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Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

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Stroke Of Midnight

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Daily Prompt

Today The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt called Stroke Of Midnight, and this is what it said:

Where were you last night at midnight?

Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

And this is my response:

I was at home with most of my family.

Yes, I would have wanted to be with some of my family in a better house in a better and more private neighborhood in a better world.


I slept well last night until I got awakened by needing to use the bathroom, back soreness because I need a new bed mattress among other things, someone talking loudly on the phone, and by the radio being loud so I was not able to go back to sleep or think about my dreams; and so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was partly inspired by several news articles (like The Strange Sad Story Of The Army’s New Billion-Dollar Camo Pattern) that I read last night about the United States Army military camouflage controversy / failure / disaster / mess / catastrophe / et cetera involving their Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), Scorpion W2 (Operational Camouflage Pattern), and MultiCam.

The dream involved me waking up in my parent’s house to blog and The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt that said something like:

“The government/military has just come out with a new uniform/outfit that male and female workers/soldiers have to wear, but it looks/is ugly/terrible; what does it look like?” or “The government/military has just come out with a new uniform/outfit that male and female workers/soldiers have to wear, and here is a photograph of it; how would you describe it, and what does it remind you of?” or something like that.

I started typing my response by possibly referring to the United States Army military camouflage disaster and The Dress / Dressgate / #thedress, and I remember that the uniform/outfit looked somewhat like the dress from The Dress / Dressgate / #thedress; but it was very colorful with various horizontal stripes of colors like orange, red, yellow, et cetera like something from the 1980s or early 1990s.

It looked a lot like a dress or it was a dress so this confused me about how this was going to work for female and male government/military workers/soldiers, I thought that this was interesting, and I finished typing my response to the Daily Prompt; but I got awakened.

The end,

-John Jr


Childhood Revisited

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Childhood Revisited, and this is what it said:

What is your earliest memory?

Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

And this is my response:

One of my earliest memories is probably a memory of when I was a kid living with my parent’s in The R Trailer and I left The R Trailer during the night without my parent’s knowing that I was gone when my mom’s side of the family was having a family gathering at my grandparent’s (my grandmother DE and my grandfather CE) house, I walked over to my grandparent’s house first and I saw some of my family members there having a good time and they probably said a few things to me, and then I walked over to my aunt ME’s house next door to The R Trailer for some unknown reason(s) (maybe I got lost and confused and/or I was looking for someone); and I remember my aunt ME, my cousin ME, and several other family members being there.

I remember one of my family members asking me where my parent’s were and if they knew where I was, they probably called my parent’s or walked me home or told me to go back home, and at some point I remember returning to The R Trailer to my parent’s who were surprised to learn that I had left without them knowing it.

I have no idea why this memory stuck with me exactly, maybe because I somewhat got lost and confused because of all the noise that my family members were making as they partied and because I never did anything like that before and because it was dark, but that is my wild guess.


I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night and so I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream which was very long and very unclear, but I will type what I remember of this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that a lot of the dream took place inside a fictional shopping mall during the day, I was inside the mall in a small narrow quiet section of a store, and there was a walkway that passed through the middle of this store that would take you through the store and into the rest of the mall.

I have no idea what I was doing there but I seemed to be waiting and/or looking for someone and/or something because I spent a lot of time looking around various aisles of the store like I was wasting time and waiting, and many things happened during this time that I can not remember.

I know that my mom and maybe some other people I know were in the dream briefly, I know that a lot of the dream was boring and realistic, and I know that some strange things happened during the dream that I can not remember.

During one part of the dream I remember finding a shelf that had some small chocolate candies covered in different colored pieces of foil, these chocolate candies had no price on them, and they seemed to be free treats for shoppers; and so I remember eating some and keeping some.

At some point in the dream it is possible that a man with a handgun entered the store, maybe there was a robbery or shooting or I and/or someone else managed to get the man to put the handgun away, but I can not remember; I just know that something strange happened, but I probably still did not leave the store because I still seemed to be waiting and/or looking for someone/something.

There is a lot more that happened in this dream before this and some things that happened after this, but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr



Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Fandom, and this is what it said:

Are you a sports fan?

Tell us about fandom.

If you’re not, tell us why not.

And this is my response:

Not really, but I do like playing sports and I do get to play sports sometimes rarely; but usually alone.

I am not really into fandom anything for a variety of reasons so it is no different when it comes to sports fandom, and I rather play sports than watch them.


