Pauline Croze – Wow Jah

Pauline Croze-Wow Jah

This is a difficult to find song (Wow Jah) by Pauline Croze that I found by accident a couple of years ago when I was looking around for Pauline Croze videos on YouTube, the only info that I could find about this song is that it was supposedly featured on the music album Reggae Massive 14, because this song is not on any of her music albums that I have; and it is not on any of her official websites / social media / et cetera that I know of.

In her short documentary, reggae music & some reggae musicians were among some of her musical inspirations, and so it is cool that she got a chance to make a song that was featured on a reggae music album; and it is among her only songs that are in English.

Pauline Croze Wow Jah.wmv

Pauline Croze – Je Suis Floue (Live On En Parlera Demain)

This video has become part of a bit of a tradition where I use it whenever I take a break from or quit blogging et cetera, I came close to using it maybe last month or the month before that when I used it on my social media accounts when I came very close to giving up on them, but I kept blogging so I did not post it here.

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