Helping People Go Viral

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day and my former male classmate DH needed my help with something so I went to or I was already in a fictional house or building to help him.

My former classmate DH had a computer and a USB flash drive that he seemed to need help with, and so I remember installing Zemana AntiMalware Free and having him scan the USB flash drive and / or computer with it and it found some malware on the flash drive so I told him to scan all of this devices and partitions with Zemana AntiMalware Free and remove the malware first before continuing.

I also told him that he should start scanning files for malware with Zemana AntiMalware Free and / or another antimalware product (like Malwarebytes Free, Windows Defender, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, HitmanPro, et cetera) before using them and scanning devices for malware before copying files from them.

He said okay but he said it like he did not really care and like he would only do it this time and that he was only worried about something involving the flash drive and the computer, and I remember being a little disappointed in him for having malware on a flash drive because he was not even bothering to scan it for malware even though he knows better than that and has at least two or three antimalware products installed.

He seemed to be trying to access something on the computer like he was maybe trying to copy data from it to the flash drive and / or maybe the other way around, I noticed that the computer was running very slow, and then I realized that he must have gotten his almost dead hard drive to finally boot up and that this was probably it and so he was probably trying to save as much data from it as he could before it dies.

I asked him about this and he said that I was correct, he could handle things from here so I reminded him about what I said and I wished him luck, and I said goodbye and I left.

At some point after leaving I noticed people gathered outside in maybe a field or park or somewhere, and so I walked over to see what was going on.

I saw a woman with medium-to-dark color skin giving an emotional speech about various issues (like racism, ethnocentrism, poverty, et cetera), and I started video recording her speech with my mobile phone I assume.

I liked a lot of the things that she said and I felt that this video could go viral, and so I talked with her about this after she finished her speech and I invited her to join me in trying to make the video go viral and bring publicity to those issues et cetera.

The woman accepted my offer and the next thing that I remember is my aunt DE and my uncle EE taking us to a shopping center-like place to a business where you can buy things to help you go viral, I remember spending over $200 on things to help with this, but I can not remember what those things were other than one of the things being fragrances (maybe essential oils) that I assume we were going to add to some cards / letters / envelopes that I assume that we were going to send to various people (media, celebrities, politicians, et cetera) to help promote the video et cetera and I assume that the scents were to help trigger certain emotions and to help them remember it et cetera.

There was a time jump to the future and our plan worked and the video went viral and we were making a lot of money, and the woman and those issues gained a lot of publicity so she was making money and spreading her message and being invited for interviews et cetera.

I started to use some of the money that I made and was still making (the woman still had me helping her with staying viral and gaining publicity et cetera) to help other people like family members, like my aunt DE and my uncle EE, and so I would do various things for family members like buy my aunt DE and my uncle EE tickets to Dallas Cowboys American football games because they are fans of that team and sending them rides to take them there et cetera.

What I did for people with my money varied depending on the person or family member, and maybe some people started wanting me to help them become viral and to gain publicity so maybe it became a side business of mine.

Late one afternoon I was standing outside about to get into a new automobile that I had bought at some point to replace my almost 20-year-old automobile in a slightly fictional version of the city of D near maybe N Street, I was about to call my aunt DE and my uncle EE to see if they wanted tickets to the Dallas Cowboys game and a ride there and back (I would pay someone to drive them), but then I decided to call my uncle CE first to see if he wanted to go too.

My uncle CE answered the phone and I briefly talked with him and I asked him and he said that he wanted to go, and so I told him that their tickets were already paid for and that I would send someone to pick them up and take them back and he thanked me and I told him to have fun and then I said goodbye so that I could call my aunt DE and my uncle EE next.

I was glad that I remembered my uncle CE and that I was making enough money now to help family members and others, I stopped to appreciate how fortunate I was now, and I remember smiling and thinking about things but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I probably helped either another person go viral and gain publicity and / or I was still helping the woman from the first dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I helped a man go viral and gain publicity, but then I started suspecting that the man and his wife or girlfriend were betraying me so I was going to confront them about it.

It seemed that they were in the process of trying to escape after betraying me, hoping to leave with all the money or whatever before I find out, but it seemed that during their escape attempt they got attacked by some mafia-like men who probably were working for a loan shark and / or mafia.

Maybe they owed them some money and wanted to avoid paying them, but I have no idea.