I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place at a slightly fictional version of the shopping center by W Park, I probably went to several businesses in the shopping center and I probably went around the sidewalks and parts of the parking lot, and I probably talked to some of my former classmates and several fictional people during the dream.

Most of the dream probably took place on an upper floor of a fictional building near where the Dollar General store and JCPenney should be, I remember a lot of my former classmates being there, but I can remember if this building was a college and/or school and/or business or what it was exactly (it probably was a multi-purpose building).

I think that during an earlier part of the dream that I can not remember, that something happened to my former female classmate BD where she was given a lot of blood like maybe she had been given a blood transfusion, and after this she developed special abilities / powers / superpowers; and she soon learned that it was the blood that gave her these special abilities/powers/superpowers.

I can not remember what all of her superpowers were but I do know that they were realistic and not overpowered, one of the superpowers was probably a healing factor that allowed her to heal a bit faster and better than normal, but that is the only superpower that I can remember specifically seeing in action and hearing about unfortunately.

My former classmate BD soon learned that if she gave / donated some of her blood to other people, that they could temporarily have the same superpowers as her until their bodies use up the blood and/or the superpowers/whatever, and so the more blood that you gave someone the longer they would temporarily have the superpowers probably; and so my former classmate BD donated some of her blood to some of our former classmates and to other people during the dream who asked her for some of her blood, and they each got superpowers temporarily.

Something happened to my former classmate BD that I can not remember where everyone assumed and thought that she was dead and no one saw her anymore after this, most of the rest of the dream involved me going to the bathroom a lot on an upper floor of this same building, and so most of the dream was a bathroom focused dream probably.

The bathroom was a public bathroom in the building that was a large bathroom with many sinks, toilets, bathroom stalls, maybe showers, mirrors, et cetera; and maybe men and women could use it, but I can not remember.

At some point in the dream I was in the bathroom when I suddenly saw my former classmate BD enter the bathroom, I was confused because people said that she was dead and  I thought that she was dead, and she was very pale; and I remember greeting her letting her know that she was supposed to be dead, and I told her that she looked like a ghost because she was so pale and she probably looked sickly or drained.

She seemed very tired and drained and she sounded tired and drained when she spoke, she told me that she was alive, but that she had lost her superpowers when she ended up losing most of her blood somehow (maybe another blood transfusion and/or donating blood and/or an accident); and she was not sure if she would get her superpowers back or not once her blood levels increased again.

Her blood levels were very low and so that is partly why she was so pale and tired-looking, the doctors/nurses/scientists and her did not know if her superpowers were permanent for her or not, we knew that her superpowers are only temporary for people who are given some of her blood; but no one knew what would happen if she lost all or most of her blood, if the superpowers would still be in her new blood that her body makes or not, and so she and other people were worried about this.

It was possibly that her superpowers were only temporary for her as well once she used up most or all the blood that had been given to her earlier in the dream, but it was also possible that the superpowers were now a permanent part of her; and so all we could do was wait and see.

I remember us walking to meet some of our other former classmates to let them know that she was still alive, they were surprised to see her alive as well, and most of them also commented that she looked like a ghost; and some of them asked if she could give them some of her blood because their superpowers had worn off, and we told them about her situation.

My former classmate BD was very weak and I took her to see the nurses/doctors/scientists on another upper floor of the building, they had her lay in a chair near a window with a view to the parking lot as they ran some tests, and as they probably treated her to help hydrate and feed her because she was dehydrated and she needed food so they probably connected her to an IV bag; and I remember one of the nurses wearing a whitish colored old style nurse’s outfit and hat and shoes and stockings, and she was somewhat tall and she had whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair that was pinned up(?).

I was worried about my former classmate BD and I stayed with her to talk to her and comfort her and encourage her, I probably recommended that she stop sharing so much of her blood with other people because it was dangerous for her and for other people depending on how they used those temporary superpowers, and I probably talked to some of the other people and our former classmates to tell them to stop asking her to give so much of her blood; and I told them that this was not a game and that the superpowers were not a game, and that this was serious and that they should be worried about her health and the possible consequences of using those superpowers like it is only a game.

Most of the people did not seem to care about her, they were like parasites or vampires who only wanted her blood to play around with temporary superpowers for fun instead of to help people, and I probably warned my former classmate BD about this.

