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Dream 1

My family and I moved to a house in a town that reminded me of a city in Maine, my mom wants to make some cookies and take them to our neighbor and say hello later, we had not seen our neighbor yet, I imagined the neighbor being a mean loner man with light-color skin who would probably have a gun, I thought that we should let them know that we are going to go to their door and record us going if we did go, but I did not think that we should go unless we saw our neighbor and then wave and go greet him first.

Dream 2

There was a political celebrity boxing match between Danny DeVito and a male politician with light-color skin, I was probably not in the dream, but somehow I was seeing this like it was a video.

Danny DeVito In The Mafia?

This dream was possibly partly inspired by this television commercial that I saw during The Super Bowl called M&M’S Super Bowl Commercial 2018 (featuring Danny DeVito) – ‘Human’ :30:

M&M’s Super Bowl Commercial 2018 Danny DeVito Human

I am not sure if this is one or two dreams so I will type it as one dream.

Big Fish

What is it?

The 2003 American fantasy comedy-drama movie Big Fish.

Nathan Fisher Finds His Biological Father And A Man Who Is About To Learn That He Was Born From A Rape And That His Real Biological Father Was The Rapist?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day inside a slightly fictional version of my parent’s house in maybe my brother GC’s room, and I think that I was watching a fictional YouTube video on a computer of Nathan (Nate) Fisher from YouTube showing and talking about his biological father; and this dream seemed to be inspired by one of his videos that I saw last year (it is strange that I would suddenly have a dream inspired by it now).

In the dream I guess that Nate found out that it was true that his dad who raised him was not his biological father, he finally found the identity of his biological father, and so in this fictional YouTube video he was talking about him; and he showed a video clip of his biological father from a distance so you could not see him very well and you could only see him from the side as he sat down in the distance, and he was very short with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair with a receding hairline and bald spot down the middle of his head and he was over-fat and from a distance he looked a bit like the actor Danny DeVito.

Nate seemed to be handling the news well, but then my watching the video got interrupted by two unknown men with whitish colored skin entering the bedroom that I was in; and one of the men was older than the other, the older man was trying to tell the younger man something important/serious, and I assumed that he was trying to slowly and cautiously tell the young man that the man who he thought was his biological father was not his real biological father and that his mom/mother had been raped by his real biological father and that is how he was born/conceived.

The older man told the younger man that he knew a man years ago who I think used to work as a circus performer and/or something like that, who had mental health problems and/or other problems (maybe drug problems, et cetera) and some bad character/personality/behavioral flaws, and who one day went crazy/lost control/whatever; and he said that the man had raped several women during this time, and that he disappeared for many years until now.

He pointed at a new single-wide mobile home that I had never seen before in the land that is for sale across the street from the field by my parent’s house, it looked like someone had put it there during the night (which annoyed me a bit, more people, more problems), and there was a small house-like shed/storage building near it; and some tree branches were going through several windows  on the mobile home and through the mobile home like the people moving the mobile home did not see the trees there during the night when they probably moved it there.

The older man said that the man had just magically appeared again after all of these years and that he was now living in that mobile home, I assumed that he was trying to prepare the younger man for the truth that the man in that mobile home was his real biological father, and that the man had raped his mom/mother years ago (it seemed that no one had told the young man of his mother’s possible rape or about the man or that his dad was possibly not his biological father).

The younger man seemed like the type of person who was easily confused and who would not want to believe something like this and who would not take the news well, so the older man slowly kept giving him hints while trying to explain things and slowly prepare him for the truth it seemed, but I woke up before I could find out if my assumptions/guesses/predictions were correct or not.

The end,

-John Jr

Running Fast To Deliver Packages And Helping A Man Who Looks Like Mel Gibson?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept well/solidly last night and annoyingly I once again woke up from a dream with a blank mind feeling like I had to use the bathroom badly and I got awakened by an alarm clock and by people talking loudly, and once again even though I know that I had several clear dreams I forgot all of them except for part of one dream that I barely remembered part of after taking a moment to try to remember my dreams before getting out of bed to use the bathroom.

I am not sure if this next part is part of that dream or not, either way I will assume that it is part of the same dream, and I think that I was in a fictional city working as a delivery person; and I could run super fast, and so I probably would run around the city super fast delivering packages/things to people and I was very good at my job.

One evening or late afternoon probably near the end of my work day I think that I got a call from my mom and/or the male neighbor of someone who lived next to the person who(m) I was supposed to deliver some packages to, the packages were supposed to be delivered to a man, but the neighbor told me and/or my mom not to deliver the packages to the man; and so I went to the neighbor’s house with my mom to investigate the situation.

The neighbor was outside in an outdoor area between his yard and his neighbor’s yard (the man who(m) I was supposed to deliver the packages to) that they both shared as a hangout/recreational area, and there was a bar/seating area with some alcoholic drinks behind the bar and a homemade archery range and some other things around the hangout area.

The neighbor was sitting at the bar drinking and he looked/sounded like the actor Danny DeVito, we greeted him and he started to explain why I should not deliver the packages to the man/his neighbor/his friend, and he explained that the man was having problems with his kids/his marriage/his job/his temper/et cetera and that he has got drunk a lot recently and was having problems with alcoholism now.

The neighbor explained that recently the man had been acting more violent and talking about possibly committing some violent acts, and recently he found a note that seemed to show that the man was possibly planning a violent attack on one or more people possibly at his job and/or other targeted acts of violence and/or random acts of violence; and the neighbor told me that the packages he did not want me to deliver to the man probably contained bullets/ammunition, I checked the packages and he was correct, and so he feared the man was going to kill people if I delivered the packages/bullets to him.

He did not want to go to the police about the situation if possible and he was hoping that the note and the talks of violence were just angry drunken mistakes that the man had made and not serious and/or that we could talk to the man, and convince him to not carry out his plans and get professional help with his problems.

The man came home and he walked toward us looking a bit drunk and he grabbed an alcoholic drink from the bar, even though we suggested that he not drink any more alcohol because he already seemed drunk, and he angrily told us not to tell him what to do; and then he greeted me asking me if I had come to deliver his packages, I did not answer his question, and I tried to distract him by asking him a question.

The man looked/sounded like the actor Mel Gibson I think and I started talking with him about some of his problems, and eventually we started talking about the note that his neighbor found and how we wanted him to not hurt anyone; and how we wanted him to get some help, but he got angry and he yelled at me as he became even more drunk from his alcoholic drink that he was drinking and he started to act violent.

I quickly handled the situation by distracting him with a question again as I quietly took his alcoholic drink away from him and I helped move him from the bar, I had to physically move him because he was too drunk to walk by himself, and he started to calm down once he realized that I was trying to help him; and he drunkenly said that he was sorry, that he did not want to hurt anyone, he admitted that he kept getting drunk in response to his current problems and that he wanted help with his alcoholism, and he wanted professional help with is problems.

We gave him a positive response after he said these things, we hoped that he really meant what he said and that he was not just saying this because he was drunk, and we told him that we would try to help him to get professional help; and I told him that I would not delivery the packages/bullets to him, and I suggested that he avoid his guns/weapons at this time but I got awakened in the real world by an alarm clock/people talking loudly/feeling like I had to use the bathroom badly.

The end,

-John Jr

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