Getting Attacked By Some Entities While Watching V/H/S

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Dream 1

This dream took place at The BP Library and I was there working and at some point I was talking to someone, maybe a coworker of mine, and then our branch manager Mrs. PH got angry with me saying that I was talking too loud.

I actually was not talking that loud, this bothered me somewhat, and I tried to figure out how I could I talk any quieter so I tried to practice and imagine myself whispering all the time.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was inside an E House-like house with some of my family during the evening or night, and I was in a room that looked somewhat like the room in the hallway that is closest to the living room.

Someone else was in the room with me at one or more points in the dream, maybe my male cousin ME, and I started showing this person the movie V/H/S.

I am not sure if anyone was with me at this point, but at some point in the dream one or more entities appeared in the room and attacked me or us.

They probably looked like some kind of paranormal and / or supernatural entities who were possibly like maybe not fully formed humanoid mist-like / ghost-like / spirit-like entities who possibly could levitate and fly but I am not sure, but I do know that the leader seemed to be male and possibly summoned the other entities and / or was ordering them around.

I think that the leader chopped me with his hand during the sneak attack that I somewhat dodged but his fingernails or whatever sliced me down my chest to my stomach, and then he backed away as I fought the others.

I am not sure what they wanted but it seemed that maybe they were trying to do a ritual and / or abduction and / or setting me or us up for possession or something, but it did not seem like they wanted to kill me or us or at least not kill us until a certain ritual or something was performed.

I remember them lifting me in the air or something, maybe they tried to hook me on something in the air and / or set me up in a special position and / or they were trying to take me somewhere, but I kept fighting.

I am not sure if I fought them off or if someone walked into the room and they left or if someone walked in the room and helped me or what happened exactly, they either left for some reason or were somewhat defeated, but I can not remember; but I probably worried that they could come back so I doubt that they were destroyed.

After they left I checked my injuries by lifting my torn shirt, the cut down my chest to my stomach was shallow at the chest, but it was deep at the stomach to where I feared that my insides would show or fall out if it tore much further.

This looked and felt pretty real, I could see and feel the skin and fatty tissue et cetera, and the movement of the area looked and felt real.

I carefully held my stomach and moved to tell my mom, I told her about and showed her the wound, and that I needed a doctor to check it now so she walked off to call the hospital and / or a doctor to see who they could take me to.

I doubted they (the doctors) would believe what happened to me, and so I thought up a way to censor my story to sound more believable without lying.

I continued holding my stomach and moving carefully to avoid tearing the wound further, but I woke up.

This was so real that I woke up and carefully checked myself to see if the wound was really there, fortunately it was not there.

The end,

-John Jr


Other Deities Trying To Kill Me?

Source: Wikipedia

I had more dreams that were pretty clear and there was probably more to this dream, but the way that this dream ended caused me to forget my other dreams and everything that happened before this point at this time but maybe I will remember some of them later.

I remember being inside a place that somewhat reminded me of a mostly empty store in the shopping center next to W Park in the city of D maybe where Super 10 used to be, but combined with something else (like a building for deities) and we were possibly somewhere else (possibly in a place where deities are).

I was walking and listening closely to an old man with light-color skin with long straight white hair and a long beard who looked a lot like Gandalf and he seemed to be a deity, a god in this case, and I think that I was a deity too (a god as well) because he said us deities several times in reference to himself and maybe me and the others who were in this place but I could be wrong; I probably looked like myself still, but I could be wrong.

He seemed to be maybe an older and wise and well-respected elder deity and he was speaking words of wisdom to me and explaining some things to me, and I listened closely as we walked and talked.

We stopped at a small seating area made of maybe white stone or marble or limestone or something like that, this area seemed to be where the government of the deities would meet, and he explained how a few deities would probably be randomly chosen to serve on a council and one of them would possibly have the final say on matters and these positions were switched out to randomly deities after a certain amount of time to maybe prevent one or more deities from having too much control / power and to change things up for more variety and maybe some other things that I can not remember.

I assume that this council of deities governed over the universe or universes of mortals et cetera, but I can not remember.