I think that I possibly called the man and maybe I heard and somehow saw them (in my mind) getting attacked, and the phone call ended so I was not sure if they were killed or not.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Olga Kay Living In A YouTube Housing Area | A Mass Effect 3 Inspired Dream Playing A Football Video Game Outside With My Former Classmate BH

Morgan Spurlock, Matthew Testa, Olga Kay, Charles Trippy, and GloZell Green
Source: IMDb

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of two dreams, I forgot some parts of these two dreams as well, but I remember some parts.

The first dream that I can remember part of involved me watching a YouTube video by Olga Kay, where she was at Playlist Live or an event for popular people/people who have popular channels on YouTube, and then she mentioned/shown a glimpse of where she was staying; and she was staying in an underground-like housing area that was recently re-modeled for certain YouTube Partners/popular people on YouTube, and it was under the building where the even took place and where the main YouTube studio is where certain YouTube Partners can shoot/film their videos.

At some point after watching the video, I was somehow in the underground area like the event was still taking place and/or there was a special tour of the underground housing area, and there was a train track-like area that ran in this area but I am not sure if there was transportation there or not but I do know that some people walked in this area; and mostly walked on the higher walkway-like area near the housing area to be safe, and along this walkway there probably were some public areas like bathrooms, water fountains, a few sitting areas, a few hang-out areas, et cetera.

This underground area seemed a bit older and there were probably no windows of course, but some places were painted a bit with custom art to make them look a bit less like bunkers; and each apartment had a small tunnel-like entrance, and many people did not have their doors closed so you could walk through their apartments like they were open for a tour/viewing.

It seemed that Google was now providing this one building to certain YouTube Partners for filming, housing, events, et cetera; and they were probably also providing free food, internet, TV, utilities, et cetera since these YouTube Partners were in a way now Google employees & maybe this was an experiment.

I walked around exploring and was curious as to whether I could/would find Olga Kay’s apartment or if I would even recognize it if I saw it or not, based off the glimpse of it in the video from earlier in the dream, and so I looked around for clues as I explored; and at some point I found an open apartment that seemed to be the one in Olga Kay’s video.

There was some custom paint/artwork on some of the walls in bright colors (teal blue/green, yellow, pink, et cetera), maybe there were some flowers painted in certain areas & some other designs, and besides the tunnel entrance there was another entrance/exit that led to the walkway; and this area was more like a small porch/deck/hangout area where you would be by the walkway to watch people walk by and/or that would allow you easy access to the walkway, but I think that this area was open in a way that would allow people easy access to your apartment unless you closed/locked this area so it was a security/privacy problem in my opinion.

I am not sure if Olga Kay or anyone else was in the apartment or not, I can not remember, but I think that no one was there when I walked through the apartment; but then maybe Olga Kay and some of her friends arrived once I walked back to the walkway, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream took place during a nice day in a fictional area in a field where I was sitting in a small metal baseball/sports bleachers/stadium seating area with other people, and my former classmate BH challenged me to play an American football video game with/against him that was like the Madden NFL video games or was one of those games; and I told him that I had only played a few football video games ever and that I did not know how to play this game, he insisted that I play, and so I agreed to play.

I picked the Dallas Cowboys I think but I am not sure what team he picked, I started playing poorly as expected but BH was not doing good either, and so no one scored at first; but eventually I scored a touchdown, but I can not remember if I scored a field goal or not since I did not know how to kick the ball in the game since the controls were different than I expected & I had no idea how to kick the ball.

BH started to get frustrated that I was winning, I started to get a bit more comfortable with the game, and it seemed that I would win the game; and eventually I won the game, BH was not happy at all, but I tried to cheer him up since it was only a game & we were supposed to be having fun.

After this I had to deal with Mass Effect 3-like situations, some of which probably were directly from the game and others were fictional & sometimes more realistic situations, where I would be presented with some requests and/or decisions (some over a video/audio system, some in text, and some in person), and I would have to decide what to do; and then I would get/see the results of my decisions, and see my war assets grow & galactic battle readiness grow.

I forgot most of the situations unfortunately, I think that one of the situations (one that took place in person near the field), might have involved a white supremacist/Neo-Nazi/fascist/racist/skin head/et cetera group and another person or group; and I had to make a decision and/or deal with one or more requests, and so I listened to both sides and I took a moment to think and then I made my decision.

I can not remember the outcome of this situation or any of the others unfortunately, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr