the wooden walkway on the left side until they reached the last house, and Halle Berry greeted them at her door looking a bit rough wearing something on her head (maybe a bandanna) & non-matching pajama-like/hospital gown-like clothes that did not look very attractive. (She looked/dressed a bit like someone who left a mental hospital or something still wearing her hospital gown)

The inside of her house was old/dusty/moldy/ugly/bare/et cetera, there was hardly any furniture, her bed was just two dirty/nasty old mattresses with no sheets or covers, there was a large hole cut into one rotted/molded wall that had some leaky pipes that needed to be fixed, the windows were painted with dark green colored paint to stop people from looking in which made the inside of the house seem darker & the walls/ceiling/floor were made of wood so it looked a bit dark already making it even darker looking inside her house, and one window in her bedroom was missing green paint in a few spots & clear tape was in those spots oddly which allowed a small view outside the window.

I remember Mrs. Berry saying that she kept the house this way because she wanted to relive her poor/low-income/lower-class upbringing or something like that, and she wanted to have a constant reminder of who she was.

At some point they walk outside to the beach & she joked about living alone with no pets/plants/kids/husband/boyfriend/roommate/et cetera, but she mentioned sometimes visiting with some friends; and so I guess she left the house sometimes.

There seemed to be something wrong with how Mrs. Berry was acting, dressing, and living like she was suffering from some mental/emotional/social problems or something like that; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

11-8-2012 | Dream Journal | An Underground Mansion Of A Dead Cult With Conan The Barbarian And Emilíana Torrini And Alice? | A Martial Arts Master Gets Killed By A Rogue Robot And His Student Defeats The Robot

Conan the Barbarian (2011 film)
Conan the Barbarian (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I somewhat remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream having at least three connected parts, but the dream was a bit confusing; and my memory of it is unclear.

I remember being in a fictional city during the night like I was staying at a hotel with my family and some of my indirect family members from my mom‘s side of the family, and I left with my aunt ME/my cousin ME/my cousin CE (ME’s sister)/& maybe my little cousin JE to go several places with them in my cousin ME’s automobile.

It was early morning probably between 12:00 AM – 3:00AM, and our first stop was at a gas station to get gas probably; and I decided to go inside the gas station to buy some food/snacks/desserts/or something.

My aunt ME wanted to make two other stops after we left the gas station, before it got any later, so that we could return to the hotel probably to finally get some sleep.

Inside the gas station I had to wait in line and I ended up waiting & looking around a lot longer than I expected, there were some good/interesting snacks/desserts in the gas station, and I think that the workers were nice; and after a long time I finally bought something, and I returned to ME’s automobile and my aunt ME was a bit angry since I took so long.

My aunt ME complained about how much later it was now and that she probably did not feel like making the next two stops now, I apologized for taking longer than expected and I countered her complaining with positive recommendations to help improve her mood, and to let her know that we could still probably make the two stops that she wanted to make; but then something happened that I can not remember, and for some reason we got out of the automobile to walk or run toward the woods near the gas station.

We reached a ledge/end of the land that over-looked a forest-like area with an area under the ledge that had broken building pieces and/or trees that you could walk down to reach this area, I think that this area used to be a mansion that was mostly destroyed, but underground the rest remained; and there was an opening in the ground that could take you down into it, probably.

I remember that maybe a wolf or wolf-like animal or some kind of being either attacked us or approached us, and I either fought it and/or kept it away, but I am not sure and this part is too unclear; so unclear that a jump in time/memory/the dream happened, where my indirect family members were gone but I was still there with some new people.

One of the people was a man who probably looked like Conan The Barbarian, one person was a woman who might have somewhat looked like or reminded me of the music artist Emilíana Torrini & I will call her the mother, and the mother had a daughter who was probably 18 – 21 years old who had blondish colored hair and she wore a long old-style dress & she reminded me of Alice From Alice In Wonderland a bit.

The four of us went into or fell into the opening in the ground that led into an underground mansion, the first room was a dark empty hallway, and we went into a dark empty room that was like a laundry room; and the underground mansion looked mostly abandoned, and it had an old look to it like it was from another time period in some places.

Almost as soon as we entered skeletons & maybe some statues and other things started to come to life and attack us with old style mêlée weapons, some of them wore armor, and some of them had shields; and Conan and the mother and the daughter found some chained maces with a metal ball attached or whatever this type of weapon is called, but the daughter gave me her weapon.

We started fighting the threats and running trying to find a more defensible room, but the daughter panicked and she ran off by herself screaming as some of the threats chased her; and so I ran to get her while Conan and the mother fought some of the threats.

I ran through hallways and rooms yelling for the daughter to come back, to get a weapon & shield, and to calm down; but she was still running & screaming as more threats were appearing, and chasing her & attacking me.

The skeletons and other threats were not so tough, I remember taking a weak shield with a very small handle from one of the skeletons I killed, and I took a spear with an axe on the side of it; and I fought threats as I tried to catch up with the daughter.

She ran through more formal parts of the mansion that had long decorative carpets, decorations, a huge dining room table & dining room, a huge ballroom, and a long hallway with objects that belonged to the people who used to own the mansion; and history about them was scattered through the mansion.

I finally caught up with the daughter, gave her a weapon, and we fought our way back to Conan and the mother; and I remember someone saying that this mansion used to be owned by a cult according to some people, and that this cult was pretty secretive and distrusted/disliked.

I guess we cleared one area of threats and so we were able to explore this one area in peace, something very interesting and strange happened but I can not remember what happened exactly, my guess is that maybe the head woman & man (husband & wife) who owned the mansion & ran the so-called cult messed with our minds (the mother and I for sure, I am not sure about the others) and/or possessed us.

This so-called cult probably ended or died many years ago in the dream, and so maybe somehow the spirits/ghosts/whatever of the two owners had awakened & tried to use the mother & I for a certain purpose; and I think that one of their purposes was they wanted to make a baby, by trying to get the mother & I to fall in love & have a child & raise the child in the underground mansion & eventually revive the cult and/or them.

My memory is too unclear and in the dream my mind was so confused that I had no idea what happened exactly and there was a time/memory/dream jump, but there was a flash of memory of the mother and I having feelings for each other, and we wanted to settle down/live in the underground mansion; I think that something was done to us/our minds during the parts that I forgot and maybe some of the memories of the past owners flashed our minds since they probably possessed us temporarily or something during this point.

Whatever happened to us, we snapped out of it at some point, a bit confused and we still had lingering feelings/thoughts/memories; and then there was a time/memory/jump in the dream where the mother, some TV sitcom-like people, and I were on the upper floor of a house or apartment built near/over the underground mansion probably.

We all were having a gathering with people talking, drinking, et cetera in a bathroom & a room near the bathroom; and the others were joking about how the mother and I had once supposedly went down in the underground mansion, and that something happened between us, and they were joking about what might have happened (they suspected something sexual and they joked about that for fun).

They seem to think that our story was a fake story, and they would tell people about it like a tale/legend; we knew that something really happened to us down there, but we could not remember what all had happened exactly & so we only told them some of what happened.

They were fun-loving type people, so them making fun of us was like friends having fun with each other, and it did not bother us too much; but the mother and I had lingering feelings toward each other that we did not understand, and something kept trying to pull us back down to the underground mansion like a spell had been cast on us or something but we would resist it since we were afraid that something would completely control/possess us & we would no longer be ourselves if we returned down to the underground mansion.

This part of the dream was obviously probably years later after the time we went into the underground mansion, oddly no one else seemed to have went to explore the underground mansion, I guess most people were too afraid.

Behind the toilet in the bathroom was a hatch that led to the underground mansion, and when I went near the toilet I felt compelled to enter the hatch but I would fight it; and I would probably even hear a voice or voices calling me to come back, and a being would even try to come up the hatch to bring us back sometimes.

But it either could not get through the hatch for some reason or we would rebuke it, and it would go back down into the underground mansion; oddly only the mother and I knew about this, and I remember us talking about how we both kept feeling drawn to return to the underground mansion.

It was literally calling us and pulling us at times, but we resisted since we were afraid to lose ourselves if we returned.

I remember the mother and I talking about if we could remember pieces of the parts where our memory was unclear and blank, we shared bits and pieces of what we could remember, and we talked about our strange feelings toward each other; and our guesses about what happened to us and why we had those feelings.

We started to consider going back down into the underground mansion since we got tired of the not knowing what happened to us there exactly and we felt compelled to return there, but I woke up.

I had one other dream that I somewhat remember, that was anime-like, but I am not sure if some of the dream was animated or not.

It took place during the day at a fictional industrial warehouse-like area outside, that gave tours and taught various things, and the indoor & outdoor areas were divided into different sections that showed & taught various things; and I was touring it, as were random groups of people, and I was outside in an area with metal shipping containers.

A man who was a martial arts master of some rare unknown martial art was there with his student who had red colored hair with whitish colored skin, and he looked a bit like Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star mixed with Guts from Berserk; and in this area where we were was a humanoid robot, they were programmed not to hurt/kill people, and I guess they could be used for training purposes & as tour guides & teachers.

For some reason the robot attacked the master and the master let the robot knock him to his knees, the master wanted the student to think that he was in danger so that the student would fight at his full potential and so the master did not try to fight the robot & he stayed on his knees as the robot stood behind him, and he thought that the robot would not injure them since it was programmed not to; but the master had not planned this, the robot attacked on its own for no reason, but the master felt that this would end up being a safe training exercise for his student.

I was standing not far away watching this and to our shock/horror, the robot who was standing behind the master, ripped the masters skin from his body with both hands which killed the master, and it was horrible/shocking.

The robot was that strong and it was clear that something was wrong with this robot and this robot could kill people, even though they were not supposed to be able to do that because of their programming, and so the student screamed “Master!”; and he angrily started attacking the robot, but the robot was very strong and was easily defending against the student.

Some people who were touring nearby saw what was happening and some of them ran screaming in panic, since a robot was attacking, but the others stood in shock watching the student fight the robot; but the student was losing, and it looked hopeless but the student would not give up.

It was dramatic, watching this student fighting with all he had against an almost unstoppable robot, and every time the robot knocked the student down he would get back up; and the emotion/energy/heart the student had was amazing.

He was screaming, crying, and fighting with all he had; and I almost cried watching him give it his all during the fight.

The student was getting tired, was hurting, was sweating, and then he pushed his body to the limits; and he gave the last bit of energy he had and he unleashed one of the most dramatic and devastating combinations that I have seen.

He started to punch and hit the robot over and over with all he had, which started to stun the robot, and the student kept hitting and hitting the robot; and his knuckles were bleeding and breaking, but he would not stop.

He was beating the robot so bad that it could not do anything and time jumped into the future, and The Academy (which was who owned this area) was giving the student an award & scholarship to The Academy for saving lives against the rogue robot that day (so I guess he defeated the robot); and the head of The Academy presented the award as people took photographs and cheered, the student was now a hero, but he was not happy & had bandages still.

After the awards ceremony the student walked off to be alone and to go to the spot where his master died, to me it seemed that The Academy wanted to almost cover up what had happened with the robot as an isolated incident to avoid bad press, but I felt that something was going on & I wanted to find out why that robot had gone rogue like that.

I approached the student and I began a conversation with him, I told him that I was there when it all happened and that I wanted to help him investigate what happened that day if he wanted to investigate it, and he said that he did want to investigate what happened.

He said that he did not want fame and he did not want people bothering him all the time, he wanted to train and find out what happened that day and find out if anyone was behind he death of his master, because he sensed a possible cover-up as well & that maybe someone had planned this; and he realized that he had a lot of training to do to be able to fight other robots in the future if necessary, and I probably was going to train with him too but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Meeting At The High School?

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Last night I barely remember any of my last dream, which took place inside a fictional version of the high school in D, and my parent’s and I went there to attend a meeting or something; I remember seeing my former classmate KM at some point, but I can not remember anything else about the/that part with her in it.

I just remember that the high school looked like a hospital was mixed/combined with it or something like that, which is how it sometimes looks in some of my dreams; and I remember us trying to find where the meeting or whatever, was.

I think that I was attending college again in this dream, and I remember my parent’s going to look/search on the second floor and/or one of the upper floors to find where the meeting or whatever, was; and I explored on the first floor.

I remember seeing a professional-looking security guard wearing a tan-colored suit, guarding the entrance to the office section of the building (which I thought was odd/strange to have security at the school (especially some United States Secret Service-looking security guard) and the security guard looked very serious), and so I stopped to ask him for directions; and he directed me to another employee that was cleaning some stairs nearby (but he did not let me enter the door that he was guarding), who was my former classmate & my former coworker C, and C worked as a janitor / helper at the school.

C and I talked as we walked around the school, trying to reach the meeting room or whatever, and it was on one of the upper floors; I thanked C and I told him good-bye, and then I saw that my parent’s were already in the meeting room or whatever.

I walked into the room, which was where the library is supposed to be, but it looked different; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit The Snake Poison / Venom Conspiracy

Lazy Overview:

I had this dream about a month ago, but my memory of the dream is somewhat good.

It took place in the day and I was with my family on vacation, and we were just arriving at a hotel.

6-2-2011 | Dream Fragment | The Classroom Situation

The British Baker rifle

Lazy Overview:

Last night I woke up once with part of the bottom row of my teeth or mouth hurting, like either I had ground my teeth and/or someone kicked me in the mouth or  me or something. 😀

I only remember part of one dream last night, which took place in a classroom, and our teacher was talking; and she looked somewhat like my Head Start teacher.

I remember our teacher talking and acting a bit weird, in a somewhat religious cult-like way or something; the class and I felt uncomfortable as our teacher somewhat calmly talked to us about how we were not like her and the others that are like her.

To me her whole speech/talk was implying that she/they was/were not human or something like that, but I do not think she ever said that directly.

A group of kids who were probably no older than 13 entered the room and they were with the teacher, as she talked, they seemed to be trying to block the entrance(s) and exit(s); I really felt that something was wrong and so I started to look at the two windows in the room, trying to figure out if I could escape through them in case something bad would happen.

The kids were acting strange too, in that somewhat religious cult-like & calm way/way, like the teacher; they stood in a row blocking one side of the room and some were by the teacher.

The kids were supposed to be like the teacher, I assume not human and/or part of some special group.

At some point some of the kids brought some compact rifles with wooden stocks into the classroom and they appeared to be waiting for the teacher to give the next order, as she continued to talk; this made our class almost start to panic, and I started thinking of ways to escape out of the window.

I took a moment trying to decide if I should escape if necessary, and leave the others behind; I decided that I would escape when the time was right and I would try to help someone else escape if possible.

I was starting to think that the teacher and the kids were going to kill us all in a ritual sacrifice or something, and I was waiting for the right moment to escape; I decided to start trying to escape if the teacher gave the order for all the compact rifles to be handed out to all the kids.

Though I can not remember what the teacher said all that time exactly, I do know that she seemed to be talking about us, like her & the kids were not humans; and her talk seemed to be negative toward humans, and she seemed to be acting like all of us humans were the same and/or that none of us were worth saving/helping/living anymore.

The moment the teacher gave the order for the kids to start handing out the compact rifles to all the kids and the teacher, I yelled for everyone to run because they were going to kill us, and I ran out of the classroom; I was not even going to try fighting them, and hoped that most of my classmates would escape in the chaos, since most of the kids did not have a rifle yet.

Everyone started running and screaming in and out of the classroom, in was chaos, and many of us ran outside to the playground; it was daytime outside and the playground was somewhat similar to the Junior High School that I went to.

As I ran across the field I saw a former classmate of mine, a girl I use to like in High School named CW, and she was in shock; as I was trying to calm her down, my friend NF came running over in shock as well, but seriously in shock and/or hurt.

Oddly NF was bald and had no hair, I asked her what happened to her, but she was too shocked and/or hurt to say and we had no time to talk; for a moment I was briefly confused about what to do.

CW was in shock and talking to me and NF was hurt and/or in shock & talking to me, I care(ed) about both women, and I found it odd that both of them were there and both needed my help to save them; I think NF was more hurt and/or tired than in shock, like CW.

It was almost like I was supposed to decide which of them I cared about more and/or I was supposed to let one of them go/decide which one I liked/there could only be one and/or I decide which one to help or not to help.

I did not feel like making any decision in my mind and decided to try to help both of them, and try to split my attention/time for the both of them; so I told NF to climb on my back, since she was too tired and/or hurt to run and I told CW to try to relax & keep running.

I carried NF on my back while running and I helped hold on to CW and kept encouraging her to run, as we run across the field and to the road; which was a somewhat familiar fictional road that is in some of my dreams sometimes.

So we continued running and running, I could hear screams in the distance at first still, but we got so far away that it was like we were on the highway at some point; along the way I had to keep talking to CW since she was in shock still and I had to keep NF encouraged as well, as she held on to me, since I was carrying her on my back.

At some point I felt that it was safe enough to go off the side of the road so that we could rest a bit and hide in the woods, and I was trying to figure out should we continue along the road or should we hide in the woods or should we travel through the woods instead.

I wondered if any of the others were traveling on the road as well and I wondered if the teacher & the kids would come up the road; this and many other things crossed my mind.

I was hoping that no one was got hurt and I was hoping to do my best to protect CW and NF, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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