I was possibly one of the new council members but I am not sure, the Gandalf-like god had served on this council before and was possibly on it now, but I am not sure.

I felt that serving on this council and following the rules involving council selections was very important and necessary to help prevent certain bad things from happening, and so I was a supporter of these rules except for the rule about one of the council members having the final say.

We moved to another room where we sat down and maybe laid down on several things, I can not remember if these were beds or what they were, and we continued talking.

There was a man with light-color skin behind the Gandalf-like god who I assumed to be another god (everyone in this place were deities I assume), and he was standing and doing something in the background as we talked.

At some point the other assumed god started moving a knife dangerously close to the Gandalf-like god, and so I told him to be careful and to keep that knife back before he accidentally injures the Gandalf-like god but he did not so I used my foot to push it back while warning him again.

I was still laying down while doing this, the assumed god did not stop and it seemed that he was possibly trying to stab the Gandalf-like god so I tried to stop him while warning the Gandalf-like god, my memory is unclear so I am not sure when or how I got cut or stabbed but I do know that someone possibly cut or stabbed me while I was trying to defend the Gandalf-like god (it was possibly the Gandalf-like god who possibly stabbed me from behind as I shielded and defended him from the front).

I then realized and found out that this seemed to be a setup, the other god had been pretending that the Gandalf-like god was his target, but I was actually the target and the Gandalf-like god was part of this setup and was probably the leader of it.

The Gandalf-like god had tried to gain my trust and get me to lower my guard and the other god was a distraction, and now that he had led me to this back room and someone had stabbed or cut me it was time for him to call in the rest of the deities to kill me I assume; and so this was a smart plan that I completely fell for and was now mostly defenseless against because I had no weapons or armor and I was wounded and I was still completely caught off-guard.

This all happened so fast and out of nowhere and I was confused and surprised and I was not ready and I did not have time to think as deities (gods and goddesses I assume) inside the room and deities from outside the room started running inside the room trying to kill me now that I was wounded and caught off-guard and because I was holding back because I was not sure what was going on and I did not want to fight anyone.

There were no windows that I could see and so I was possibly trapped, if there was an entrance maybe there were windows there and maybe a way out, but I was not sure.

Deities were running into the room from the only door in this room so I would have to get past them to get to the previous rooms, some of the deities had melee weapons, and so I was dodging and blocking and fighting them off as they had me completely caught off-guard and wounded and bleeding and surrounded.

This felt real, I could feel and see my wounds and the blood, and I was getting weaker.

While I was fighting and moving against several deities at the same time I got sneak attacked from the side, and someone cut a deep and long nasty cut down my right forearm with maybe a knife that looked and felt real and I could see and feel the blood and the skin and the muscle damage and the energy leaving my body as I got weaker from blood loss and I started to get my usual negative reactions to blood being taken from me and seeing blood.

I could feel the temperature of my blood and the blood pouring from my wounds, the situation was bad and felt real, and I was getting weaker as I lost more blood.

I was surrounded and fighting my way out of the room, and I had no idea why they were trying to kill me.

I wondered if the Gandalf-like god was staging a coup against the rest of the council of deities and / or if he / they wanted to steal my powers and / or if this was a ritual sacrifice and / or something et cetera.

During all of this I was saying: get back, stop, I do not want to fight you, why are you doing this, what is going on, et cetera but I am not sure if I got any answers or not.

They took advantage of me holding back at first, that is how they got the second serious injury on me, and so now it was time to stop holding back but I was losing a lot of blood and getting weaker so I did not have much time.

But I probably accidentally woke myself up because this felt real and I thought that it was real because I was fighting for my life, and it looked like I would probably die soon.

It felt so real that I could still feel it the first few seconds that I woke up, and I looked at my arm to see if I was still wounded and bleeding.

The end,

-John Jr


Secret Meetings & Plate Lunches

Last night I got in bed early but I could not sleep, I briefly got up to do some burpees and I got back in bed but I still was not able to sleep until later, and so I did not get as much sleep as I wanted but I slept pretty good considering.