Before I woke up it was possible that the doctors/nurses/scientists started to notice signs that my former classmate BD still had a bit of her superpowers left, it was possible that getting some food and water was helping to strengthen her enough to use a bit of those superpowers, but it was not clear if that only the last bit of the old blood that was left or if her body was making new blood with superpowers; and I woke up before we could learn the answer to this because it was going to take a while before we would know for sure.

The end,

-John Jr


Safety First

Daily  Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Safety First, and this is what it said: “Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.”.

And this is my response:

Almost two weeks ago my brother GC told me that he saw someone outside The G House during the night who seemed to be throwing something at The G House and he said that it sounded like rocks hitting The G House, so at first I thought that it was just our male cousin DE throwing pool salt on The G House during one of his unstable moods because I had seen him doing this earlier in the day until my dad said that he saw two maybe thin suspicious young men or men with maybe dark-brownish colored skin wearing maybe hooded jackets walking down the street who had looked at The G House strangely, later that night I was walking outside when I saw an unknown young man or man in front of The G House who matched their descriptions of the two young men or men they saw earlier but our automobiles were blocking my view of him and anyone else who was with him and I heard what sounded like rocks hitting The G House so I realized that it was not my cousin DE but it was someone else who seemed to be throwing rocks at The G House so I went inside to tell my family before walking over to see what was going on, and my dad saw two young men or men running away when they heard him go outside.

So these two determined sneaky unknown rock throwers had thrown rocks at The G House possibly three different times during the cold night like they were trying to get my male cousin DE to come out of the house like they were specifically targeting him so I assume that they know him and that he knows them, my parent’s went to check on my male cousin DE but he would not answer the door even though they could see him laying on the ground on his mattress moving around, and after this I was on alert the rest of the night and for several days later hoping to figure out who these rock throwers were and what they wanted but I never saw them again.

This really bothered and annoyed and angered me because we had no defense against this, no cameras, no dogs on that side of the yard, no lookouts, no way to stop them from escaping, no idea who these people were or what they really looked like exactly or what they wanted or if they were armed with other weapons or not, and calling the police would not help because they would just run away before the police could arrive and not be caught; and something like this has not happened before and I do not like things like this, I do not like having our defenses breached and knowing that we have no defense against something like this, and so it made me feel unsafe because of our situation because the rock throwers have the advantage and there is not much that we can do about it except risk chasing/following them next time until we can figure out where they live so that we can report them to the police but their hit and run stealth tactics during the night would likely prevent us from being able to do this.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the television series Homeland, I watched the season finale last night, and the dream started during the day on the first floor of a fictional school in a classroom where there were younger students and older students in the same class oddly; and I was a student in this class, and some of my former classmates were possibly in this class as well.

An Islāmic terrorist group of armed somewhat relaxed men (college aged and slightly older) wearing Western (European, American, et cetera) style clothing who reminded me of the terrorist group from this season of Homeland entered our classroom and they took it over, and they took me and a boy with dark-brownish colored/blackish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who reminded me of the character Strika from the film Beasts Of No Nation combined with someone else hostage; and they chained both of us to two beds, and they forced us to lay on the beds or the floor all the time without being able to walk or stand up.

Oddly I never remember the police or anyone trying to stop them, they even probably let different classes take place in the classroom, but they continued to hold the boy and I hostage for days and probably weeks; and they even let doctors and nurses come check on us sometimes

This was a terrible experience because it felt pretty realistic so time moved slower in a more realistic way even though there were time jumps sometimes, I remember us getting physically tired and weaker and mentally and emotionally less stable as the weeks went by, and we were always forced to lay on the ground or on the beds so this was a terrible way to live for weeks; and we had to urinate in urinal containers/whatever, but I never remember defecating oddly.

Some members of the terrorist group would even leave and return sometimes, they always left someone to watch us and whichever class was taking place, and so this dream dragged on for weeks living like this; and it seemed that the doctors and nurses could only check us, but not help us so we were slowly deteriorating but I tried to keep myself and the boy as stable as I could mentally and emotionally and socially but it was a terrible experience so it was hard trying to stay stable.

I remember one of the doctors who would sometimes check us being a somewhat older balding man with whitish colored skin wearing glasses and a whitish colored doctor’s/lab coat and one of the nurses was a slightly overweight woman with whitish colored skin wearing nurse/medical scrubs, and I remember the nurse telling me that my lungs were weakening and that she wanted to do some more tests next time.