I had some dreams but I did not voice record them before I went back to sleep so I forgot most of my dreams from last night, and so now all that I can remember of my last dream or my last two dreams is that one or both of them involved a group who would meet in secret in probably secret locations or a secret location to have secret meetings and have plate lunches during their secret meetings.


Flying Over A Field Again

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I can not remember most of my last dream, which took place in the day in an area with a field like my lucid dream the night before last, but the beginning of the dream took place in my parent’s yard.

I remember sitting in my parent’s yard with someone, and then an unknown man came into the yard causing trouble, and I tried to nicely ask him to leave; but that did not work, and he tried to attack me.

I then used my grappling skills to easily take him down to the ground and I put him in a body lock with my legs, and I used my arms to put him in a strange submission / lock hold; and he gave up, and then he left the yard, but that is all that I can remember.

Next, I remember being in the field from my other dream, which has been in several of my past dreams, and the field had a variety of stores & shops in it; and they were spread out in different areas.

This dream probably had the most advertising & commercials of any of my dreams yet, because the various stores & shops did a lot of advertising; it was like the stores/shops were having an advertising & store/shop war or something. 🙂

There were video screens playing commercials at some of the stores/shops, there were audio commercials & music at some of the stores/shops, there were posters/models/visual advertising at some of the stores/shops, and there were celebrities at some of the stores/shops.

Some of the stores/shops were connected, but other stores/shops were separate and they had their own fences, and security systems.

The upper class stores had the best security systems, biggest stores, most advertising, the celebrities, etc.

I remember seeing a commercial with Beyoncé at one or more of the upper class stores, and I think they were advertising this new type of jewelry that was grounded precious metals & stones; and you could put it on your skin in various designs, basically wearing the jewelry on/in your skin or something like that.

I am not sure if the dream was lucid at this point or not, but I remember flying around looking at the various stores, and I think that I sneaked into a few closed stores since I could fly over their fences.

I remember being in one of the upper class stores that was probably closed, I am not sure if I knew if they were closed or not, but I remember that something happened to me; I think that I had a cut on my finger (I do not know how I got the cut) and I touched a bowl of powder/grounded stuff, and the stuff got stuck in my cut on my finger.

It hurt like tiny pieces of fiberglass or something in my cut, and it formed a design, it was that grounded jewelry that was advertised by some of the upper class stores in the dream; and then I heard some security dogs coming with the female owner of the store/shop, and so I ran & I flew away.

I think that the woman saw part of me, but she did not see my face, and then I remember flying to a part of the field with a lot of people in a park-like area.

And I remember the police or someone looking around the park-like area like they were looking for someone, and so I was worried that they were looking for me.

I saw my cousin TE with a group of women, and I told her about the/my situation as we walked around to avoid the police or whoever from seeing me; the group of women with my cousin TE seemed tough and they all seemed like they would protect me.

My cousin TE felt that I had not purposely done anything wrong and she & the group of women with her said that they would help me, and I felt safe with them; it was like having my own group of bodyguards or something, and those women looked Tough, like they probably could beat me in a fight. 🙂

Most of them were pretty big & tall, they were rough & tough looking, they looked like they worked good as a team, they looked like they truly wanted to help me, they looked like they had a lot of fighting experience, they looked like they were from Eastside, and they did not even need or have weapons or armor that I could see. 🙂

My cousin TE was not acting like her normal self and the group of women walking with her seemed more like her bodyguards or something, and it seemed like they were trying to blend in with the other dream characters; but they looked a bit out-of-place, since the group of women seemed very alert like Secret Service Agents or something, and they seemed to be very protective of my cousin TE and I.

It was like the group of women were Dream Security or something, it was nice to have them around, and I hope that they come to protect me in some of my dreams in the future; because I have wanted to form a Dream Security group for my dreams one day. 🙂

I was thinking of forming a Dream Security group that is a combination of the The Fish Speakers, The Bene Gesserit, The Honored Matres, combined with a few of my own changes/ideas; and I was thinking of maybe calling them The Dream Speakers or something like that, but I still have to work on them. 🙂

But I woke up as we were still walking and talking in the park-like area.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