This dream was like torture laying mostly on your stomach on the floor or on a bed for weeks chained to a bed deteriorating slowly and only being given minimal food and water and having to urinate in a urinal container and either taking no baths or having to bathe with a bit of water and soap in a small pan while people have class around you as the terrorist group relaxed in the background, and no one was stopping the terrorist group oddly; and so I assumed that maybe they were having a standoff with the police/military that prevented them from saving us.

At some point the terrorist group got so relaxed that they left us alone briefly in the classroom with a class of students, Michael Jordan and a few of my former classmates were in the class, and the boy ended up buying and taking some drugs from another student because he was desperate to do anything to numb this hostage/torture experience; but the boy had a seizure and he lost consciousness, and I asked the other students to call for help but they were afraid that the terrorist group would kill them when they got back and I was worried that they were correct about this so Michael Jordan suggested giving the boy some Benadryl.

Mr. Jordan had found an old large box full of Benadryl and he gave it to me, I remember checking the boy’s pulse and I could feel his pulse and his heart was beating very fast, and so I was afraid to give him the Benadryl; and so I asked Mr. Jordan and the others if they could at least call my family to see if they could convince the terrorist group to let the boy go at least so that my family could take him to the hospital, and so one of them called my parent’s before the terrorist group got back.

My parent’s and maybe one of my brothers arrived in The BV (one of my parent’s automobiles) but the terrorist group had returned, the classroom was now an indoor and outdoor area at the same time which makes no sense, but the classroom was now combined with the parking lot by the swimming pool at W Park in the city of D; and I told my parent’s about the situation, and they went to talk to the terrorist group to see if they could convince them to let us go.

They used some papers to trick/convince the terrorist group to let us go or let the boy go, something happened that I can not remember where either I lost consciousness or I went to sleep or there was a time jump or somehow I missed this, but the boy was suddenly gone and my parent’s were suddenly gone like maybe they rushed the boy to the hospital but forgot me or they only managed to convince the terrorist group to free the boy so I was still a hostage unfortunately; but I was happy that the boy was free, and I hoped that he was okay.

Later in the dream the terrorist group left me alone briefly in the classroom again with a class who were watching a film and they had the teacher of the class watch me, the teacher was a tall thin man with whitish colored skin who wore glasses and a sweater vest and khaki pants, and somehow I was free of my chains or I got free from my chains; and I decided to try to sneak out of the class, but the teacher saw me and he asked me where I was going.

I told him that I was going somewhere that I can not remember, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it also took place inside a classroom, maybe inside the same school from the first dream, and I was in a class that had some of my former classmates in it like maybe my former male classmates JA and MJ and MW et cetera; and I remember some of them complaining that they were sick and they felt that it was because of them being kept inside a classroom for a long time, and so I assumed that they had possibly been in one of the classes that took place in the classroom where I had been held hostage in the first dream.

They seemed to have a stomach sickness or something like that because their stomachs were bothering them, and I remember some of them releasing body fluids like maybe vomit and/or something else; and I tried to convince them to go to the doctor, but they did not want to go.

So I asked them to at least consider taking some apple cider vinegar to see if that helps, they told me that they would consider it, and I once again told them to go see a doctor; but the next dream started or I woke up and went back to sleep and then the next dream started.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember seeing a commercial about what seemed to be an automated news stand/newspaper stand, the newspaper stand looked like it was outside near the highway at the edge of the field/parking lot of the BP TD’s area by the fairground, and then suddenly I was there during the day with The BV (which is one of my parent’s automobiles); and I remember driving into the highway on the right lane near where S’s Motel should be, and I remember an automobile moving to the left lane when they saw me driving this big slow automobile.

Then I realized that I was in the back seat but somehow I was driving The BV, which made no sense and I could see the real steering wheel in the front of The BV like it should be and I realized that I could not see well trying to drive from the backseat, and so I started to make a right turn to pull into a fictional parking lot of what seemed to be a restaurant that only had a few automobiles parked near the front of it; and I went to use the brakes but they were weak and not completely stopping The BV, and it turned sideways and it kept sliding toward the building and automobiles that were parked in the parking lot.

I tried to reach the front so that I could get in the front seat to the real steering wheel and brakes as The BV continued sliding toward the building and automobiles, the front seat was pulled up to where I was struggling to try to get in it, and so I could only barely get one foot on the real brake; but it seemed that I would not be able to stop in time to prevent from crashing into the automobiles and/or building, I started to panic a bit as I rushed to stop because this felt so real, but I accidentally woke myself up.

The end,

-John Jr